Blade vs Burr Grinder Taste Test! The Winner Is.....

Blade vs Burr Grinder Taste Test! The Winner Is…..

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 18:30

As a coffee geek and on the Kaizen quest to constantly perfect the taste of coffee I was hit with a bolt out of the blue to run a Blade Vs Burr Grinder Taste Test.

I’d have never thought, all things equal, that the type of grinder that you use will have an effect on the flavors produced by your coffee.

It is incredible, it is notable, and it is absolutely true.

If you are in a rush – a Burr grinder will produce the best taste. You’ll need to keep reading to find out why!

What Is A Burr Grinder?

Burr grinders are small grinders that have two revolving abrasive surfaces or mills that are a set distance apart which is set by the person using the grinder.

The two burrs grind the food product, in our case coffee, by using a crushing action.

Burr grinders come in different forms with the best type being a ceramic conical burr grinder. The conical design is better for consistency in grind size and ease of cleaning while the ceramic material is much better for heat resistance.

What Is A Burr Grinder
Inside A Burr Grinder – Image Credit: Coffee Technicians Guild

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What Is A Blade Grinder

Blade grinders are those grinders that resemble a food processor with those double pronged blades spinning at the bottom of the chamber that effectively chops anything that comes into contact with it.

Another design has flat discs blades that spin at high speed and are moved closer or further apart by the user who wishes to alter the size of the coffee grounds.

The majority are made with stainless steel. The heat produced by the rapidly spinning blades can and will produce heat which will spoil the flavor of your coffee grounds. Due to the functionality of this type of grinder, an inconsistent grind size is produced.

This is why we do not recommend blade grinders of any type.

What Is A Blade Grinder
A Blade Grinder

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Why Are Burr Grinders Better Than Blade Grinders

In a word, or rather a phrase, consistent-sized coffee grounds is the main reason for electing to buy a burr coffee grinder.

Getting an inconsistent grind size means your coffee will extract at different rates, and thus you will not get a perfect even extraction of coffee. This is not good for brewing coffee.

The other top reasons are the resistance to heat for a ceramic burr coffee grinder. Heat can spoil and “cook” your coffee grounds while they are ground. A material that is highly resistant to heat is obviously a plus point.

Conical shape is preferred due to the ease of cleaning and keeping your grinder clean and free from old grounds and coffee oil.

Is A Good Grinder Important?


Especially if you are dedicated to brewing the best possible coffee that you can and after investing good money in a quality coffee maker you should.


If you are spending your hard-earned money on expensive and top quality single origin coffee beans and buying fresher coffee beans then using a good grinder is important, very important as it will help you to get a better quality cup of coffee.

Coffee aficionados and coffee enthusiasts will agree that a consistent grind from a coffee grinder that does not have a problem with heat dissipation will result in a slightly better tasting cup of coffee.

Thus, by definition, it makes a good grinder, namely a conical ceramic burr grinder, an essential piece of coffee equipment. When you visit coffee shops in your locality, ask them what type of coffee grinder they are using.

It is most likely a ceramic conical burr grinder. There is a reason for that.

When learning to brew better coffee at home, we tend to initially buy better and fresher coffee beans. After that, we buy a product with a preferred extraction system, like pour-over brewers, French presses, or espresso machines. But in reading a lot of what the experts had to say, I learned that a good grinder is probably more important for your first investment than a good espresso machine. Now why is that?

Is A Good Grinder Important
A Good Grinder Is Very Important

Burr Coffee Grinder Will Heat Your Coffee Beans Less Than A Blade Grinder

When you grind your coffee beans, grind them immediately prior to brewing your cup of coffee as the flavors are fresher and kept locked in the whole beans. When you start to grind your beans, the aroma and flavor of the coffee dissipates from your coffee beans as the oxidation process starts straight away.

Heat blooms and extracts the flavor from your coffee beans and this using a method of grinding that does not heat the coffee beans is a plus point.

When you grind with a stainless steel blade grinder and press the grind button the high speed of the blades spinning chops, slices and cuts your coffee beans which then get spun around the inside of your grinder which creates friction and creates heat and thus the freshly ground beans lose their flavor and aroma.

Burr grinders spin slower and the burrs are not in contact with each other and thus there is no friction, regardless of which material it is made from. The beans slip down the grooves and are crushed and then fall into the area where the grounds are collected.

There is less friction and less heat, even with a stainless steel burr grinder. A ceramic due to less heat conduction offers greater insulation against heat. The beans retain their aromas and flavors and are thus slightly fresher in flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blade Vs Burr Grinder Taste Test

Does Burr Grinder Taste Better?

Yes, while they are a little more expensive than blade grinders, a burr grinder, be it a flat burr or conical burr and of which ever material you will get a better tasting cup of coffee and thus is worth the little extra.

Does A Burr Grinder Really Make A Difference?

Yes, a burr grinder will improve the flavor of your coffee significantly due to being able to get a more even and consistent quality of grind size which results in an even extraction rate.

Does Coffee Taste Better With Grinder?

Yes, you will get a better coffee experience when you grind your own coffee beans as you will have a freshness factor favor. As soon as you grind your coffee, you increase the total surface area that is in contact with the air and accelerate the oxidation process.

When you buy pre-ground coffee it is not as good as whole bean coffee for this reason, it already has been ground, quite some time ago. Thus, by definition, your coffee will taste better when you grind it immediately before brewing.

Does Grind Size Affect Taste?

Yes, the grind size has an influence on the extraction of the flavor compounds. It’s all to do with the total surface area that is exposed to the water and the contact time. Larger ground has a reduced surface area and requires longer brewing time. Smaller grind sizes have a larger total surface area and thus need a shorter brewing time.

Can You Use A Burr Grinder For Herbs?

Yes, you can use your burr coffee grinder for herbs; just be sure to clean it well afterward, or you’ll get the flavors of the herbs into your coffee.

Do Burr Grinders Get Dull?

Yes, a burr grinder will eventually get dull and require to be sharpened or replaced. The amount of time will depend on the type of burr and the material.

What Happens If You Put Ground Coffee In A Burr Grinder?

If you try to regrind coffee grounds, you will end up clogging your grinder. Ground coffee will not flow through your coffee grinder like coffee beans do.

Why Buy An Expensive Coffee Grinder?

An expensive coffee grinder will produce a higher quality and more consistent grind size due to the precision engineering and higher quality burrs used to make them. The result will be a notably better cup of coffee.

Frappe-Ing It All Up – Blade Vs Burr Grinder Taste Test

It sounds so much like a minor change, and it is a tiny small change but in the Blade Vs Burr Grinder taste test there is a difference. Truly and honestly, that small change of switching your grinder from a stainless steel blade grinder to a ceramic conical burr grinder will make an improvement to the taste of your coffee.

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