Baratza Encore Pour Over Grind Setting

Baratza Encore Pour Over Grind Setting

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Owning a grinder can be a pain in the butt as you need to memorize the different grinding settings for each different coffee drink that you want to brew. In this article you will find the Baratza Encore pour over grind setting and the settings for a number of different.

In this article you will find a convenient chart to copy and print out if you must. I’ll detail and talk about the Baratza Encore grinder and settings for a number of different and popular coffee drinks.

If you are in a rush, the ideal setting for your Baratza Grinder for a pour over coffee is 11 to 29.

I’ll explain later why such a difference

 What Is A Baratza Encore Grinder?

The Baratza Encore is a coffee grinder that is often described as an entry-level grinder. While I have used that term myself, I have got to say it is much more than an entry – level grinder.

It is an excellent grinder, I have one, and I love it! The fact that it is very quiet and not loud and noisy like other grinders is a big plus point. This conical burr grinder has 40 grind settings that range from 250 microns to 1,200 microns.

This range is perfect for a number of brew methods and has a finer grind size that is great for Turkish Coffee and espresso. You can expect good quality, consistent medium grind and medium-fine grind size.

You can expect to make a good quality cup of coffee with this grinder.

The coffee drinks that you can make include:

  • 1. Espresso.
  • 2. Ristretto.
  • 3. Turkish Coffee.
  • 4. Aeropress.
  • 5. V60.
  • 6. Moka Pot.
  • 7. Siphon.
  • 8. Pour Over.
  • 9. Drip Machine
  • 10. Flat Drip.
  • 11. French Press.
  • 12. Chemex.
  • 13. Cupping.
  • 14. Cold Brew.
  • 15. Percolator.
  • 16. Cowboy Coffee

You can make a number of different coffee that are not on this list as long as the grind size is within the 250 microns and 1,200 micron range.

 What Is A Baratza Encore Grinder
A Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

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Baratza Encore Pour Over Grind Settings

The ideal setting for making a great, top quality pour over coffee with your Baratza Encore is from 11 to 29. The wide variation in size is due to how you enjoy your pour over and how you like your coffee.

Some of you will enjoy a much stronger coffee and others weaker. It will also vary depending on which filter type you are using: metal, cloth or paper.

Baratza Encore Pour Over Grind Settings
Baratza Encore Grinder

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Baratza Encore Grind Settings

Getting straight to it, you will find the ideal setting for making the above coffee drinks. For a ristretto and lattes, use the settings for an espresso.

Type Of Coffee Drink  Baratza Encore Grind Setting
Turkish Coffee 1-3
Espresso 4-9
Aeropress 4-23
Moka Pot 4-16
V60 11-16
Pour Over 11-29
Siphon 11-29
Flat Drip 17-23
Drip Machine 17-23
Chemex 24-29
French Press 31-36
Cupping 31-36
Percolator 31-36
Cold Brew 31-40
Cowboy 37-40

Baratza Encore French Press Setting

The perfect setting for brewing a great French press coffee for your Baratza Encore coffee grinder is 31 to 36.

There is only a slight variation in the grind size from 31 to 36. Each coffee drinker has their own personal taste preference and, thus, a slightly different size is required, and thus a range setting is best stated rather than “this number” and being rather rigid.

Baratza Encore Espresso Setting

If you are brewing an espresso or an espresso-based drink like a ristretto or a shot that is going to be used to make a latte, cortado, mocha, cappuccino etc, then a grind setting on your Baratza Grinder of 4 to 9 is perfect. I love using the smallest setting (1) and a higher pressure setting on my home espresso machine.

It produces a very strong, very thick espresso with a thick rich crema. I had to adjust my machine to perfect it. I do suggest sticking with 4 to 9 unless you really do enjoy a very strong espresso.

Baratza Encore Setting For Moccamaster

The idea setting for a Moccamaster for brewing top quality coffee with your moccamaster coffee machine and your Baratza Encore grinder is something that required a little experimentation. I have found 18 to 23 to be a good range.

Some suggested as high as 25, which is what I tried, but I found 25 to be too coarse, which leads to an under extracted coffee.

