What Country Does Espresso Come From Italy Or....

What Country Does Espresso Come From? Italy Or….

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Have you been wondering and asking yourself what country does espresso come from? if you have, then there is no point in delaying your curiosity any longer.


Espresso comes from Italy!

By the time you have finished reading this article, you will know who discovered espresso – who invented the most popular cup of coffee in the world, the meaning of the word espresso in Italian, how it was originally made and what the main ingredients are.

Are you ready for a shot of espresso knowledge?


Then keep reading!

Who Discovered Espresso?

The form of coffee that is short, quick and expressly strong that we know as an espresso, was first created in and by the Italian businessman Luigi Bezzera during the Italian Renaissance period.

In the year 1903, he was annoyed and frustrated that making a cup of coffee took so long. Owning a manufacturing business, he discovered that by adding pressurized steam he could significantly reduce the brewing time for a cup of coffee and ended up creating a whole new method of brewing coffee that had not existed before.

In the process he invented the world’s first coffee machine.

Luigi Bezzera, skilled and talented as a businessman and manufacturer, unfortunately lacked the marketing skills to make his steam powered automatic machine a success and in 1905 he sold part of the machines rights to Desidero Pavoni.

From then on, as they say, the rest is history and the name and brand Pavoni forever being associated with the modern espresso machine.

The new brewing method and process of this automatic machine pulled out the best and richest of flavors and from your coffee beans.

Due to the speed in which it worked and brewed a short and sharp flavorful rich coffee he named it rather originally the “fast coffee machine” (literal translation). Ever since the original Italian word for fast, espresso, has been used and the birth or rebirth of Italian coffee culture quite literally took over the coffee world.

Today, well over a century later, there is literally not a coffee shop in the world that does not have a modern version of the machine he invented. Now, it is even common to see a café quality espresso machine in the home of every coffee aficionados kitchen.

Who Discovered Espresso
The Espresso Was Discovered By Luigi Bezzera

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Where Was The Espresso Invented?

The espresso machine and shot was created and invented in Venice, Italy by the aforementioned frustrated Italian businessman who was seeking a way of reducing the amount of time taken to brew a cup of coffee and ended up brewing a rather rich coffee full of flavor.

Espresso Meaning In Italian

The word espresso translates to fast in the Italian language. In 1920, the Italian dictionary included the word Caffe espresso for the first time. This marked the recognition of the popular Italian coffee culture and the popular Italian espresso coffee.

The entry went on to describe the fashionable Italian coffee preparation method. Since then, the word espresso in both Italian and English has become synonymous with a coffee made for the very familiar and distinctive machine and with an ample caffeine kick.

It is very difficult, but possible to make an espresso coffee with the rich thick crema on top and a concentrated caffeine punch without a machine.

Today, an espresso forms the base for many other coffee drinks, such as mocha, latte, cortado, flat white, cappuccino and more.

Espresso Meaning In Italian
Espresso Means Fast In Italian

How Was Espresso Originally Made?

Espresso machines were originally steam-powered and forced pressurized steam through the coffee grounds. A later adaptation by Luigi Giarlotto provided the solution to the lack of water pressure with the addition of two hand pumps which forced the water through a heat exchanger and the second one pushing the water through a brewing filter.

It was an imperfect method which was later improved upon by Senior Cremonesi who added a hand crank pump which eliminated the burnt coffee taste that was common with a shot of espresso at the time due to the overtly hot water.

How Was Espresso Originally Made
Espresso Was Originally Made With Traditional Machines

What Is Espresso Main Ingredient?

The main principal ingredient in espresso is very finely ground coffee to a powder-like grind. The coffee beans must be roasted to a dark roast profile and be as fresh as possible to get the rich thick crema on top. Old beans or beans with another roast profile will not produce the crema.

Without the minimum of 9 bars (130 PSI) you won’t get the crema either. Obviously, hot water is the other key ingredient.

First Espresso Machine In USA

The first espresso machine in the United States of America was in Reggios in New York City in 1927. The machine was the La Pavoni espresso machine. Due to the great depression and subsequently, the outbreak of the second world war, espresso style coffee did not take off in the US until the late 1940s.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Country Does Espresso Come From

What Country Invented Espresso?

The espresso was invented in and originates in Venice, Italy.

Espresso is an Italian coffee beverage as it was created and invented in Italy. Although the word espresso is used in the Spanish language, it is more commonly known by another name.

What Is Espresso Called In Spain?

An espresso in Spain is known by another name, café solo. It is a standard form of coffee that is exactly the same as a shot of espresso and is a very popular drink all over Spain. Having worked for many years as a barista in Spain you will also hear the word espresso being used. 

Luigi Bezzera first invented the espresso during the Italian renaissance period. Angelo Moriondo of Turin first patented an espresso machine. There were many prototype and patents registered decades before the fully functional steam powered version by Luigi Bezzera.

One such prototype was by Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy; however his machine was not fully functional.

Espresso and the coffee extraction process that we know today was invented in 1905 and made its debut in Milan in 1906 at the World’s Fair. The steam powered machine had a vertical boiler and brewed a cup of coffee in a matter of seconds.

Why Do Italians Drink Water Before Espresso?

The practice of drinking water before drinking espresso or other coffee drinks is to clean the palate and stimulate the taste buds and make the coffee a more enjoyable experience.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – What Country Does Espresso Come From?

Espresso coffee comes from Italy and has quite an interesting history to it, from who first patented the machine and who invented it and how it spread across the world and made coffee brewing much quicker and better for us all.

I find it fascinating that the country with probably the biggest contribution to the coffee drinking culture is one that does not and cannot grow the crop due to climate reasons.

Now that the question, what country does espresso come from, has been answered in fine detail all that is left is for you to join our online community and share your own knowledge about coffee, your great recipes and coffee creations, hilarious coffee memes and jokes. Find us on Facebook/Meta.

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