Is A Frappe Hot Or Cold Is A Frappuccino Cold

Is A Frappe Hot Or Cold? Is A Frappuccino Cold?

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The question Is a frappe hot or cold? Is easy to answer, very easy to answer.

It’s a drink that is always served in a tall glass and is served cold. There is no exemptions. A frappé simply cannot be served hot.

Keep reading this article for details about frappé, it’s history and how it differs from a Frappuccino and why the frappé at McDonald’s, Costa, Dunkin’ Donuts are Frappuccino’s with another name!

Is A Frappé Hot Or Cold?

A frappé is a coffee beverage that originated in Greece is a frothy coffee beverage that is made using ice. Traditionally it is shaken in a cocktail shaker. Now, most modern coffee shops it is made using a blender, usually an ice crushing blender.

It is always served cold.

Let’s talk more about what a frappé is.

Is A Frappe Hot Or Cold?
A Frappe Is Always Served Cold

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What Is A Frappé?

A frappé (pronounced Frah-Pay) is quite literally the Greek national coffee beverage, made with instant coffee, milk, sugar, crushed ice and shaken in a cocktail shaker. Most coffee shops now use a blender as a matter of convenience.

It’s tasty, frothy and was invented by accident and became a cultural icon in Greece and Cyprus.

It’s important to note that in the strictest and traditional sense a frappé is not made with espresso shots or whipped cream. It is served cold and in a tall glass.

I’ll talk about those ice cold beverages made with whipped cream and espresso shots a little later!

Hang on!

The History Of A Frappé

There are a number of cold coffee drinks called café frappé that date back to the 19th century. Some were very similarly to iced coffee while other closely resembled slushes with coffee added.

What we know today as a café frappé, simply abbreviated to frappé was invented entirely by accident in 1957 by Dimitris Vakondios, a Nestlé sales representative.

At the International Trade Fair held in Thessalonik, Greece a fellow co-worker of Dimitris Vakondios, Giannis Dritsas was demonstrating a new chocolate drink for children which was produced by adding milk, mixing it and shaking it with vigor.

Dimitris Vakondios was looking for hot water to enjoy his coffee break, but could not find hot water to make his instant coffee. Upon returning he had the stroke of genius to add cold water with his instant coffee, mixed it and gave it a good shake in a shaker and the frappé was born!

Nestlé, who are strongly associated with the frappé beverage in Greece started marketing the drink. Fast forward to today and it is now the most popular summer coffee beverage in all of Greece and Cyprus. All coffee shops sell it.

You will not find a coffee shop in the whole of Greece that does not sell frappé.

Traditionally the drink is associated with the instant coffee version, particularly in Europe. While in the rest of the world since the turn of the millennium the espresso version has been more popular with the double espresso version becoming more popular with many Greek coffee shops along their sun filled coasts starting to catch on and serve this version of the frappé.

Variations of the frappé:

  • Denmark: Cold milk is used instead of tap water.
  • Bulgaria: Coca-cola is frequently used instead of water.
  • Serbia: Milk or ice cream is used in place of water.
  • Albania: Often a mix of milk and water is used with a coffee that is more bitter in taste.
The History Of A Frappe
There Are Many Variations Of A Frappé

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What Is A Frappuccino?

A Frappuccino, not to be mistaken with a frappé is a range of blended iced coffee beverages sold at Starbucks.

The word or term Frappuccino is a trade mark and simply cannot be used by other coffee chains or outlets without infringing the trademark.

Besides the trade mark laws and infringements a frappé and a Frappuccino are two different beverages, I’ll point out the key differences in the next section.

Let’s focus on what a Frappuccino is.

A Frappuccino is an iced coffee drink that is made with a shot or two of hot espresso, made with crushed or blended ice and then flavored with spices and flavored simple syrups and topped with whipped cream.

The coffee free versions of a Frappuccino are made with crème and not coffee, some are made with tea.

If the penny has not dropped about the differences between a frappé and a Frappuccino, the next section should clear it all up.

What Is A Frappé Vs Frappuccino – How The Drinks Are Different

A frappé and a Frappuccino are often the same beverage in America and major outlets like McDonalds’ Costa, Dunkin’ Donuts and else where. The reason being these outlets would love to cash in on the popularity of Frappuccino’s, of which Starbucks sell US$3 billion dollars annually of this beverage alone.

