How To Steam Milk Without A Steamer Dairy And Non-Dairy!

How To Steam Milk Without A Steamer? Dairy And Non-Dairy!

Learning how to steam milk without a steamer is something that will come in handy, and more so if you love the great outdoors, as some of the methods in the article require no electricity at all and are great on the campsite.

Keep reading to find out great methods to steam milk without a steam wand.

How To Steam Milk Without A Steamer?

Steaming milk without a steamer is easy as you have many options you can use, such as:

  • A mason jar.
  • A French press.
  • A pump frother.
  • A blender.
  • A milk frothing wand.

All of these methods will get you a high quality foam for all kinds of milk, including full fat milk and 2 percent milk. If you want high quality frothed milk, the type of milk that you use matters a lot. Whole milk froths the best due to the fat content, skim milk is the next best.

Here is where it matters the most: Alternative plant-based milks!

Buy regular or natural non-dairy milk and your success in making steamed milk with or without a steamer will be hit-and-miss. Some are fabulous, some are terrible! If you plan on blending almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk or soy milk, you need to use the type that has an oat milk base or uses gellan gum.

The lack of fats in some alternative milks is the problem. A low fat content means a less table foam due to their being less fat to form a protective layer around the foam. The gellan gum or oat milk base for alternative milk helps to emulsify and stabilize the foam. The barista brand is one that I highly recommend their milk.

Now you know about what milk froths well, now let’s get to the act of steaming milk without a steamer!

How To Steam Milk Without A Steamer
You Can Steam Milk Without A Steamer

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How To Steam Milk Without A Steamer For Latte Art

The best way of making steam milk without a steamer for latte art is best achieved using a stove and your French press. 

How To Steam Your Milk With A Stove And Your French Press

Step 1: Heat your Milk to 140F (60C) On Your Stovetop

Pour your milk of choice into a sauce and heat at a low to medium heat. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature. Once it reaches 60C (140F) your milk is at the perfect temperature. If you don’t have a thermometer watch for steam; once you start to see steam rising from your milk, take it off the heat. 

Step 2: Pour Your Warm Milk Into Your French Press

Open the lid of your French press coffee maker and pour your warm milk into it. If you own a pump frother, pour your milk into this instead.

Step 3: Pump Your Plunger Up And Down

While you are pumping the plunger, hold your French press firmly. Pump with vigor for 45 seconds to a minute or until your milk doubles in volume.

If you have a blender, blend for 30 seconds at a low speed and then a further 30 seconds at a high speed.

Step 4: Pour Your Frothy Milk

Pour your frothy milk into your cup of coffee and start to make your latte art as you pour it.

How To Steam Milk On Stove For Latte

Steaming your milk on a stove for a latte is easy. Just as easy as the above method with a French press or pump frother. Start by heating your milk on the stovetop at a low to medium heat.

Pay attention not to overheat your milk. If you boil you spoil! 60C (140F) is perfect. It is best that you use a thermometer. If no thermometer is available, watch for steam starting to come from your milk and then take your milk off the heat.

Pour your hot milk into a tall glass. Now get ready to make the froth with a handheld milk frother.

How To Froth Using A Handheld Milk Frother

This is a very easy method and technique that will create a high quality frothy milk.

Step 1: Froth Your Milk Until It Is Bubbly And Foamy

Insert your milk frothing wand into a tall glass, submerge it to the bottom and start to froth at a low speed. Move your wand through your milk up and down through your milk for 30 seconds for good frothy consistency for a good even quality and consistency.

Once you see a good quality froth, continue to froth at a high speed for 30 seconds.

The same technique for a handheld milk frother is the same as a handheld blender. Use a tall container that is stronger than glass just in case you break it.

Step 2: Pour Your Frothed Milk Into Your Hot Drink

Pour your frothed milk into your coffee, tea or chocolate, stir well and scoop your froth on to the top.

