How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee With Keurig At Home

How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee With Keurig At Home

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 20:52

When you learn how to make Starbucks iced coffee with Keurig brewers you will, effectively speaking, have Starbucks coffee available to you when you want it – even at 3am!

To make your own Starbucks iced coffee, it does not matter which of the three Keurig machines that have an Iced button for making your iced coffee.

Keep reading as I dig down and show you exactly how to make great tasting Starbucks Iced coffee at home.

How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee With Keurig At Home

Making iced coffee with your Keurig is an easy process. Here is the equipment that you need:

  • Keurig machine with Iced button for making iced coffee (Keurig K-Supreme, Keurig K-Slim +Iced, Keurig Elite).
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • 16 Ounce (480 ml) temperature resistant mug.

Step 1: Make Coffee Ice Cubes

This is an optional step and should be used if you have a Keurig brewer that does not have an iced button.

Using coffee ice cubes to make iced coffee with your Keurig coffee maker that has an iced button will result in having ice cubes that melt into your coffee and not watering it down. It will make your coffee stronger, but not by much.

Simply take a dark roast Starbucks K-cup – Sumatra is the one I love to use, hit the iced button and let it brew into a large 16 ounce (480 ml)  mug over ice.

Once your coffee has cooled, transfer the contents of your mug into your ice cube tray and put your tray in your freezer overnight.

How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee With Keurig
Coffee Ice Cubes

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Step 2: Setting Up Your Keurig And Selecting Your Starbucks K-Cup

Prepare your Keurig as you would for a regular coffee and seek out a tasty K-cup from a selection of what Starbucks has available. I suggest their Sumatra or French roast K-cups.

Fill your water reservoir with filtered water, or better still, use mineral water. The better your quality of water, the better your coffee will be.

If your Keurig has an iced button – press it. If it doesn’t use the strong setting if it has one. If it has neither a strong setting nor an iced button, adjust the volume to pour less coffee.

These three options all have the same effect of making your coffee stronger.

Starbucks K-Cup Sumara Dark Roast
Starbucks Sumara Dark Roast

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Step 3: Fill Your 16 Ounce Coffee Mug With Ice

Use a glass or better still, a mug that is temperature resistant. Your mug must have the ability to handle the cold temperature of your ice as well as the hot temperature of your coffee and not get shocked and shatter.

Fill your mug completely with ice. You can use the coffee cubes that you made earlier.

Step 4: Brew Directly Onto The Ice

All that is left for you to do at this point is to brew your coffee of choice over ice to make your Starbucks iced coffee with your Keurig. Press the brew button and enjoy your coffee!

Once your coffee has cooled, transfer from your mug into a tall glass.

How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee With Keurig Stronger

The Starbucks iced coffee recipe above is tasty, very tasty, but it can end up being weak and watery if and when your ice melts and waters down your coffee.

Due to hot coffee coming into direct contact with your ice as you are brewing, the obvious happens – the ice melts. When that happens, the coffee to water ratio is reduced and your coffee is weaker.

There are a couple of easy and obvious solutions to this, one of which we have covered, making coffee ice cubes.

Due to the ice cubes being made of coffee, your melting ice cubes will not dilute your coffee. This is why I suggest the option of turning coffee into ice cubes – it ensures that your iced coffee tastes as it should from the first sip to the very last sip.

A second option is one that your Keurig brewer can handle for you and is built in and that is brewing stronger coffee.

This is what the pressing of the iced button does. You can also use the strong setting or set it to brew a smaller amount, by using the smallest cup size.

By brewing a strong cup of coffee you can compensate for the melting ice and not end up with a weak and watery cup of coffee.

A third method is to brew a regular cup of coffee. Pour it into your cocktail shaker, add two or three cubes of ice and shake it with fervor and energy for a minute or two.

This will cool your coffee, make it frothy. Simply pour your and enjoy your frothy iced coffee.

Cocktail Shaker
Use A Cocktail Shaker To Cool Coffee

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee With Keurig

Yes, you can use a Keurig or any single-serve coffee maker like a Nespresso to make iced coffee. It is beneficial but not essential that you have one of the three models that has the iced button feature.

If you don’t have a machine that has an iced button to make your iced coffee, use frozen coffee cubes as this ice will melt and not dilute your coffee and turn it into a watery and weak tasting coffee.

Just fill a 16 ounce coffee mug with ice. Now insert a dark roast K-Cup coffee pod and depress the iced button. Your Keurig coffee maker will dispense hot coffee and brew it over ice. It will be slightly smaller and more focused in flavor to compensate for the melting ice. Once your coffee has cooled, transfer the contents into a tall glass.

Yes, you can make a whole range of Starbucks quality coffee drinks with your Keurig coffee machine. Simply replicate the drinks from the world’s most famous coffee shop by using the appropriate Starbucks tasty K-Cup coffee pod and follow the instruction for making their gourmet coffee drinks.

A fine example is emulating their recipes by also having at home their flavored coffee syrups for flavoring your drink.

To make an amazing tasting Starbucks drink at home, put a pump of cookie simple syrup in your mug, press the iced button and brew your coffee over ice and then add your vanilla almond milk stir well and transfer to a tall cool glass. Viola, you have an authentic Starbucks drink at home.

The iced setting on a Keurig tells the coffee maker to make a slightly smaller amount of coffee that is stronger in flavor. Without that function, it will brew a regular coffee and if you wanted to make an iced coffee and brew over ice your coffee would become very bland tasting and weak.

A dark roast K-cup is best for making iced coffee with your Keurig. It is important that you seek out a dark roast due to the deeper, strong flavor. Light roasts and medium roasts don’t quite cut it to be used for an iced coffee as they are too weak and light in flavor.

Seek out quality dark roast coffee like a tasty Sumatran or Café Bustelo espresso style Puerto Rican dark roast coffee.

Yes. Not only can you make iced coffee with hot coffee this is how it is brewed and should be brewed. The hot water extraction extracts all the high temperature compounds.

Cold water brewing (cold brew coffee) is a completely different cup of coffee and extracts the very different tasting low temperature compounds.

A cold brew can also be served with ice.

Are Keurigs Good For Iced Coffee?

Keurigs started off being pretty bad, awful for making iced coffee, but over the past few years and the newer models, the iced coffee facility of a single serve Keurig coffee maker has improved dramatically. I am confident and happy to say that they can now make great iced coffee thanks to the Iced button, which makes the coffee stronger and more resilient to the melting ice.

How Do You Make Iced Coffee Not Watery?

There are many techniques that you can use to prevent your iced coffee from getting watery. My top two tips are to use coffee ice cubes and use a cocktail shaker and add your ice cubes (or coffee ice cubes) and your coffee to the cocktail shaker and shake well for a minute to instantly chill your coffee.

Coffee ice cubes as these melt, they will not make your coffee watery at all.

Final Thoughts – How To Make Starbucks Iced Coffee With Keurig

Learning how to make Starbucks iced coffee with Keurig brewers is very easy. Once you try it, it will be second nature, and you will save a lot of money when you make your own at home.

Make them for your friends and wow – they will love you for it.

Did you try to make a Starbucks iced coffee with your Keurig? How did it turn out? Let us know by joining our online coffee community! Find us on Facebook/Meta.

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