What Is Cascara Syrup Cascara Syrup For Coffee

What Is Cascara Syrup? Cascara Syrup For Coffee

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When the hashtag #ThingsThatGoWithCoffee started trending, the most frequently asked question was What is Cascara syrup?

Obviously, Cascara syrup was a popular answer, and rightly so – it goes great with coffee.

To give you a quick answer to that question, Cascara syrup is a simple syrup that goes great in a latte.

Keep reading for a more detailed answer.

What Is Cascara Syrup? – What Is Starbucks Cascara Syrup?

Cascara syrup at Starbucks is made with 100% organic cane sugar and dried skins of coffee cherries, known as cascara. It is used to make their Cascara latte, and goes very well in a chai latte to make a cascara chai latte.

If you are particularly thirsty or want something real tasty, order an Italian soda – it tastes amazing just with the addition of sparkling water.

At Starbucks, their Cascara syrup is used in the same way as any other flavored simple syrup that they have.

What Is Starbucks Cascara Syrup
Starbucks Cascara Syrup

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What Does Starbucks Cascara Latte Taste Like?

The outer skin and the pulp of the cascara is thick and lightly bitter while the pulp directly below has the same texture as grapes and is sweet.

A Cascara Latte is sweet, floral, fruity and has earthy undertones with overtones of the espresso shot and rich silky texture from the steamed milk.

The cascara latte at Starbucks is well-dressed with steamed milk and micro foam and Pike Place espresso shot with the cascara syrup added.

The cascara Syrup is made with water, coconut sugar, organic cane sugar, coffee cherry extract and a couple of other additives. The espresso shot adds a neat and welcome punch that compliments the cascara very well.

Starbucks also have a cascara topping which is rich, nice and creamy. It’s a great choice for those of you that love a cold brew coffee.

How Do You Use Cascara Syrup?

There are many ways of using cascara syrup: you can make a tea, make a syrup and of course a cascara soda.

Let’s talk about those.

How To Make A Cascara Syrup

This is very easy to make and very few ingredients are needed. Let’s talk about the ingredients.

Ingredients Required

  • 45 (1.5 Oz) grams of cascara.
  • 400ml (13.5 Oz) of fresh water.
  • 3 to 6 tablespoons of brown sugar, cane syrup or honey.

The Method

Use the 45 grams (1.5 Oz) of cascara and add them to 400ml (13.5 Oz) of fresh water and let your cascara steep for 12 minutes.

Filter and remove your cascara and then add your sweetener, 3 to 6 tablespoons of brown sugar, honey or cane syrup to sweeten it. Take your syrup and let it chill in your fridge.

After 4 to 5 hours, your syrup is ready.

Starbucks Cascara Syrup
Starbucks Cascara Syrup Is Easy To Make

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How To Make A Cascara Tea

Use 30 grams (1 ounce) and mix with hot water and steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Filter out your cascara. Using a French press to brew it is great as is a reusable tea infuser.

There is no need to add sugar or to sweeten. Although you can if you so wish. Adding honey is a better choice.

How To Make Cascara Soda

This is so easy to make. Simply add a double shot, 60 ml (2 ounces) of cascara syrup to 4 ounces (120 ml) of soda. Add ice, drink and enjoy.

 Cascara Syrup Nutritional Information

Component Per 100 ml Per Ounce
Calories 680 207
Protein 0.3 grams 0.1 grams
Carbohydrates 156 grams 47 grams
Sugar 154 grams 46 grams
Fat <0.1 grams <0.1 grams
Fiber <0.5 grams <0.2 grams
Caffeine 10 milligrams 3 milligrams
Sodium <5 <2

Frequently Asked Questions About What Is Cascara Syrup?

What Is Cascara Made Of?

Cascara is the dried skin of coffee cherries, which normally ends up discarded or as compost. It is part of the coffee fruit that is now used as a tea or as making a tasty simple syrup for making a delicious Italian soda and of course a Starbucks cascara latte.

Is Cascara Legal In The US?

No, cascara is not legal, but it is not for an outlet to sell in America. Legally speaking, it is a very gray area. There have reportedly been a few raids at roasteries and cafés where the product was reportedly sold or distributed.

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What Flavor Is Cascara?

The flavor and taste of a cascara has a flavor profile that is hard to pin down. It’s tangy, zesty with a predominant taste of hibiscus, orange zest and dried fruits like apricot and raisins.

What Goes Well With Cascara?

Brandy, rum, Vodka and Whiskey as well as coffee compliment and go very well with cascara. A mix of cascara and ginger spice adds a great depth to coconut water. You can make a simple syrup and add it to a latte or your favorite coffee beverage.

Final Thoughts – What Is Cascara Syrup?

In this article I have answered the question what is Cascara syrup and given you a few recipe ideas for making your own and how to use it. 

You can adjust the recipe and make a sugar-free version and switch the sweetener for Stevie or as I suggested honey, and it will make an amazing addition to your latte. Coconut sugar is a great option too. 

In your quest for the best possible cup of coffee, don’t rule out trying cascara syrup!

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