Is Nespresso Worth It - A Very Critical Factor To Consider Is...

Is Nespresso Worth It – A Very Critical Factor To Consider Is…

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 19:46

If you ended up on this page, it is probably because the question “is Nespresso worth it?” Is flying around your mind.

To find out if Nespresso is truly worth investing in and when buying, you need to consider it from all angles and why you want to buy one and what you want to get it out of it – other than a great cup of coffee.

In this article I drill down on a number of factors to help you decide if it is worth getting a Nespresso coffee machine or not.

Keep reading to find out if a Nespresso is worth it for you and if it will meet your own particular needs and requirements.

Is Nespresso Worth It?


in my own opinion, single-serve coffee machines are worth having for the matter of convenience and the very quick brew times. The option of having a coffee quickly brewed and of gourmet coffee quality in about 60 seconds or less and having it sitting there ready for you when you come out of the shower without having to brew it yourself is what makes them worth the while for me.


you get a better than good espresso shot without owning an espresso machine or going to the expense of buying a home espresso machine or the time and effort of becoming a bonafide home barista.

Yes, the one word answer, a Nespresso machine is worth your consideration and attention. Before you jump in and go out to get one, think deeply about why you want one.

Is Nespresso Worth It
A Nespresso Is Worth It If It Meets Your Needs

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Is Nespresso Worth It For Regular Coffee?

The answer here again, is yes. While the coffee is great, and edging on the delicious side, you can and will get better than regular coffee with their coffee pods and capsule based system. By this, I mean you will get an above average cup of coffee that is clearly better and tastier than drip coffee.

While their espresso is a good tasting coffee, it is not a barista quality espresso shot that you will be getting. The problem of the lack of quality is due to a less than perfect method of brewing and having a paper filter in the pods that removes the body and coffee oils from their espresso and espresso-style coffees.

Hats off to their centrifugal technology used as it produces a creamy espresso with a thick layer of crema on top and is better than what I have tried from some cheap home espresso machines that are available.

You are getting better than regular coffee, much better.

Is Nespresso Worth It For Regular Coffee
Nespresso Make Coffee That Is Better Than Regular Coffee

What Is The Average Cost Of Nespresso Capsules

Before getting to the monthly coffee costs, first consider the price of Nespresso capsule coffee machines as the cost of capsule machines varies wildly from US$189 to US$1,249.

Machine Name Price Pods
Essenza Mini US$189 Original
Vertuo Next US$249 Vertuo
Barista Recipe Maker US$269 N/A
Vertuo Plus US$279 Vertuo
Inissia US$299 Original
Citiz US$449 Original
Creaista Pro US$1,249 Original

The cost, as you can see, ranges from very affordable, to “you have got to be kidding me” and on par with that of a full-blown espresso machine.

Prices are correct at the time of writing and subject to change. I expect that as machines get better and more options on the market, they will drop in price significantly.

I do not for a single second recommend buying a Nespresso machine over a Home Espresso brewing machines as the quality is much better with a home espresso machine. If your budget is that of a Creaista pro, I’d look more at a decent home espresso machine AND a Vertuo Plus or Inissia.

The following table is the cost of Nespresso pods.

Nespresso OriginalLine Range Average Price Cost Per Year*
Espresso US$0.87 US$1,270
Decaffeinato US$0.90 US$1,314
Ispirazione Italiana US$0.91 US$1,328
Luno US$0.95 US$1,387
Master Origins US$0.98 US$1,430
Barista Creations US$1.03 US$1,504

The cheapest and least expensive capsules, as you can see from the chart above, is from their espresso line and currently start at just under a dollar per capsule at US$0.87. At the other end of the scale is their Festive Italia variations that will set you back US$1.20 per capsule.

*The cost per year is based on 2 adults consuming an average of 2 coffees per day (4 Nespresso capsules daily).

The Impact On The Environment

All coffee pod and capsule based systems, be it a Keurig K Cup or Nespresso machine, has a negative impact on the environment due to the excess plastic and aluminum waste from the foil packed lids.

Nespresso brand capsules is an aluminum capsule. Other “off brand” third party capsules may be made using other materials like plastic.

To mitigate your negative impact on the environment, you can do your part by taking part in or taking advantage of their AAA rated recycling program or by using a reusable coffee capsule and using your own coffee grounds.

One such example is buying a set of reusable compatible capsules instead of buying Starbucks capsules. Then buy the Starbucks brand coffee grounds and, viola, you have your own and done your bit to save the environment.

The Quality Of The Coffee

A great question to be asked is the coffee quality and if Nespresso or Third-party capsules can match that of a coffee shop.

While they do produce great tasting coffee, and some machines come with a frother for latte lovers. Their basic model is missing a milk frother. It is not too much of an inconvenience as you can buy one separately.

As for the coffee quality, yes, they are good, very good, but they fall a little short when it comes to matching a coffee shop, and you will get better with a decent home espresso set up. I like their drinks and the wide variety of drinks they have available, including flat whites, cappuccinos, cortados, mochas, double espresso pods, you name it, they have it!

