I Want Coffee Meme - Do You Want Coffee TikTok Video

I Want Coffee Meme – Do You Want Coffee TikTok [Video]

As a coffee addict, I love coffee and if Vic Dibitetto is yelling “Do you want coffee, does anyone want coffee” like his viral TikTok Video – which has gone viral on a number of other video platforms inc YouTube and Facebook, I’m taking him up on it! And I’m dedicating this article, I want Coffee Meme, to the famous comedian

..And no…I’m not copycatting the many crazy videos making their rounds on the Internet and ready to film myself running around screaming “I just make coffee, does anyone want coffee, I just made a fresh pot”.

The origins of the sketch goes back to Vic Dibitetto’s days growing up when his mom would make a fresh cup..and then stand in the middle and yell “I just made fresh coffee, does anybody want coffee“.

Vic just took it to another level!  – We’ll get to that hilarious video in a second. First, some….

I Want Coffee Meme

1. So You Want Coffee

Yes, and serve it! Looking mean is not going to put me off – especially if I am without my much-needed caffeine.

I Want Coffee meme

2. I Want Coffee Meme

Now you get how serious I can get!

I Want Coffee

3. Choices, Choices…

Hands up if you can do both…

*Raises Hand*

Coffee Or A Nap

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4. What Do We Want?

And when do we want it?

What Do We Want

5. I Want Coffee Now Meme

That is the face I make when I literally need a coffee.

I Want Coffee Now Meme

6. When your Cat Wants Coffee

This is how it will tell you!

When Your Cat Wants Coffee

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7. When Asked If You Want Coffee

This the usually the look on your face.

When asked If You Want Coffee

8. When Your Dog Wants Coffee

This is the hint it will drop!

And When Your Dog Wants Coffee

9. Coffee Before And After

haha, so true for most coffee lovers and coffee addicts.

Coffee Before And After

10. If You Want Coffee

No excuses!

If you want coffee

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11. I Need Coffee Meme

Yep, yell like a baby to get attention!

I Need Coffee Meme

12. That First Sip Of Coffee In The Morning

You know it tastes like heaven, or beyond heaven…

That First Sip Of Coffee

13. Who Wants Coffee?

Hey, Vic, I do, I want coffee!

Who Wants Coffee

14. I Don’t Know Where You Are

But when I find you, and I will find you…

I Don't Know Where You Are

15. Coffee And Memes

Yes, this is what gets me through the day.

Coffee And Memes

16. Where Is My Coffee?

When in need of the caffeine kick or energy boost, this is how I look when waiting for my coffee.

Where Is My Coffee

17. You Blood Group

I don’t like too much blood in my coffee stream.

Your Blood Group When You Drink Too Much Coffee

18. John Rambo Is Not Exactly Subtle When In Need Of Coffee

And he will probably get it…quick!

John Ramba Makes It Known What He Wants

19. Warning: Adult Humor! I like My Coffee Like…

Now that is funny!

I Love My Women, Like My Coffee

20. You Might Call It Coffee…

But other people have different names for it.

You May Call It Coffee

21. The Only Days I Need Coffee…

haha, Yes!

The Only Days I Need Coffee

22. One Needs To Fill Their Lives With More Than Coffee

But you still need coffee.

One Needs More Than Coffee...

23. Pressing Times

Pressing Times.

Pressing Times

24. When Your Cat Needs Coffee…

It will drop hints, subtle hints.

When You Cat Needs Coffee

25. When You Need Coffee But Need Some Quiet

This, besides being a meme, is genius!

When You Need Some Quiet

Do You Want Coffee TikTok

And here is that classic viral video by Vic Dibitetto

26. Do You Want Coffee TikTok


Remember to plead the 5th if they call the cops ? #grindset #coffee #sigmamale #xyzbca #millionairemindset #confidence

♬ Drive Forever – Tendency Challenge

2. Vic Dibitetto At Home – Does Anybody Want Coffee


#coffee #cawfee #comedy #fypシ #vic

♬ original sound – Niall Stack55

3. Best Vic Dibitetto Does Anybody Want Coffee Replica video From TikTok


Does anybody want coffee?! ☕️?

♬ Anybody want cawfee – Kim Austin

4. Do I Need Coffee Meme Song

5. Does Anybody Want Coffee Vic Dibitetto YouTube

For those that prefer YouTube To TikTok here is that famous viral video of comedian Vic Dibitetto.

6. When You Take Coffee Too Seriously

I can definitely see myself in there somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions About I Want Coffee Meme

Do You Want A Coffee Or Do You Want Coffee?

The phrase “Would you like a coffee” is an abbreviation for “Would you like a cup of coffee” where the use of the word cup is a countable noun. When you are referring to coffee beans or coffee grounds, the unbrewed product the phrase changes to “Would you like some coffee”

How Do You Ask A Girl If She Wants A Coffee?

Ask in a fun, noncommittal way as if she is not going on a date but a fun meet-up. Make sure you know a good place for coffee that has great beans. Making it casual eliminates any flakes or awkwardness.

Ask her if she likes coffee, if she says yes, tell her you know a great place that has great beans from [insert country] and makes great gourmet coffee.

How Do You Politely Ask For Coffee?

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say that that matters a lot. A polite way to ask for coffee is to be aware of your manners and speak clearly, slowly, and respectfully.

“Excuse me Sir/ Madam (or mam), can I have a [insert coffee drink name] please”

When you are served, “Thank you kindly Sir/Madam (or mam)”.

Mam is an abbreviation of Madam.

Is Asking A Guy Out For Coffee A Date?

Depending on how you ask him and if there has been some flirting and attraction going on beforehand a coffee meet-up can be considered as a safe non-committal coffee date.

If there has no prior flirting or attraction then you should consider it as a meeting between friends.

Like everything, it depends on the context.

Do You Hug On Coffee Date?

If the coffee date went well, a hug is perfectly fine if the girl in question is comfortable with you being in her personal space and a little light touching, like her leg, arm, etc then proceeding to a hug or even a little kiss on the cheek or a light kiss, a peck on the lips.

Keep in mind that there is context culturally speaking, for example in Asia that public display of affection like a kiss may be seen as inappropriate.

Is Coffee Always A Date?

No, if you are asking a boy or a girl out for coffee or they have asked you it is not always a date. It may simply be two friends meeting up for a little chat.

Context is key,

If there has been a bit of flirting back and forth and attraction building then yes, for sure you can consider it as a light, safe and non-committal date.

Final Thoughts – I Want Coffee Meme

Everybody wants coffee at some time of the day, I hope that you enjoyed these I want coffee memes and the do you want coffee, does anybody want coffee video memes. Which was your favorite I want coffee meme? Let us know.

If you have a meme focused around I want coffee or do you want coffee, send it to us and we will include it in this expanding list.

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