How To Steam Milk On Stove For Latte
Steaming Milk On Stove For A Latte Is Easy

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How To Steam Almond Milk Without A Steamer

Steaming almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, coconut milk and other types of non-dairy milk is the same as steaming and frothing regular milk.

The process is the same, however, a matter of showing you another technique of steaming milk without a steamer let’s use a plant based, or in this case a nut based milk.

Start by heating your almond milk by using your saucepan and stovetop and heat your milk until you start to see vapor starting to rise. At this point it is at the perfect temperature. Get ready to froth your almond milk.

Step 1: Pour Your Almond Milk Into A Mason Jar Or Cocktail Shaker

Fill your cocktail shaker or mason jar to no more than one third full. Screw the top on firmly.

Step 2: Shake With Strength And Vigor

Shake your cocktail shaker or mason jar with strength and vigor for 45 seconds to 60 seconds. Your almond milk should be nice and frothy and doubled in volume.

Step 3: Pour Your Frothy Almond Milk

Pour your frothy almond milk into your coffee and scoop the froth on top of the drink. Serve and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Steam Milk Without A Steamer

Truly speaking, only an actual steam wand will steam milk. Steamed milk is so called not only because of the way that the milk is heated but because of the fact that steam vapor is forced into the milk. A small amount of vapor gets into the milk.

You can make hot milk and froth it at home to get similar results, but you won’t get the same silky velvet-like texture. You can use a whisk, be it a manual handheld whisk or an electric whisk.

A mason jar and a French press will also produce frothy milk.

Heat your milk of choice, full-fat milk works best, on the stovetop. As soon as you see steam forming, take it off the heat. Boiling will spoil your milk. Put your milk into a bowl and whisk as fast as you can with a manual whisk. Take care to move your whisk from the bottom to just below the surface.

Use this same technique if your whisk is electric: pour your hot milk into a tall glass or container and start whisking at a low speed and move your frothing wand through your milk from bottom to top. As it starts to get thicker, switch to a higher speed.

With the mason jar method, pour your warm milk into the jar. Fill to no more than a third full and shake with great energy and strength for a minute. Your milk should be nice and frothy.

The French press method is just as easy. Add your milk to your French press and fill it no more than one third full. Pump your plunger with vigor and care for a minute. Your milk will approximately double in volume and be nice and frothy.

That is how you create steamed milk at home without a steamer.

A nice and easy way to steam milk for a latte without a machine is to start by heating your milk to the point where it starts steaming and then transfer to a mason jar.

Fill the jar to a third full and shake it well for 45 to 60 seconds with the lid screwed on. Then pour the milk into your coffee to hold back the bubbles. Scoop the bubbles into your coffee with a spoon for a delicious latte.

What Are The 3 Methods Used For Steaming Milk?

There are more than three ways of steaming milk. Here are three of the easiest methods:

  • 1 Steam your milk on the stovetop.
  • 2. Steam your milk using your microwave.
  • 3. Steam milk using a mason jar. 

There are more methods such as using a French press (or special pump frother), whisk, an electric frother and a handheld blender are great options too.  

The quickest way of steaming milk is by using your microwave. If you steam using a microwave, watch carefully and pay attention. Do not let your milk boil or get too hot.

When your milk is ready, pour it into your mason jar and fill to no more than the third full mark. Shake well for 45 seconds to a minute.

If you don’t have a milk frother you can use a high speed blender, an immersion blender, a French press or a mason jar. A good old-fashioned wire whisk will work well too. All these methods will create coffee shop quality foam.

Yes, you can steam milk in a mug, but a metallic milk jar is much better to use. They are cheap, found everywhere and are multi-purpose; you can use them for many more things in your kitchen.

Final Thoughts – How To Steam Milk Without A Steamer

When you put in that effort to learn how to steam milk without a steamer, you will be the king of the campsite, and you will know exactly how to make a gourmet coffee when you have a power cut – just as long as you have a gas stove. 

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