Baratza Encore French Press Setting

Baratza Encore French Press Setting

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Using the correct Baratza Encore French Press Setting is essential for brewing a perfect cup of coffee using this brew method. Get it wrong and your cup of coffee will be either weak, watery and under brewed or too strong, bitter and over brewed.

You absolutely must have the correct grind size for each brewing method and technique. If you are in a rush with the kettle boiling away, and you need to know now – the French Press grind size with a Baratza Encore is 31 to 36.

This grind range will get you a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Experiment and adjust to get it perfect for your own personal taste.

What Is The Baratza Encore Grinder?

The Baratza Encore coffee grinder is a top quality entry level coffee grinder that is easy to use with 40 different grind settings from 250 microns to 1200 microns which makes it easy to use for newbies to experts alike.

Due to the range of grind sizes, you can grind the perfect coffee grind size for a lot of coffee drinks, including:

  • 1. Turkish coffee.
  • 2. Espresso.
  • 3. Aeropress.
  • 4. Moka Pot.
  • 5. V60.
  • 6. Pour Over.
  • 7. Siphon.
  • 8. Flat Drip.
  • 9. Drip Machine.
  • 10. Chemex.
  • 11. French Press.
  • 12. Cupping.
  • 13. Percolator.
  • 14. Cold Brew.
  • 15. Cowboy coffee.

The grind coarseness range is good for the extra-fine Turkish coffee grind size, the finer grind level required for ristretto and espressos and all the way up to the pebble stone size needed for Cowboy coffee.

It is an entry level grinder and a very good one at that!

What Is The Baratza Encore Grinder
The Baratza Encore grinder

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Baratza Encore French Press Settings?

The Baratza Encore coffee grinder is perfect for getting a good quality and consistent grind size for French press coffee and a number of other coffee drinks.

It is the favorite grinder for many coffee lovers and, I personally rate it as one of the best for those that are just getting started and want an easy-to-manage and easy-to-use grinder.

Getting the perfect grind size is only one criteria – a grinder must pass the consistency test, which is where many fail. Not this one. The heat resistance test is important, too, as a coffee grinder that rates poorly here will not make coffee as fresh or tasty as it can.

Heat from grinders does spoil your coffee a little before you get to brew it. While no coffee grinder is perfect in this aspect, the Baratza does rate very favorably.

While some coffee experts will suggest that you use a grind size of 28, at Latte Love Brew we do not like to give one set number as each person’s taste preference is not the same. We tried and tested this grinder at a setting of 28 and found the grind size to be a touch too small and the coffee in question a little weak while brewing with the French Press.

31 to 36 is the perfect setting range for brewing an amazing cup of coffee with your French press.

Baratza Encore French Press Settings
The Bodum French Press

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Our Preferred Baratza Encore Grind Settings

Please refer to the table below for our suggested grinding settings for the Baratza Encore.

Type Of Coffee Drink  Baratza Encore Grind Setting
Turkish Coffee 1-3
Espresso 4-9
Aeropress 4-23
Moka Pot 4-16
V60 11-16
Pour Over 11-29
Siphon 11-29
Flat Drip 17-23
Drip Machine 17-23
Chemex 24-29
French Press 31-36
Cupping 31-36
Percolator 31-36
Cold Brew 31-40
Cowboy 37-40

What Is The Medium Setting For Baratza Encore?

The medium grind setting for the baratza encore is 14 to 17. This is the range that will produce a perfect medium-sized grind size for making great coffee.

Is Baratza Encore Good For Pour Over?


The Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder is good for pour over coffee. The settings on your grinder should range from 11 to 29 depending on your beans, the roast, brew time and how you like your coffee.

Keep Your Grinder Clean

Rather than leaving your grinder and cleaning once every so often or every month. Keep it well-maintained and blow it out to keep it clear of coffee grinds after each use.

Never store your coffee beans in the hopper – not even if you own a coffee shop. The freshest and best tasting coffee is served with beans that have been kept in a coffee canister and the canister stored in the freezer.

Keeping coffee in your hopper is only accelerating the degradation of your coffee beans, so only grind your beans when you are about to use them.

So run your coffee grinder at the largest grind setting for a few minutes. Switch it off, blow it out and do it two or three times. Then give it a good brush out and wipe it with a hot sponge to remove the coffee oils and then run the grinder for a few minutes.

This will keep your grinder in great condition and clean. You should still give it a good proper clean every other week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baratza Encore French Press Settings

What Is The Ratio For French Press Baratza?

The ideal coffee to water ratio for a perfectly brewed French press coffee is 1:15. Using this ratio will brew a golden ratio compliant French press coffee as set out by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

What Is The Grind Size For French Press?

The perfect grind size for brewing French press coffee is between 0.75 mm and 1 mm. On a Baratza Encore this from 31 to 36.

Is Baratza Encore Good For French Press?

Yes, the Baratza Encore is good for French press coffee to be more accurate and openly honest it is one of the best coffee grinders for producing a high quality and consistent grind size of between 0.75 mm and 1 mm, which is the grind size that you need for this brewing method.

What Is The Best Setting For Baratza Encore?

The best setting for Baratza Encore depends 100% on the brewing method that you are going to use. 

Here are some settings for popular coffee brewing methods

  • Turkish Coffee: 1-3.
  • Siphon Coffee: 11-29.
  • Moka Pot: 4-16.
  • Drip Coffee: 17-23.
  • Espresso: 4-9.
  • Cold Brew Coffee: 31-40.
  • French Press: 31-36.
  • Chemex Coffee: 24-29.

There is always a range of numbers due to the different coffee beans used and brewing gear varying slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer and to account for your own taste.

What Are The Grind Numbers On Baratza?

The grind numbers on a Baratza are found below the hopper and range from 0 to 40. The smaller the number, the smaller and finer the grind size.

Does Grind Size Matter For French Press?

Yes, the grind size matters from all brewing methods and not only the French press brewing technique. For example, use too large a grind size in your French press and the resulting coffee will taste weak, watery and under extracted.

On the flip side, if your grind size is smaller your French press coffee will be too strong and bitter. This stands true be it for an espresso a cold brew or any coffee brewing method.

How Much Ground Coffee For 1 Liter French Press?

A French press uses a coffee to water ratio of 1:15 and thus 1 liter of coffee will require the use of 66.67 grams of ground coffee.

What Is The Grind Rate Of Baratza Encore?

The grind rate of a Baratza Encore is from 0.8 grams to 1.1 grams per second. 

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Baratza Encore French Press Settings

The ideal Baratza Encore French press setting is 31-36 on your Baratza Encore coffee grinder. Start with a 31 and then experiment until you find which one is best for your own personal taste and preference.

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Derek Marshall, a certified barista by the Specialty Coffee Association possesses over two decades of experience in specialty coffee shops. He holds professional certifications for coffee brewing and barista skills. Derek is also an author with authoritative books covering various coffee topics including specialty coffee, sustainability and coffee, coffee brewing, coffee recipes, coffee cocktails and books focusing on Brazilian coffee, Vietnamese coffee, Indonesian coffee and Malaysian coffee. As a barista for over two decades, Derek Marshall has worked in specialty coffee shops across the United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. His expertise extends to the distinct coffee cultures, specialty beverages, and brewing techniques of each nation. Functioning as a coffee consultant, Derek charges US$50 per hour. To learn more about Derek Marshall and Latte Love Brew, visit his About Me Page. For coffee inquiries, contact him at +34-639-410-375 or, mentioning your name and location

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