Keurig Descale Light Stays On - Fix It Easily And Effortlessly

Keurig Descale Light Stays On – Fix It Easily And Effortlessly

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 18:32

When the Keurig descale light stays on it can be very annoying and upsetting, especially when you have just run a full descaling cycle.

This article will help you put that light out, tell you how you run a proper full descale cycle, clean the injection lines and needles and what you can do to help prevent the build up in the first place.

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Keurig Descale Light Stays On

When the descale light on your Keurig stays on and is not going off, it is telling you that there is something impeding the flow of water in your Keurig brewer.

The blockage is usually caused by the build of dirt, grime, limescale, mineral deposits and calcium build up. When you see the Keurig descale light coming on, descale your coffee maker straight away.

If your Keurig light stays on even after you have descaled your coffee machine, the first thing is not to worry, wait and let your Keurig machine cool down as you might need to run a second descaling cycle.

It is never a good idea to run a second descaling cycle without at least half an hour to let the machine cool down. If you don’t let your machine cool down, you will trip the thermal switch.

While you are waiting for your machine to cool down, you can keep yourself busy by cleaning all the removable parts, checking the water filter and proceeding to cleaning the injection lines and the needles.

To clean the needles focus on unclogging them using a paper clip. Simply insert an unfolded paper clip, poke around for a minute or so. Clean both needles, the exit and entrance needles.

Then use the Keurig needle maintenance tool and fill it with warm water and place it in the pod holder. Open and close the lid 5 to 7 times.

If you wish, run a second cycle using Keurig descaling solution or 50% water and 50% distilled white vinegar. This second cycle will get the injection lines and needles really clean.

When you have completed this process, and you have waited at least half an hour after your first descaling process, run a second descaling cycle with 50% descaling solution and 50% water or 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water.

Let your machine cool down for half an hour and run 3 to 5 flushing cycles with fresh water.

Keurig Descale Light Stays On
Keurig Descale Light Stays On

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Keurig Reset Descale Light Won’t Turn Off

If you have run the protocol above and still your Keurig descale light stays on, and you are absolutely sure that there is nothing inhibiting the flow of water, then proceed to perform a reset of your Keurig machine.

Unplug your coffee maker and wait for an hour or two – this is to ensure the machine powers down fully and cools down at the same time.

Plug your machine back in. Your machine should have reset itself.

A second way of resetting your coffee maker is to hold down the 10 ounce and 8 ounce buttons and hold them for 3 seconds. At Latte Love Brew we prefer that you use the first method

What Causes Scaling On A Keurig, And How Can I Prevent It?

Your water is the cause of scaling on your coffee maker and other domestic appliances. Hard water, soft water, and even mineral water and filtered water will cause your Keurig descale light to come on.

To prevent it completely is impossible, but there are steps that you can take to reduce the build up of limescale, calcium and mineral deposits on not only your Keurig coffee machine but all over your home.

I have a water filter installed at the inlet pipe for my whole home that filters the water from everything including fluoride. I have second filters placed at the inlet of all taps and showers as a secondary line of filtration to catch anything that may have gotten through.

The filters last 7 years and are guaranteed to last this long and are inexpensive. It’s a small investment that pays for itself in terms of health and money saved in maintaining dishwashers, washing machines and electric showers due to a reduced build up of calcium.

For coffee and drinking water, I use a water filter jug. Literally my water that I drink is triple filtered and clean. As for my coffee machine, the water ends up being quadruple filtered as I fill the water tank direct from the water jug.

The result is not no scale but an absolute minimum. My filters last so much longer, but I still replace them every 3 months and my coffee tastes perfect, and the machine is in prime condition for brewing coffee just as it was the day I bought it.

Prevention is better than the cure.

You can also run a light descaling cycle every other week, which is what I do. Instead of using descaling solution or distilled white vinegar, use bicarbonate of soda (baking soda).

Simply use a 25% bicarbonate of soda and 75% water. Mix well and run a descaling process as you normally would and flush with an abundance of water.

The mineral build up is not toxic to your health or cause any detrimental health issues. It does make your coffee taste flat and is not good at all for any of the machines in your home that use water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keurig Light Stays On

How Do I Turn The Light Off On My Keurig?

If the descale light of your Keurig stays on even after running a descaling cycle, the reason might be due to a heavy build up of mineral deposits and your machine needs a second and stronger clean.

Run a second cleaning cycle with either using Keurig descaling solution or a 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water and filling your water reservoir to the max fill line. This time focus on cleaning the exit needle and entry needle and unclogging them using a paper clip or sewing needle.

The entrance needle is located on the top of the lid of your Keurig and on the inside. The Keurig exit needle is below the pod holder.

Clean and descale well and flush with 3 to 5 cycles of filling your water reservoir with fresh tap water.

If this doesn’t work, unplug your machine and wait 15 minutes, and replug it in to reset and restart. If this reset process doesn’t work, press the 8 ounce and 10 ounce buttons together for 3 seconds.

Why Does My Keurig Add Water Light Stays On?

Ensure that your water reservoir is properly installed in its place. Remove it and give it a good clean with soap and warm water and rinse with an abundance of cold water. Check the water filter and consider replacing it if it is dirty. Let it air dry and then fill with fresh water and place it back in its base and check that it is flush and well installed.

If you see the same message, the add water light stays on, run a full descale cycle and pay attention to cleaning the exit needle and the entrance needle.

How To Stop Descale Light On Keurig Slim?

If your descale light on your Keurig slim is not turning off after descaling, start by switching off your Keurig and unplugging it. Remove the water reservoir. If there is still some Keurig descaling solution in it, then discard it. Clean the water reservoir and fill with tap water.

Plug in your coffee maker and power it back up and run 3 to 5 fresh water rinsing cycles.

Why Is My Keurig Coffee So Light?

If your coffee is weak and light, it is a sign that your exit needle and entrance needle need to be cleaned and the water lines too. Run a full descaling process using Keurig descaling solution or distilled white vinegar in a 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water and fill to the max fill line in your water reservoir.

Start by paying particular attention to the entrance needle and exit needle of your Keurig coffee maker. Unclog them by clearing any blockages with a fine sewing needle or paper clip and poke around inside them. Then use your needle maintenance tool to clear them.

Then run a full descaling process and rinse well. If this doesn’t work, it may be that your water pump or the machine needs to be replaced.

What Happens If Descale Light Won’t Turn Off?

The most common and probable reason that your descale light will not turn off is because the descaling process has not been completed. Run at least two full water reservoirs through your keurig coffee maker to complete the process.

The whole process can take from 20 min to an hour.

Do Keurigs Turn Themselves Off?

Yes, a Keurig machine has an auto-off and stand-by feature where it will automatically switch off after 2 hours. This feature can be disabled if you so wish.

Final Thoughts – Keurig Descale Light Stays On

If your Keurig descale light stays on, it is no longer a problem for you as you know exactly what to do to fix it.

Take the steps that I suggested to prevent the build up of limescale and minerals deposits. You can go whole hog like I have or simply use a water filter jug. Be sure to run the light descaling cycles every other week.

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