I Descaled My Keurig And Now It Doesn't Work - How To Fix It!

I Descaled My Keurig And Now It Doesn’t Work – How To Fix It!

Last updated on May 22nd, 2024 at 14:19

I saw this statement “I descaled my Keurig and now it doesn’t work” appear a few times in a thread on our coffee community.

This post is a response to the question posed. All is not lost as this is a problem that is easily fixed.

Keep reading and learn the options that you have to fix this worrying problem and what caused it.

I Descaled My Keurig And Now It Doesn’t Work

If you have given your Keurig a real good descale, and it is not working, the reason may be the thermal switch tripped during the descaling process due to the machine overheating.

In this instance, all that is required of you is to wait and let your machine cool down. The thermal switch in the majority of cases resets itself. Unplug your machine and just wait for a couple of hours.

Then plug your machine back in.

In the event of the thermal switch not self-resetting, the only solution is to call customer service if your machine is still under the one-year post-purchase guarantee.

If it is not under warranty or guarantee, you can attempt to disassemble the machine and reset the thermal switch back using a paper clip.

When you have done this, you can get back to running the descale process again. The next time the descale light comes on it will act like it did the first time and will try to drain the unit without warning.

Your Keurig machine may also not be working due to having overfilled the water reservoir, using the wrong coffee pod or debris clogging your needles.

Ensure that your water tank is not too full; check that you are using the correct coffee pods.

Another peculiar culprit is the water filter needing to be replaced. Remove it and replace it. Clogged needles may need to be cleaned and unclogged too.

I Descaled My Keurig And Now It Doesn't Work
A Working Keurig After Resetting The Thermal Switch

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Keurig Supreme Plus Won’t Turn On After Descaling

If your Keurig Supreme Plus won’t turn on after you have run a descaling cycle, you will need to open up your coffee maker to access the thermal switch. Push the disk on the thermal switch to put it back to the regular position. You will need to use a fine needle or a paper clip.

Don’t forget that you will need to run the full descaling process again.


  • 1. Unplug your coffee maker and remove the screws and save them.
  • 2. Remove the casing using a small screwdriver.
  • 3. Locate the thermal switch. If you are unsure of where it is, check the owners manual.
  • 4. Get a paper clip and insert the end of it into the center hole. You’ll hear a strange sound.
  • 5. Plug your machine back in and test to find out if it is starting up. Press power and check and see if everything is okay.
  • 6. Reassemble your machine and put everything back as it was and should be.

Pro Tip: The thermal switch is usually attached to the inline heating tube. Look for a spiral heating element.

Keurig Won’t Turn On After Descaling Some Tips

Avoid re-running hot water and vinegar through your coffee machine as it will eventually cause the thermal switch to overload and trip, which means after descaling you won’t be able to turn it on.

If you need to run a second descaling cycle with vinegar and water, wait for half an hour and let your machine cool down first.

  • Never reset your Keurig when it is plugged in.
  • Always ensure that there is enough water in the water tank at every step of descaling until the whole process has been completed. Your Keurig can burn out if the water runs out.
  • To avoid taking your machine apart and descale immediates when you see the descaling notification.
Keurig Won’t Turn On After Descaling
Descaling Your Keurig Regularly

Keurig Doesn’t Work After Descaling

A simple way to reset your Keurig coffee maker is to reboot the computer, is to simply unplug it and wait 15 to 20 minutes and then replug it in.

It’s a much easier way than taking your machine apart. Here is another alternative technique for resetting your machine:

  • 1. Boil water.
  • 2. Pour the boiled water into tank.
  • 3. Switch on your Keurig and brew a cup of coffee.
  • 4. Wait as it brews. Then switch off your machine.
  • 5. Empty the water reservoir and retry.

Frequently Asked Questions About I Descaled My Keurig And Now It Doesn’t Work

If you can’t power up your Keurig brewer, try:

  • 1. Check that your machine is properly plugged in and double-check your connection and ensure your power cord is not damaged.
  • 2. Check that your power outlet is working by testing if other appliances work from the socket.
  • 3. Check your Keurig machine with a different power outlet that you know is working.
  • 4. Ensure that the power button has been pushed to turn your brewer on.

No, there is a reset button on Keurig coffee machines. I hope this changes with future models.

There are ways in which you can reset your machine. The easiest way to unplug your coffee maker is to just wait for 15 minutes and re-plug it in. Another effective way is to press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Yes, it is good practice to remove the water filter when you are descaling your coffee machine. Even if your water filter is new and still good to use it may have mineral deposits, calcium and lime scale buildup on it that may negatively affect a good descaling process.

Remove your water filter, give it a rinse and shake. Replace it and get started with your descaling cycle.

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When the button on your Keurig becomes unresponsive, attempt to reset your machine by first using the power button. If this is not resetting your machine, unplug your machine and wait for a short period of time, 15 minutes to 20 minutes is fine and the press the power button.

If this is not working, contact Keurig customer service.

On most Keurigs the power button is found on the front of the machine and near to the top of it. If it is not there, check the back of the machine and the sides.

When you have found it, press it to power up your coffee machine.

If your Keurig does not have a removable water reservoir, you can still descale it and get rid of scale and mineral buildup by using Keurig descaling pods. Simply insert a descaling pod into your coffee maker and run a brewing cycle and flush with an abundance of water afterward.

Final Thoughts – I Descaled My Keurig And Now It Doesn’t Work

If you hear any of your coffee-loving friends saying “I descaled my Keurig and now it doesn’t work” point them in the direction of this article and help them fix the problem and get their machine working again.

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