Unfortunately due to trademark issues no other company can use the term or call their drinks a Frappuccino and settle on calling their Frappuccino drinks a frappé to comply with trademark laws.

When you order a frappé at McDonalds, Costa, Dunkin’ Donuts you are not getting a frappé you are getting a Frappuccino.

A frappé is an instant coffee with milk, sugar and crushed ice and then shaken with vigor and energy and served in a tall glass. Modern versions are made with brewed coffee or shots of espresso and often blended in an ice crushing blender.

No whipped cream is used and is uncommon for it to be flavored with syrups or spices.

A Frappuccino is made with a single or double shot of espresso, is never shaken but always blended in a blender to crush the ice and mix the ingredients well. It is very common for a Frappuccino to be flavored with vanilla, caramel, chocolate or any other flavored simple syrup. Often spices are added.

A Frappuccino is always topped with whipped cream.

What Is A Frappuccino
A Starbucks Frappuccino

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What Is A Frappé McDonald’s

A frappé at McDonald’s is not a frappé in the sense of the famous Greek coffee that is made with instant coffee, crushed ice, milk and shaken in a cocktail shaker.

The frappé at McDonalds’s is made with a shot or two of hot espresso, flavored simple syrup and spices (where the recipe requires them) blended in a ice crushing blender and topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of syrup or sauce.

By all means a McDonald’s frappé is a Frappuccino!

McDonalds Frappe
McDonalds Frappé

What Is A Frappé Costa?

As above with the McDonalds frappé, a frappé at Costa is made with shots of hot espresso, flavored syrup and blended with crushed ice and served with a topping of whipped cream and a drizzle of syrup.

By all means a frappé at Costa is a Frappuccino with another name to satisfy trademark laws.

What Is A Frappé Starbucks?

A frappé at Starbucks in the strictest of terms and getting as close to the original Greek frappé is brewed coffee (or shots of espresso) with crushed iced, blended and served without the whipped cream topping.

If you want a flavored frappé at Starbucks and not a Frappuccino, you would be better requesting a Frappuccino without whipped cream.

Is A Frappuccino Cold?

The original Frappuccino is served cold and made with ice that is blended in an ice crushing blender. It is always made with ice and served cold.

Yes, a Frappuccino is cold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is A Frappé Hot Or Cold?

Can A Frappé Be Hot?

No, a frappé can only be served cold. A frappé or Frappuccino when served hot is simply not a frappuccino or frappé as ice is a critical part of making these two beverages. Without ice a frappé is not a frappé!

Both beverages are made by blending cold water, coffee and some additional ingredients like simple syrup.

It absolutely must be served cold.

Is McDonald’s Frappé Cold?

Yes, a McDonald’s frappé is cold, sweet and is blended with an ice-crushing blender and with whipped cream. Strictly speaking, a McDonald’s frappé is a Frappuccino as it is made with a shot of espresso and whipped cream.

In America a frappé and a Frappuccino are ambigious and very much the same drink. In Europe there is a distinct difference as a frappé is made with instant coffee and no whipped cream.

How Should Frappé Be Served?

A frappé should be served with ice and in a tall glass. This is how it should be served no matter which type or flavor of frappé you have, be it a coffee, tea or hot chocolate frappé.

Has A Frappé Got Coffee In It?

Yes, a frappé in the traditional and original way in which the beverage is made always has coffee. A frappé is a coffee, with milk, sugar, ice and is blended in a blender or shaken in a cocktail shaker.

Modern variations include the use of decaffeinated coffee and a number of options that have no coffee at all.

How Do You Drink A Frappé?

You drink your frappé in the same way that you would drink an iced coffee or a smoothie. If you are making it at home, serve it with crushed ice, well shaken and in a tall glass. Usually a frappé is a strong coffee with a neat caffeine kick and a smooth and well-rounded taste.

Why Is Frappé So Popular?

It is hard to pin down why a frappé is so popular as there are a number of reasons why. One being is that is a great coffee with great texture that is very enjoyable on a hot day.

It’s also very popular due to being easy to make with no special equipment. You can make it in the traditional way with cocktail shaker or make it in the more modern way with an electric blender.

Final Thoughts – Is A Frappé Hot Or Cold?

There is no longer that need to be wondering is a frappé hot or cold as you have the definitive answer – it is always served cold and usually in a tall glass.

While you enjoy your frappé or Frappuccino, keep mind that is has more or less the same amount of caffeine as other coffee beverages but due to the ice it does not have a stronger coffee taste.

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