[Read First] Programmable 5-Cup Coffee Maker - What To Look For!

[Read First] Programmable 5-Cup Coffee Maker – What To Look For!

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 21:26

Before you jump in and buy a programmable 5-cup coffee maker, you need to think about a few factors and give them some serious consideration before you jump in and make that buying decision.

What type of filter – paper or stainless steel mesh filter? It’s shape, flat-bottomed or conical.

The carafe: Glass or stainless steel thermal carafe?

You have to think about it’s size – can it fit on your counter top?, the price does it meet your budget? And, of course, its design – does it look good?

Keep reading as we start to detail programmable 5-cup coffee maker and what you should consider before parting with your money.

What To Consider Before You Buy A Programmable 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Thankfully, this type of coffee maker is not as expensive or as expensive as other coffee machines, like a home espresso machine. Only a fool and their money part easily!

It is worth your time and effort to do your research and get the right piece of coffee equipment that exactly meets your needs and, above all, makes an excellent cup of coffee.

What To Consider Before You Buy A Programmable 5-Cup Coffee Maker
A 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

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You have a budget, and it is best to stick to it, but before you are too rigid with your budget, understand that your machine will last you for a number of years. When I buy coffee brewing equipment, I consider it an investment in great brewing equipment.

It doesn’t matter how good your beans are, if you have a low quality machine (which is not related to price!) you won’t get great coffee, no matter how good your barista skills are.


This might seem like a trivial topic, but you would be surprised at how different your coffee can and will taste depending on which filter you are using.

Paper filters Or Reusable Metal Filter?

Using a simple paper filter will produce a crisp, clean tasting cup of coffee as it filters out the coffee oils and will also leave you with a lighter coffee with a reduced body.

If you are thinking about paper filters, you have the bleached and unbleached option. The bleached filters are the white ones, the brown ones are unbleached.

Regardless of which you use, rise them in hot water before using them to remove the papery taste.

Metal filters win for me as they are a reusable filter, and you don’t have to worry about that awkward situation of running out of filters. They are also better for the environment and produce a better, more complete tasting coffee with a fuller flavor.

A third option is cotton cloth filters, which is a middle ground between a paper filter and a wire mesh filter. They are semi-reusable. You can reuse them many times, but eventually you will need to replace them. The resulting coffee is not as clean and crisp as a paper filter or as full-bodied as a metal filter.

It’s a middle ground.

Paper filters Or Reusable Metal Filter
The Type And Shape Of Your Filter Matters

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Filter Shape

Surprisingly, the shape of your coffee filter matters – a basket-shaped (flat-bottomed) or conical filter does have an effect on the quality of the coffee produced.

If the machine has a flat-bottomed filter, you can get an uneven extraction from the coffee grounds. In manual brewing, we can overcome this with good barista skills and a slow, even circular pour.

With a coffee machine, ensure that it has an even spray, like a shower or sprinkler, over the coffee grounds. This is a feature to look for if your machine can only take a conical filter, but it is much more important that you get that even distribution with a machine that can only flat-bottomed coffee filters.

Due to the shape and the way in which the hot water flows in a conical filter under or uneven extraction is not an issue at all.

The Carafe

Your carafe, and which type, will play a role in your decision. It is really a straight battle between a thermal stainless steel carafe or a glass carafe. There are plastic carafes, but there is no reason at all for you to use one with any hot liquid.

Plastic, even BPA-free plastic, will seep toxic substances like xeno-estrogens into your hot coffee. At Latte Love Brew, we advise against plastic carafes or anything plastic related to coffee brewing for this very reason.

Thermal Or Glass?

A glass carafe is by far the most common and popular. But they are not particularly good at keeping your coffee warm. This is not a bad thing, as if your coffee is kept warm for too long, particularly when you use the hot plate, it stews away and gets bitter.

Glass is technically a better material as it does not affect the taste in any way at all. The downside is that it is easily breakable – not a big deal as they are cheap to replace.

Stainless thermal carafes have the advantage of being able to keep your coffee hot without using the hot plate. Your coffee inside it can still go bitter if you keep it inside for too long. It is the lesser of two evils, so to speak.

