How To Use Keurig Iced Coffee Button - Game Changing Tips!

How To Use Keurig Iced Coffee Button – Game Changing Tips!

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Learn how to use Keurig iced coffee button with step by step game-changing tip for making the best iced coffee by reading this article to the end!

In this article you will get the top tip and suggestions for which K cups make amazing iced coffee and how to make it without your ice melting.

Are you ready to step up your iced coffee game?


Then keep reading!

How To Use Keurig Iced Coffee Button Step By Step

Learning how to use the Keurig iced coffee button will ultimately result in a better quality cup of iced coffee.

Let’s get straight to it with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Prepare Your Keurig Coffee Maker

Power up your Keurig coffee maker and unclog your needles and rinse them out well. Unclog by poking around the inside using a paper clip or needle. Then fill your orange needle maintenance tool with 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water and use it to clean your needles.

Run a quick descaling cycle to ensure that your machine is clean internally with all mineral deposits and scale removed. Clean and replace the water filter as necessary. Flush well with fresh water when finished.

This extra step will ensure that you get better quality coffee.

Switch on your Keurig coffee maker and select the smallest cup size that your machine has. For some Keurig machines it is 4 Oz (120 ml) for others it is 6 Oz (180 ml).

The use of a smaller cup size is to produce a more focused coffee to water ratio and stronger cup of coffee.

How To Use Keurig Iced Coffee Button
Make The Best Keurig Iced Coffee

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Step 2: Prepare Your Coffee Cup

After preparing your machine, prepare your coffee cup. Fill a coffee mug with ice cubes. A thermal resistant cup is better, like a ceramic mug, and large ice cubes. This is to avoid thermal shock.

Step 3: Select A K-Cup Coffee Pod

Using a quality K Cup coffee pod will result in a better tasting cup of coffee. Dark roasted coffee works best with Italian and French roasts being particularly good.

Milder, medium and light roasts don’t work so well with iced coffee.

Here are some ideas for good quality K Cups for iced coffee:

  • Green Mountain Sumatra Reserve.
  • Green Mountain Dark Magic.
  • Starbucks Italian Roast.
  • Café Bustelo Espresso Style.
  • Starbucks French Roast.
  • Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend.

Step 4: Time To Brew Your Iced Coffee

Insert your K cup into your Keurig machine and press the iced button and select the smallest cup size that your machine has. For some Keurig machines it is 4 Oz (120 ml) for others it is 6 Oz (180 ml).

The use of a smaller cup size is to produce a more focused coffee to water ratio and stronger cup of coffee.

Press the iced button (or over ice button) and then the brew button. Some machines have a strong button instead of an iced button – use that if you have it.

If you don’t have an iced button or a strong button, select the smallest drink size and brew your coffee.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Without Ice Melting
Keurig Iced Coffee Is Great

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Step 5: Flavor As Desired

Everyone likes their coffee in their own way. Flavor your iced coffee as you desire. Add an equal amount of milk using the milk of your choice be it coconut milk, soy milk, oat milk, cashew milk, oat milk, almond milk or any alternative milk of your choice, or use the dairy milk of your choice.

You can sweeten your iced coffee with the sweetener of your choice. Honey, stevia, agave, coconut sugar and brown sugar are great choices.

Liquid sweeteners work best as they give a better and more even distribution of sweetness with no residue at the bottom.

Step 6: Pour Over Ice

Slowly and steadily pour your brewed coffee into a tall glass with ice. Stir gently for about 10 to 15 seconds and enjoy.

If the serving size is not quite to your liking and you, like me, enjoy a large cup of coffee, double up and use two K cups to make your iced coffee.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Without Ice Melting

If you like to sip and enjoy your iced coffee and really want to avoid your iced coffee getting watered down by the melting, you can add two steps to the process above.

Make coffee cubes, coffee ice cubes. Use an extra K cup, the same type that you are going to make your iced coffee with, to avoid flavor clashes when it does slowly melt.

Brew the K Cup to the same strength using the same method of using the smallest brew size and your iced button. Pour your brewed coffee into your ice tray and put your ice tray into a ziplock bag to avoid your coffee ice cubes from taking on and absorbing flavors from nearby food items.

When you use coffee ice cubes, melting ice is not a problem as it is not diluting your drink.

