Benefits Of Honey In Coffee For Your Body And Skin

Benefits Of Honey In Coffee For Your Body And Skin!

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 15:53

The benefits of honey in coffee extend from your overall well-being to your skin. That’s right, it’s good for you on the inside and the outside!

And that is what makes honey a great addition to your coffee drink and a great reason for using honey and coffee together as a face mask and facial scrub.

Keep reading as I get in and get down to the details of honey in coffee and its benefits.

Benefits Of Honey In Coffee

There are many benefits of honey in coffee as it is a source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phenolic compounds. Honey also has antioxidants, antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

This means that there are many benefits of adding honey to your coffee, and let’s not forget that coffee is also a source of nutrients and powerful antioxidants!

Benefits Of Honey In Coffee
Benefits Of Honey In Coffee

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Sweeter Than Sugar

While it is absolutely true that honey has a higher calorie count than white sugar. This is only “a story”, only part of the story and not the whole story.

The amount of calories when measured by volume, by teaspoon and the difference between honey and sugar is insignificant, the difference is only 4 calories (18 calories Vs 22 calories).

This minor difference is not going to make any difference in your fight to lose weight or to stay in shape.

What is overlooked is honey is sweeter than regular refined sugar, which means you will need to use less honey to achieve the same level of sweetness.


when you add honey to coffee, you may very well be adding fewer calories than granulated sugar.

Yes, the difference will be only a few calories and still insignificant to make any difference to your diet when it comes to the calorie count.

The big difference is the type of calories or better said, the quality of them. With regular table sugar you get empty calories with only one benefit, sweetening your coffee.

With honey, you get high quality calories with nutrients, phenolic compounds, antioxidants and more.

Let’s talk more about this!

More Nutrients

Honey, be it raw honey or pasteurized honey, is known for having a great nutritional profile with vitamins, minerals and other health-benefiting compounds which we will talk about later in more detail.

The actual nutrients and quantity naturally varies and depends on the type of honey, and the source of the nectar used to make it.

Raw honey, which is unpasteurized, has more nutrients than regular pasteurized honey.

Nutrients that you will find in all types of honey be it black honey, manuka honey, orange blossom, rosemary, wild flowers, or what ever are as follows:

  • Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin B3 and B6.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Iron.
  • Calcium.
  • Magnesium.
  • Manganese.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Zinc.

Even though the amounts are small, low something is better than the nothing provided by sugar.

Can We Add Honey In Black Coffee For Weight Loss
Honey Is A Great Addition To Your Diet

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Rich In Antioxidants

Honey, be it raw honey or pasteurized honey, is also known to be high in antioxidants and adds to the already potent antioxidants in coffee.

Antioxidants help to fight the damage caused by free radicals, helping you to have a reduced risk of certain diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer and, perhaps of interest to many or all of us, it slows down the aging process.


Honey has been a medicine for thousands of years due to the antimicrobial compounds found in it. Ancient cultures used honey to heal wounds, ulcers, burns and more.

Even to this day, the use of honey is well respected for helping the human body to heal quicker than other treatments.

The antimicrobial effects help with sore throat and cough too, two more benefits of honey in coffee.


The benefits of honey in coffee don’t end with it being antimicrobial; it is also an anti-inflammatory, which is the diametric opposite of sugar which causes inflammation!

Honey is a very useful substance for helping to manage atherosclerosis, chronic inflammation, and cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Honey Is Easier To Digest

Honey is easier to digest, which is great if you have digestive issues, which notably if you have stomach issues. Cold brew coffee is 60% less acidic than regular coffee and cold brew with honey is the best choice for you if you suffer stomach issues.

Honey has natural sugars which do not need to be broken down as much by your body when compared to refined sugars.

This is due to honey itself having been broken down already by the honey bees and the special enzymes that have already semi-broken down the sugar long before you have even bought it. This makes honey easier to digest and for your body to process.

Is Honey In Coffee Better Than Sugar
Start Your Day With Honey In Your Coffee

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Allergy Relief

Honey is great for allergies and even more so if it is raw honey and locally sourced.

Any allergies that you suffer that are caused by pollen have a reduced effect with some people claiming that eating honey regularly reduces the symptoms with some claiming that honey helps them to reduce their allergies to zero.

The honey that you use has traces of pollen and gets your body customized to it, which is why locally sourced raw honey is best.

This effect works in conjunction with the anti-inflammatory effects of honey.

Can We Add Honey In Black Coffee For Weight Loss

Before I knuckle down and answer this question, let’s first have a look at if coffee can aid weight on its own or if it has any properties to aid weight loss.

Coffee is a stimulant with caffeine that triggers your body to release norepinephrine and dopamine, which help you to feel good and be energized.

Coffee can stimulate weight loss via a few mechanisms. It boosts your metabolism, aids in the mobilizing of fat from fat tissues.

Coffee is also an appetite suppressant which can help you with your diet. Let’s be clear: coffee on its own is not going to make you lose weight. It is something that may help you alongside a healthy diet and exercise program.