Some coffee snobs may claim there is a difference in the taste when you use a stainless steel carafe, Personally, I disagree and think it is not noticeable – the very same people have no such comments to make regarding moka pot coffee, which is made of stainless steel!

I have a preference for thermal stainless steel carafes – I have the option of making a small amount and drinking it straight away or making extra and knowing it will remain hot inside the carafe and not be so stewed had I kept it on the hot plate.

The best of both worlds.

Give Good Consideration To The Type Of Carafe


Design is something to consider as you want something that looks good in your kitchen and is perhaps color co-ordinated to match your other kitchen equipment.

Stainless steel coffee makers look better, cleaner and last longer than plastic options.


Your coffee maker is going to “live” on your countertop. While it does not need to be as compact, you probably don’t want it to take up too much space.

The average height is 10 inches (25 cm) tall, 11 inches long (27.5cm) and 8 inches  (20 cm) wide for a 5-cup coffee maker.


The longer the warranty, the better the quality of the coffee machine is in terms of reliability. A company that has confidence in their products and their reliability.

2 years is the standard warranty, anything less raises red flags. Obviously, longer is an indication of the brand and manufacturer having confidence in their products.


What features do you want or need your 5 cup programmable coffee maker to have? That auto shut off is an absolute must for me.

I don’t want to be heading out and have that rather uncomfortable thought or feeling of “did I switch off the coffee maker?” and have to rush back or risk my house burning down.

An alarm feature when your coffee is ready?

Something coffee aficionados look for is temperature control to get the optimal temperature and the ability to program and set your machine to brew at the perfect temperature.

For some, a pause feature is much loved. Think about the feature that you want and need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Programmable 5-Cup Coffee Maker

What Does It Mean For A Coffee Maker To Be Programmable?

Programmable coffee makers are the type that you can program in advance to brew at a later time. A fine example is using it to start brewing a cup of coffee as your alarm clock goes off. All that is required on your part is to ensure there is enough water in the water reservoir and coffee in the filter basket, and of course set the time in advance.

How Do I Program Mr 5 Cup Mr Coffee Maker?

It is super easy to program your Mr Coffee 5 cup coffee maker. Follow the instructions:

  • 1. Set the time on your clock to the correct time for your country using the hour and min buttons. The press the brew later button and set the time that you want the machine to brew your coffee by using the hour and minute buttons.
  • 2. Now turn the brew later button on.

Does Mr Coffee 5 Cup Turn Off Automatically?


most automatic coffee makers have this safe feature of auto pause and automatically shut off. I do not suggest that you use the auto-brew feature until you have tested the auto shut off. It is best to know that it works, even if you never need it!

What Does It Mean When A Coffee Maker Is Programmable?

The term programmable coffee maker means that it can be set up in advance to brew your coffee at a specific time in the future. A great example is my use of it!  I set my coffee maker to brew a cup of coffee 5 min before my alarm clock goes off.

Don’t forget to put enough water in your water reservoir and add coffee grounds!

Does All Mr Coffee Turn Off Automatically?

Yes, as a safety measure all Mr Coffee and other brands of coffee makers have an auto shut off feature. Most brands set their machine to switch off after 2 hours of no activity.

How Does A Coffee Maker Know When To Stop?

A coffee maker uses a thermostat which will detect when your water is at the correct temperature and will then switch off when it reaches the set temperature. When it cools down too much, it will cycle back on and heat your water again.

Should I Turn My Coffee Machine Off Every Night?

 As a matter of saving electricity and money when your machine is not in use, it is good practice to switch off your coffee machine. The only exception is when you have preprogrammed and auto brew.

Why Do You Need A Timer For Coffee?

It is of critical importance that you use a timer when brewing coffee. The brew time is very important for getting the perfect extraction and a coffee that is neither over brewed nor under brewed.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Programmable 5-Cup Coffee Maker

I have been delighted to create this article to help you buy the best and most suitable programmable 5-cup coffee maker for you and one that really suits your needs.

Buying a piece of coffee equipment is an investment. Get the best one that you can and take good care of it.

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