Revealing The Best Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe!

Revealing The Best Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe!

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If you want or are looking for the best vanilla sweet cream cold foam recipe this article is for you as I fully detail how to make an excellent Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold foam recipe that you can adapt and make it even better!

I leave all your options open for using other beans out with Starbucks Breakfast Blend, and multiple ways of making your vanilla sweet cream cold foam, including going gourmet and using a sliced vanilla pod.

Keep reading for the details.

Best Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe

This recipe for making an outstanding vanilla sweet cream cold foam recipe is the best for many reasons, one being I show you how to replicate exactly how Starbucks makes the popular cold brew coffee beverage.

It’s also the best vanilla sweet cream cold foam recipe as I talk about multiple ways of making this vanilla sweet cream going beyond the convenient and, to be quite frank, lazy way of making it and using simple syrup.

Pay attention and look out for those and give consideration to those techniques and make a truly gourmet sweet cream.

Best Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

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Copycat Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe

In this copycat Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold foam recipe I’ll show you will end up, in my opinion, a better and more enjoyable coffee.

It’ll save you a lot of money from going to Starbuck, and time travelling there and waiting to get served.

When you do make the rare and occasional visit you’ll end up swearing blind that the copycat Starbucks vanilla sweet cream cold foam cold brew that you made at home was much better!

Let’s get to it.

Ingredients Needed For This Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Starbucks Copycat Recipe

Let’s get to the details of making this tasty recipe. At Latte Love Brew we encourage you to use the best possible ingredients that you can afford and find.

Ingredients Needed

  • Starbucks Breakfast Blend Whole Bean Coffee or another premium quality dark roast whole bean coffee.
  • ½ Cup Of Whole Fat Milk.
  • ½ Cup of Heavy Cream.
  • Two Pumps Of Starbucks Vanilla Syrup.

Starbucks whole beans and their vanilla syrup can be purchased at their outlets or more conveniently from Amazon.

The vanilla syrup you can opt to use their sugar-free vanilla syrup.

If your goal is to make the sweet cream and the cold brew coffee exactly as Starbucks, use their brand of coffee beans and syrup.

Other options for premium quality coffee beans I suggest Cold Brew by Stone Street or Honduras Comsa By Out Of The Grey Coffee if you want to make a brew that is better than Starbucks.

The vanilla syrup, you have many options with Starbucks being the best choice to truly emulate the flavor and experience of the world’s most popular coffee shop.

You can get more exotic and use French vanilla or Madagascar vanilla from Davinci Gourmet.

You can go full gourmet and use a sliced organic vanilla pod.

Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe
Starbucks Style Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

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Instructions For How To Make Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Let’s get started by making the cold brew coffee. Since it takes 24 hours and a little more for a cold brew coffee to extract perfectly, it’s wise to make a lot.

Don’t worry about your cold brew spoiling as cold brew coffee can stay fresh for 5 to 7 days when stored in perfect conditions, which is keeping it in your fridge and in an airtight container.

Instructions For Brewing Your Cold Brew Coffee

Start by weighing 8 ounces (240 grams) of whole coffee beans. Use Starbucks Breakfast blend if you want to match the flavor of the cold brew sold by Starbucks.

Grind your whole coffee beans to a coarse grind size using a ceramic flat burr grinder. Grind in bursts of 5 seconds and rest for 3 seconds. This technique avoids clumping of your coffee grinds and reduces the heat transfer problem.

Add your coffee grinds to a glass container that is airtight.

It is important that your container is glass and airtight. Coffee is acidic, and it will leech plastics and chemicals into your coffee as it will aluminum and stainless steel.

Weigh 64 Ounces (1.92 Liters) of fresh water, preferably bottled or filtered water and ice-cold. Shake the bottle for 10 seconds and put your coffee and water in the fridge to extract the low temperature compounds perfectly.

This, the brewing at a low temperature with ice-cold water and letting it extract while in your fridge, makes your extraction time much longer but produces a much better coffee.

Check your brew after 18 hours have elapsed and run a sip test. If it tastes fine and hits the spot for you, great!

If it doesn’t, leave your coffee to brew for a few hours more and repeat the taste test until you get that perfect flavor for you.

When you have the perfect tasting cold brew, filter out the coffee grounds using a metal filter or a sieve. A metal filter ensures that you get all the rich coffee oils in your brew.

If you forget to filter the coffee grounds, your coffee will continue to extract, and you will end up with a coffee that is too bitter and over extracted.

Instructions For Making Your Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

Making your vanilla sweet cream is easy, very, very easy.

Since dairy can go off quickly, it is best that you make your sweet cream in small amounts and use it within 24 hours.

If your goal is to replicate Starbucks vanilla sweet cream, use their vanilla syrup.

Add half a cup of whole fat milk, half a cup of heavy cream to a tall glass. Add two pumps of your vanilla syrup.

Mix them well together with a spoon and then use your electric handheld milk frother.