Baratza Encore Setting For Chemex

A Chemex needs a slightly coarser grind than a Moccamaster as the filter for a Chemex is thicker and thus has a slightly longer extraction time. A setting of 24 to 29 on your Baratza Encore grinder is produce a Chemex coffee that you will enjoy.

Baratza Encore Setting For Chemex
24 to 29 Is The Setting For A Chemex Coffee Maker

Baratza Encore Setting For V60

The ideal setting for a V60, and getting a flavorsome coffee, is 11 to 16 on your grinder. Try different settings in this range and note which is best for you and which you enjoy most.

What Setting Should I Grind Coffee For Pour Over?

Pour over coffee requires a good medium fine coffee grind size to make great coffee. Slightly finer than sand but not at all as fine as you would use for brewing an shot of espresso.

How Long Does Baratza Encore last?

If you take great care of your Baratza Encore, it will last you at least ten years. This is assuming you grind a pound (454 grams) of coffee beans per week.

Regular replacement of your burrs will make the grinder last even longer.

Take good care of it and keep it clean. Clean your grinder after every use by blowing it out, brushing it and giving it a good clean with a hot, damp cloth you will keep it clean and clear of oil and coffee grinds.

You will also prolong how long it lasts.

Is Baratza Encore Loud?

Not, not at all. The Baratza Encore grinder is one of the quieter coffee grinders on the market.

How Often Should You Replace Grinder Burrs?

Ideally, you should replace them every 6 months or so. This is regardless of how much coffee you grind with them. You want to keep your burr in good condition and your coffee nice and evenly ground.

How Do You Know When To Change A Burr Grinder?

Keep a watchful eye out for any of the following:

  • 1. The burr edges feel dull.
  • 2. Your grounds are inconsistent.
  • 3. You keep needing to grind finer.
  • 4. Your coffee grounds are coming out in clumps.

If you notice any one of these indicators, you will need to replace your burrs on your grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baratza Encore Pour Over Grind Setting

Is Baratza Encore Good For V60?

Yes, a Baratza Encore is good for not only the Hario V60, it’s good for all kinds of pour-over brewing and grind settings, including the Chemex and others. Pour over brewing systems. It’s a grinder that has the burrs specifically designed and engineered for precision grinding.

What Is The Best Grind Setting For Pourover?

The ideal grind setting for a pour over using a Baratza Encore grinder is 11 to 29 for a generic pour over system and 11 to 16 for a Hario V60 and 24 to 29 for a Chemex.

Is Baratza Encore Good For Pour Over?

Yes, it’s a precision grinder that has a wide range of grind settings, making it ideal for many different pour over equipment systems as well as a range of different brewing methods.

What Grind Is Best For V60 Pour Over?

A Hario V60 Pour over needs a high quality medium to fine grind size. On a Baratza Encore 24 to 29 is the ideal grind size.

Does Grind Size Affect Pour Over?

Yes, the grind size helps you to control the contact time that your hot water has with your coffee grounds. It controls the flow rate. To large a grind size, and you will get a weak and watery brew, too small, and it will be too strong and bitter.

How Much Coffee Do You Grind For Pour Over?

How much coffee to grind depends on the size of the cup of coffee that you want to make. Assuming brewing an 8 ounce (240 ml) coffee you will need 16 grams of coffee to adhere to the 1:15 coffee to water ratio.

For a 12 ounce (360 ml) cup of coffee you will need to use 24 grams of coffee.

What Coffee Is Best For Pour Over?

The pour over brewing method is excellent at coaxing out the subtle and nuanced flavors and gets more TDS – total dissolved solids into your coffee than other methods light roasts and blonde roasts are best.

What Is The 1 Is To 15 Ratio In Pour Over Coffee?

The ratio is the coffee to water ratio. It means that for each gram of coffee you must use 15 grams (milliliters) of water. It’s the ratio for producing a perfect and balanced pour over coffee.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Baratza Encore Pour Over Grind Setting

The ideal Baratza Encore pour over grind setting is 11 to 29. You will need to experiment with the setting and different filter types, paper, metal and cloth to get the perfect tasting pour over that you simply love.

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