Honey Helps You To Burn More Calories

Honey and coffee are both rich in vitamins and minerals which, with regular consumption and in the right amounts, may help your body to more efficiently burn calories.

This is how important good nutrition is.

Honey Increases Your Metabolism

Honey when combined with coffee can aid your metabolic rate with the potent antioxidants promoting heart and cardiovascular health, the enhancement of your metabolic rate can help with you to burn fat more effectively.

Which is beneficial to weight loss, which is the end goal, fat loss.

Honey Activates Stored Fat

Fat is a resource that is stored by your body and adds both bulk and weight. Honey helps to activate the stored fat which your body then uses for energy.

Honey Reduces Triglycerides

Triglycerides are a result of and a cause of excess fat. People that are overweight or obese have too many triglycerides.

A high amount of triglycerides causes a reduction in the fats getting removed from your bloodstream. Honey, due to having an effect on reducing the amount of triglycerides in your body, helps with the removal of fat from your body.

Honey For Weight Loss
Honey For Weight Loss

Is Honey In Coffee Better Than Sugar?

Yes, honey is clearly a healthier choice than sugar and artificial sweeteners as it has nutrients, and many other health-giving compounds that sugar simply does not have.


honey has a great flavor which, as a coffee lover, I can tell you is fantastic. Using organic honey it makes your morning coffee more healthy and works great in a hot coffee or an iced coffee. Let your hot drink cool down before adding it as honey denatures at 60C (140F) and loses some nutrients.

One more benefit that I have not mentioned yet is honey has a lower glycemic index rating meaning it is better for your blood sugar levels than sugar.

Honey and coffee is not just for drinking, it great for your skin too. Let’s get into that briefly.

Honey And Coffee Benefits On Skin

Honey and coffee together work wonders for your skin. The rough texture of coffee grounds helps with exfoliation. The caffeine content reduces any puffiness and aids circulation to the area applied.

Honey has properties that aid moisturization. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties help too. Honey is also known to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin as well as helping it to appear clearer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Benefits Of Honey In Coffee

Is It Good To Put Honey In Coffee?

Yes, it is always good when you are adding nutrients to your coffee or food, no matter how small. Honey does a little more as it adds antibacterial agents, antioxidants and phenolic compounds. The lower glycemic index is another positive reason to switch your sugar for honey.

What Does Coffee And Honey Do To The Body?

Coffee and honey have positive effects on your heart, metabolism and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It may help to lose weight due to increased metabolism. The antioxidants have positive effects on your heart and the rest of your body while the vitamins and minerals help with your general health and immune system.

Can You Put Hot Honey In Coffee?

Hot honey for anything including coffee is a bad idea because when it reaches 140F (60C) it denatures and gives off toxic compounds, and thus you should never use hot honey. Honey at regular room temperature and adding it to drinks that are below 60C (140F).

Adding it at this temperature you will get all the great health benefits from a natural sweetener added to your tea or coffee.

What Is The Best Way To Mix Honey In Coffee?

The best way to add honey to coffee is to first let your coffee cool down to within the range in which it is not toxic or won’t produce toxic compounds, and that is lower than 60C (140F). Add a teaspoon or two per 8 Oz (240 ml) cup and stir well.

If it is not hitting that perfect taste for you add more honey but be careful using too much and getting a coffee that is too sweet.

When Should I Drink Coffee With Honey?

Starting your morning coffee with a drop of honey and get a healthy nutritious start to your day and charge up your immune system to face the day, which is much better than refined sugars which offer no benefit at all.

What Are The Healing Benefits Of Honey?

Peer reviewed studies indicate that honey may act as an antidepressant, antianxiety and anticonvulsant. Limited studies point to helping with memory problems too.

Is Honey Better Than Syrup In Coffee?

Raw honey, natural honey and manuka honey are better for your coffee than syrup as the simple syrups used are liquid sugar and in some instances, flavored liquid sugar.

Syrups offer you no health benefits, not added nutrition whereas honey does and thus is much better. Adding nutrients, antioxidants, phenolic compounds and antibacterial agents while having a lower glycemic index makes honey a winner!

Does Honey Before Bed Burn Fat?

It is known by medics that a teaspoon of honey before your bedtime can help your body to burn fat while you sleep. It’s also an appetite suppressant.

While it is not a miracle solution, it is good when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Final Thoughts – Benefits Of Honey In Coffee

There are many positive benefits of honey in coffee and perhaps now you are thinking of making that switch over and replacing your sugar for a teaspoon or two of honey. If you can’t find raw honey, use manuka honey or another high quality honey rich in nutrients to get the maximum benefit and nutritious kick-start to your day.

Join our cool coffee community and tell us about your experience of honey in coffee. DO you have a special recipe that makes your honey coffee or honey latter super special and healthy, is there anything else that you add to it to make it extra special?

Find us on Facebook/Meta and let us know!

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