Insert your milk frother to the bottom of your glass and move it slowly and evenly through your dairy and vanilla solution from bottom to top and back again until your diary is in the same consistency as melted ice cream.

Obviously you can make your solution more exotic by using French vanilla or Madagascar vanilla syrup.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Calories
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Calories

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Making Your Own Vanilla Syrup (Optional)

Making flavored coffee syrups is easy, incredibly easy. All you need is water, sugar and the item you want to flavor the syrup with, in this case, vanilla.

Using a sugar to water ratio of 1:1, 50% water and 50% sugar.

Notably, you can use any type of sugar that you want to be it regular sugar, coconut sugar or brown sugar.

Add 8 Oz (240 ml) of water to a saucepan and add 8 Oz (240 grams) of sugar to your saucepan.

Slice your vanilla pod and add it to your sugar and water mix.

Gently heat your water at a low temperature and stir well and ensure that your sugar is fully dissolved, and your sugar water does not go above 55C (130F) as above this temperature sugar will burn and add burnt notes to your syrup.

Let your solution simmer for 35 to 45 minutes. Let it cool naturally. Let your sugar, water and vanilla solution extract for 12 to 24 hours depending on the strength of the syrup that you want.

Filter out the vanilla pod slices first by using a sieve and then using a cheesecloth. You may want to run a second filter cycle with your cheesecloth to ensure that your syrup is free from residue.

Making A Gourmet Vanilla Syrup

Add your whole milk and heavy cream to a saucepan and stir well to mix them perfectly. Add a sliced organic vanilla pod to your sauce pan and heat your milk gently and stir often.

Don’t let your milk boil or simmer and keep the temperature below 55C (130F).

Let your milk simmer while it extracts flavor from the vanilla pod. After 30 min, remove from the heat and let your milk cool naturally. Leave your vanilla pod in your fridge for 12 to 24 hours to extract the flavor from the vanilla pod.

Filter out the vanilla pod.

Serving Your Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Coffee

Pour 8 ounces (240 ml) of cold brew coffee into a tall glass and add 2 Oz (60 ml) of your vanilla sweet cream cold foam and enjoy.

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Calories

A vanilla sweet cream cold foam has the following calories for each of the drinks sizes available:

  • Tall 12 Oz (360 ml): 90 calories.
  • Grande 16 Oz (480 ml): 110 calories.
  • Venti 24 Oz (720 ml): 200 calories.
  • Trenta 30 Oz (900 ml): 220 calories.

Although this refers strictly to what is sold by Starbucks, it serves as a good benchmark and a strong indication and reference point.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe

Is Cold Foam Healthier Than Whipped Cream?

Yes, cold foam is a healthier option due to having a lower fat and sugar content than whipped cream; it also has fewer calories. Sweet cream cold foam is also healthier for the same reasons.

What Is Starbucks Sweet Vanilla Cold Cream Made Of?

Starbucks sweet vanilla cold foam is made from milk, usually 2% milk and heavy cream with vanilla syrup used to flavor and sweeten it. Syrup options include the use of sugar-free vanilla syrup and caramel syrup and salted caramel syrup.

At home, you can flavor with vanilla extract or a sliced vanilla pod and sweetened with powdered sugar and froth using an electric handheld milk frother.

Is Vanilla Sweet Cold Foam Good?

Yes, vanilla sweet cream cold foam is good, it’s delicious, rich and perfect on top of your coffee drink be it an iced latte, a cold brew coffee or any coffee drink hot or cold.

What Makes Starbucks Cold Foam So Thick?

Starbucks cold foam is so thick due to the use of the nonfat milk which is then blended in a special bladeless blender, the Starbucks Verismo blender, which you can find at Walmart online.

Do You Use Milk Or Cream For Cold Foam?

Cold foam is made with low fat milk with nonfat milk producing the best results. Making it is easy. You have a number of options, including using your French press, and handheld milk frother and your blender.

Why Is Cold Foam Sweet?

Cold foam is sweet due to the use of vanilla simple syrup and the lactose, the milk sugars in the dairy content.

What Is Substitute Vanilla Cold Foam At Starbucks?

Substitute Vanilla cold foam at Starbucks is the use of vanilla extract instead of vanilla syrup. You can, if you so wish, opt for a non-dairy alternative and adjust the Starbucks cold foam recipe by requesting that it is made with coconut milk, oat milk, or soy milk. At home, you can try rice milk and cashew milk.

Do You Mix Cold Foam Into Coffee?

No, cold foam is designed to sit on top of your coffee drink and be enjoyed. By sipping with each sip you get both coffee and the cold foam for a tasty richer taste and texture.

Final Thoughts – Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam Recipe

I hope that you enjoyed making this vanilla sweet cream cold foam recipe and went full on gourmet and made the vanilla sweet cream part with an organic and exotic French or Madagascar vanilla pod.

Is this the best vanilla sweet cream cold foam recipe that you tried?

Let me know if I have missed anything; I’ll happily add to and improve this article.

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