How Long Do K Cups Last - How Long Do Coffee Pods Last

How Long Do K Cups Last? – How Long Do Coffee Pods Last?

Keurig owners are likely to ask themselves and certainly want to know how long do K Cups last? There are many reasons for wanting to know the answer to that question namely not wanting a sore or stomach by drinking coffee that is expired or rotten.


there is no reason to throw out coffee that may be still be good. So, exactly how long do K Cups last?

The very answer to that question you will get in this article. You will need to keep reading to find out.

Usually, I like to give you a quick answer. In this case, it really depends on which K-cup and which drink. The best “Quickie” I can give you is 3 to 8 months for K cups coffee pods.

How Long Do K Cups Last?

How long K Cups can last beyond the expiry date printed on the K-Cup pods are detailed in the table below. Thankfully, the expiry date is usually a long, long, long time in the future if you have just bought them.

The, quality of the coffee and taste does diminish over time for coffee pods. Without the specially processed and packaged Keurig K-Cups, the freshness of coffee beans used would last a very short period of time as coffee grounds normally only stay fresh for around 7 to 10 days at a time.

It is the nitrogen flushed and airtight seal that makes the coffee grounds in the K Cup coffee pods stay fresh for a long time and extends their freshness.

The individual K-cups have apple cider, hot chocolate and tea as well as gourmet coffee. Each has a different period of time from which they are capable of still being fresh beyond the printed use by date.

The table below is a guideline for how long a K Cup will last beyond the printed expiry date.

K-Cup Type How Long Will It Last For Unopened?
Coffee 3 To 8 Months
Hot Chocolate 6 To 12 Months
Tea 6 To 12 Months
Apple Cider 8 To 12 Months

The table is in reference to keeping your K-Cup coffee pods stored in perfect conditions with the original seal intact.

Optimum quality and flavor is achieved when you use your pods before their expiration date. If you are brewing a cup of coffee out with the expiry date, expect a little deterioration in quality, even if within the time frame as set out in the table above.

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How To Store Your K-Cups To Extend The Shelf Life?

I am a stickler for good, proper storage of your coffee for maximizing freshness and getting top-notch coffee when brewing. There is not a lot that can be done for the coffee grounds in K-cups as the pods of ground coffee are nitrogen flushed and sealed in an airtight container.

You can store your coffee pods in your freezer to mitigate the temperature and sunlight. Your coffee grounds won’t freeze, and it will have an effect of helping to maintain the quality of the coffee inside the pods. Follow all the rules for proper food storage.

We often forget that coffee is food too.

How Long Do K Cups Last
Great tasting Sumatra coffee by Starbucks

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How Can You Tell If Your K-Cups Are Bad?

A visual inspection and examination is the first step that you should take. If the seal is broken or the body is damaged in any way it is probably that moisture, even if just from the air has got inside and thus mold may have grown.

If this is the case, follow food safety techniques and discard and throw away the K-Cup.

If the seal is not broken, and the body is fine. If it is still within the timeframe as set up in the table in the section above move forward to the sniff and sip test.

Put your coffee pod into your Keurig one-cup coffee maker and brew a cup of coffee with it.

Sniff the brewed coffee when it is ready. If it smells fine, proceed to the sip test. If it smells off or rancid, discard the coffee.

The final step is the sip test. As above, if it tastes off, discard it. If it tastes fine – Enjoy your cup of coffee!

These simple tests are there for reasons of food safety.

Great Tasting K Cups
Great Tasting K Cups

Do Tea K-Cups Expire?

As long as the seal and body are undamaged, Tea K-Cup pods are good for 6 to 12 months beyond the expiry date. Like the coffee pods (and the others) they are nitrogen flushed and sealed and will remain with a crisp, fresh taste.

FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions How Long Do K-Cups Last?

There are many question that have been sent to us on our social media, while we have answered every single one of them there are a few common ones that kept popping up. We have answered these below.

Do K-Cups Really Expire?

Keurig K-cups don’t have an expiry date as such. Instead, they have a best by date. For the best tasting coffee from them use the before the printed date.

How Do I Know If My K Cup Is Bad?

If the seal is broken or the plastic body is damaged in any way then they will absolutely be off. The other way is to brew a coffee and sniff and taste test it.

How Do You Store K Cups?

The best way to store the Keurig K Cups you are about to use is to keep them in a cutlery drawer or in your pantry. Even better is to store them in your freezer to keep them a little fresher. Your coffee pods will not freeze over.

Why Are Some K-Cups Puffy?

Coffee grounds release carbon dioxide, if and when they are puffy. This is an indication that the grounds were not degassed properly prior to packaging.

Final Thoughts, Frappé-Ing It All Up – How Long Do K-Cups Last?

While K Cups don’t have an expiry date, they do have a best before date which is essentially the same as an expiry date. They are capable of keeping well beyond that date provided they are undamaged and well stored.

Stick to the guidelines as maximum period of time indicated in the table in this article.

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