To stop your coffee cubes from melting, before your coffee is ready to transfer to a tall glass with coffee cubes transfer it to a cocktail shaker with regular ice cubes and slowly pour your coffee into it and shake with vigor for a minute to chill your coffee and then pour into your tall glass with coffee cubes.

Your coffee will be cooler and will delay the melting of your coffee ice cubes.

Keurig Iced Coffee Button Not Working
Iced Coffee Cubes Are Better

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Keurig Iced Coffee Button Difference

The difference that the Iced button on your Keurig makes is that it brews a stronger coffee in order to compensate for the melting ice.

Effectively speaking, it creates a more focused coffee to water ratio.

Keurig Iced Coffee Button Not Working

If your Keurig iced coffee button is not working, the first step is to check your machine. Is the water reservoir correctly installed? Does it have water? Is your machine switched on?

If these are all okay, check and clean your water filter and replace it if necessary. Check the valve on your water tank and cleaning if it is blocked.

Check, clean and unblock your needles and run a full descale cycle and give your machine a high quality deep clean. Run two or three cycles of filling your water reservoir with 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water solution. Rinse well with fresh water for 5 to 7 flushing cycles of whole water tank full of fresh clean water to remove the scent of vinegar.

Reset your Keurig.

If none of the above fixes the problem, consult with customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Use Keurig Iced Coffee Button

How Do You Make Iced Coffee On A Keurig?

Making iced coffee in a Keurig coffee maker is easy.

Start by brewing one K Cup dark roast, espresso roast, French roast or Italian roast at the smallest cup size setting.

Put 4 ice cubes in a coffee mug or tall glass and pour your brewed coffee over iced. Add an equal amount of cold milk or cream. Sweeten as desired.

What Does The Iced Coffee Button On Keurig Do?

The iced button on the Keurig coffee maker makes a more concentrated and stronger coffee for making the perfect Keurig iced coffee. The function starts by brewing a hot coffee and when your coffee is perfectly brewed it uses cold water to reduce the temperature of your drink and thus reduce the probability of your ice melting.

Why Is My Keurig Iced Coffee Not Working?

If your Keurig iced coffee button is not working, start by checking your water reservoir and see if it has enough water and is perfectly installed and flush in the housing.

Check the water filter and see if it needs to be replaced. If so, replace it. Check the needles if they are blocked or clogged. If they are, use your orange needle maintenance too to clean them.

The internal tubes may also be blocked. In this case, run a full deep clean descaling cycle with a 50% distilled white vinegar and water solution and descale your Keurig machine twice.

If it is still not working, try to reset your machine, try again and then consult with customer service.

Is Iced Coffee Just Coffee Over Ice?

No, iced coffee is not just hot coffee that has been poured over ice cubes. It is stronger coffee, a more focused and concentrated coffee that is poured or brewed over ice. It is intentionally made stronger to compensate for melting ice that would make your coffee watery.

Can You Just Chill Hot Coffee To Make Iced Coffee?

No, if you pour or just chill hot coffee to make iced coffee you will end up with a sub par weak and watery iced coffee. To make the perfect iced coffee you must make it a strong coffee with either more coffee or less water when brewing.

Why Is My K Slim Iced Not Turning On?

The most common reasons for your K Slim Iced not turning on are due to your Keurig machine being unplugged, the reservoir being empty or incorrectly installed, the water filter is dirty, the needles being clogged, the internal tubing being blocked or the thermo switch tripping and needing reset.

Start by checking your water reservoir and the water filter. If these are good, clean your needles and run a descale cycle. Reset your machine and test again.

If it is not fixed, then call customer support.

Is Iced Coffee Better With Milk Or Water?

It is very subjective and opinion based. Iced coffee and be served black or made with water and then milk added or being made with only milk. It depends on how you like your coffee.

Traditionally, iced coffee is made with water and then milk is added.

Do You Use Hot Or Cold Water For Iced Coffee?

To make iced coffee you brew it with hot water and then pour it over ice. You must make sure that your coffee is stronger than a regular coffee to compensate for the melting ice and to get the perfect flavor.

Final Thoughts – How To Use Keurig Iced Coffee Button

Learning how to use Keurig iced coffee button correctly is critical to making perfect iced coffee drinks like an iced latte, iced cappuccino, iced mocha, iced macchiato and more.

I encourage you to really step up your iced coffee game by making the iced coffee cubes and chilling your coffee using the cocktail shaker technique that you found in this article.

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