Which Keurig Is Best For Iced Coffee - Make Your Summer Sizzle!

Which Keurig Is Best For Iced Coffee? – Make Your Summer Sizzle!

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 19:41

When you know which Keurig is best for iced coffee, you will take your summer coffee game to a new level as you chill out with some fantastic and perfect iced coffee.

If you are in a rush and want the quick and easy answer, the Keurig coffee maker that is best for making iced coffee is the K-Supreme Plus SMART.

Keep reading for more details on why it is the best and how to use it to make the best iced coffee.

Which Keurig Is Best For Iced Coffee?

There are many Keurig coffee makers that can make Iced coffee, including the Keurig Elite, K-Slim, K Mini, K-Supreme and more.

By far the one that is best for iced coffee is the K-Supreme Plus SMART.

Let’s talk some more about the Keurig Supreme Plus SMART.

Which Keurig Is Best For Iced Coffee
The Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART Is Best

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K-Supreme Plus SMART

If you want the best iced coffee the best results are achieved with the K-Supreme Plus SMART. It’s a more high-tech version of their K-Supreme and K-Supreme Plus and has an iced coffee function and BrewID technology which makes it possible for you to brew the perfect coffee for every single coffee that you brew.

Each K-Cup comes with a code that is read by the machine, and it knows instantly how to brew that K-Cup perfectly. The instructions for brewing come directly from the roaster for each pod. The only exception to this are the reusable K-Cups; you have to manage the brew settings yourself.

You have 6 temperature settings, 5 cup settings and 5 Strength settings with the Keurig Supreme Plus SMART.

A great feature is the ability to save the setting on your smartphone and save 10 favorites.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig K-Supreme Plus SMART

Start by first ensuring that your coffee maker is clean and ready for brewing the perfect iced coffee.

Check and clean or replace your water filter. Clean the water reservoir and ensure the valve is not blocked. Unclog and clean your needles with an unfolded paper clip and use the needle maintenance tool for a high quality clean. Fill your needle maintenance tool with 50% hot water and 50 distilled white vinegar solution.

Run a descaling cycle by filling the water reservoir with vinegar to the half full mark and with water to the max fill line. When you finish the descaling cycle by flushing your machine with 5 to 7 or more water reservoirs full of fresh water.

At this point your machine is in perfect condition for making great coffee.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig K-Supreme
A Keurig K-Supreme Iced Coffee

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Step One: Select A Great K Cup For Iced Coffee

The best coffee for iced coffee is a dark roast with French and Italian roasts producing the best results for iced coffee.

Here are some great K cups to consider.

  • Starbucks Italian Roast.
  • Green Mountain Sumatra Reserve.
  • Café Bustelo Espresso Style.
  • Green Mountain Dark Magic.
  • Starbucks French Roast.
  • Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend.

Step Two: Make Coffee Ice Cubes

Brew one K Cup of your choice using the 4 Oz (120 ml) brew into a tall glass and pour into your ice tray. Put your ice tray into a ziplock bag.

The use of a ziplock bag is very important as coffee is very good at absorbing flavors and scents and will take on the flavors and scents of food nearby while you freeze it.

Can Any Keurig Pod Be Used For Iced Coffee
Use Coffee Ice Cubes

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Step Three: Brew Your Coffee

Using the same, exact same type of K Cup as you used to make your coffee cubes, brew a small 4 Oz (120 ml) iced coffee over ice. Press the over ice button and then the brew button. Make sure you have a large mug with ice below the coffee spout to catch the brewed coffee.

Step Four: Instantly Chill Your Iced Coffee

Pour your coffee and ice into a cocktail shaker and shake for a minute and then transfer to a tall glass with coffee ice cubes.

Add an equal amount of milk and sweeten as desired.

What Does The Keurig Iced Coffee Button Do?

The Keurig iced coffee button, called over ice on some Keurig coffee makers, brews stronger coffee by starting off as brewing a hot coffee in that way that you would expect. When the coffee is perfectly extracted and in the perfect amount it switches from hot brewing to cold brewing. The use for cold water when brewing brings down the overall temperature of the brewed coffee resulting in a brew that will not melt your ice as much has you brewed with entirely hot coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Which Keurig Is Best For Iced Coffee

Can Any Keurig Pod Be Used For Iced Coffee?

Yes, and K-Cup pod can be used for making iced coffee. You will get better results with dark roasts, particularly French and Italian roasts.

Do You Need Special K Cups For Iced Coffee?

No, you don’t need to use special K cups for making iced coffee. With that said, you will get a better tasting cup of coffee when you use a dark roast. Seek out a dark roast K cup pod for a flavor that cuts through the melting ice.

What Coffee Pods Are Best For Iced Coffee?

The best K cup pod for an iced coffee is one that is bold, low acidity and a high intensity. Your cup of coffee will have a better flavor when using a pod like these.

What Brand Of Coffee Does McDonald’s Use For Iced Coffee?

McDonald’s coffee is supplied by Gaviña Coffee.

Can I Use Nespresso Pods For Keurig?

No, Nespresso coffee capsules can’t be used in a Keurig and K cups can’t be used in a Nespresso; they are not cross-compatable.

 What Is The Difference Between Iced Coffee And Iced Latte?

The difference between these two beverages is that an iced coffee drink is made with drip coffee (brewed coffee) while an iced latte is made with a shot or two of espresso.

Both beverages are cooled down with ice cubes.

How Do Coffee Shops Make Iced Coffee So Fast?

Iced coffee is made so quickly in a coffee shop as it is brewed coffee. They use a much larger coffee machine that you would have at home and make larger quantities. Depending on the coffee shop in question, the coffee is often sitting ready in a thermal carafe or on the hot plate ready for making and serving.

Is There A Trick To Making Iced Coffee?

Yes, start by making coffee ice cubes. Simply fill an ice cube tray with freshly brewed coffee. Put your ice cube tray in a ziplock bag to prevent the coffee from absorbing flavors from your freezer.

Brew your hot coffee, add regular ice cubes to a cocktail shaker or a mason jar and shake well for a minute. The shaking will chill your coffee. Transfer your coffee to a tall glass with your coffee cubes.

Final Thoughts – Which Keurig Is Best For Iced Coffee

Knowing which Keurig is best for iced coffee is important if you plan on making a lot of this type of coffee beverage.

It’s also good to know what K Cups make the best iced coffee and there is even better news if you love Starbucks iced drinks – that have a complete range of K Cups where you can simply follow the instruction above and make amazing iced coffee Starbucks style and save yourself a small fortune.

Just use the Starbucks K Cup of your choice.

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