I will be straight with you though, especially if you love drinking espresso you will probably find that it is a disappointing espresso experience.

I’m half to three quarters sure that they would get a much better tasting espresso if they removed the filter from the capsule. Either way, Nespresso really needs to up their espresso game.

This is a slight issue that rolls on to their milky espresso drinks. The milk based drinks that are espresso based will be slightly less in quality and not as good as they could be had the company been able to produce a high quality espresso shot.

What Is The Quality Of Coffee Like
The Quality Of Coffee Is Good, More Than Good!

Are Nespresso Machines Easy To Maintain And Clean?


there is nothing difficult at all when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your Nespresso machine. The same can be said for a Keurig.

To begin with, run a hot water cycle a few times to “pre-clean” your system. It is best that you use almost boiling water in the reservoir then run a hot water rinse to aid unclogging of the nozzles and water lines.

Then run a 50/50 solution of water and distilled white vinegar by filling your water tank with it and then running your machine until the tank is empty. This will descale your entire system and remove any mold and hard deposits.

When finished, run several cleaning cycles with fresh clean water to remove the taste and scent of vinegar. Alternatively, you can clean with bicarbonate of soda, baking soda and follow the same steps.

Are Nespresso Easy To Clean
A Nespresso Is Easy To Clean

Nespresso Pros

There are a lot of plus points to Nespresso and their capsule based system. I’ll be clear: I like Nespresso, I like the convenience of capsule coffee systems. This is not a Keurig Vs Nespresso or any coffee snobbery on my part, I have been clear and honest through this article and this website.

My own reputation and the public image of Latte Love Brew depends on it.

Here are the stand-out plus points:

  • 1. Convenience.
  • 2. Easy to maintain and clean.
  • 3. Coffee is very good (bit not perfect).
  • 4. You have a great choice coffee capsules.
  • 5. The monthly coffee cost is reasonable.

Nespresso Cons

Nothing is perfect, nobody here is trying to tell you otherwise. There are some drawbacks which are as follows:

  • 1. The machines are expensive.
  • 2. The negative effect on the environment.
  • 3. The ongoing cost of pods.

Why Is Nespresso So Expensive?

The reason that Nespresso is so expensive to own is due to their business model where they make money on the machines that they sell and not so much on the consumable side of the business, the coffee pods.

The pods and capsules are on the costly side due to using high quality coffee beans. Despite their capsules, due to the brewing method used don’t get the best out of them but still make you a great cup of coffee.

Is Nespresso Better Than Keurig?

That is a great question to ask. To be straight with you, there is not much between the two, not a lot at all. The one outstanding factor with Keurig K cups is their wide range of 600+ flavors from 50 or so brands.

There is really no reason to choose between the two coffee makers as there are machines that are hybrids and accept both capsules. That is the choice I would be making, so I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

That is a very sit on the fence answer, but it is the decision that I would be making.

Is Nespresso As Good As Real Espresso?


I have made it very clear in this article that the espresso style coffee from Nespresso falls short of the mark. If you are a massive espresso connoisseur or an intermediate espresso enthusiast, you will note that it is a flavorful espresso that is produced by the machine, but it is not quite there, it is missing that little bit of quality to hit the spot perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is Nespresso Worth It?

Yes, Nespresso does taste good. They emulate a shot of espresso but are to a point where they are close, very close to a real espresso from a coffee shop. People that love a well make coffee shop shot of espresso will notice the difference. The biggest difference in the beverage is the crema on top is notably different and not long lasting.

Is Nespresso Better Than Regular Coffee?

Yes, in my opinion, a Nespresso tastes much better than regular drip coffee. It’s bolder and more intense and less acidic. The coffee to water ratio is more focused. 

It is not a question of a binary choice of Nespresso being better than Starbucks because you can get Starbucks capsules that are compatible in your Nespresso coffee machine.

One of the standout benefits of Nespresso single serve coffee machines is the ability to get perfect coffee every single time. There is the simple convenience of popping in a capsule, pressing a button and getting great tasting coffee.

It’s a machine of convenience.

Professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts consider a Nespresso as being much more like the coffee produced from a moka pot than an espresso machine.

If your Nespresso machine is brewing coffee that is so bitter, it is probably due to an excessive build up of coffee oils that have got stuck in the tubes, needles and coffee spout and brewing chamber.

To solve this, give your machine a real good deep clean and descale.

Frappé-Ing It All Up! – Is Nespresso Worth It?


a Nespresso is worth it, provided that it ticks all the boxes and meets your needs.  Be fully aware the cups of espresso made are less than perfect and there is quite an upfront investment to be made. If your budget does not extend to a decent home espresso setup with a proper home espresso maker then by all means give some serious consideration to an Espresso machine.

If your friends are questioning is a Nespresso worth it, send them this article to help them in their decision making.

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