Hilarious Coffee Memes To Kick Start Your Day!

50+ Hilarious Coffee Memes To Kick Start Your Day!

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 19:34

Coffee is love and life itself and coffee memes, especially funny coffee memes, bring light to a coffee lover’s and their day.

If you are a coffee lover – even an iced coffee lover or one who enjoys a decaf coffee and have a wicked sense of humor these coffee jokes, coffee puns and memes will brighten your day.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a good meme with their morning coffee?

Keep reading as we bring you a funny coffee meme or two…or more!

The Best Coffee Memes

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Let’s get on and start enjoying some funny memes focused around drinking coffee and caffeine.

1. Does Anybody Want Coffee?

What better to start with than a viral video meme that is super famous on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. I’m talking about comedian Vic Dibitetto’s “Does anybody want coffee?”

The story behind the video is that this is how his mom used to stand and shout in the middle of the family kitchen when she had just made a fresh cup of coffee. It is undoubtedly one of my favorite coffee memes in video format.


Remember to plead the 5th if they call the cops ? #grindset #coffee #sigmamale #xyzbca #millionairemindset #confidence

♬ Drive Forever – Tendency Challenge

2. How To Summon Me On A Monday Morning

A Monday morning is a proper drag, and even more so if you are not an early riser or a fan of Mondays. Only coffee and caffeine can get you started and ready to face the week.

Summon Me Coffee Meme

3. Mondays Never Give Up – They Happen Every Week

A coffee meme can come in all shapes, sizes and forms, video, image and a coffee mug! Either way, it is coffee to get you through the morning! At Latte Love Brew – we love to help you to make the best brew!

Mondays Never Give Up

4. Coffee Is Calling

I am a very faithful type of guy, and I never cheat – but as a coffee drinker and if that current cup of coffee is not hitting the spot I will cheat on it with another coffee.

Coffee Is Calling

5. The Coffee Conundrum

You don’t need to be a caffeine addict to understand this one, but how do you make it to the coffee machine when you need coffee? Seriously….

Coffee Conundrum

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6. When Coffee Doesn’t Work

It’s a meme – don’t take it literally! There are times when that caffeine jolt doesn’t hit the spot; enhance your coffee experience by doubling down on it and getting a stronger cup of coffee.

When Coffee Doesn't Work

7. The Moral Dilemma Of Coffee

I’ve seen some people stuck in this dilemma and had alcohol in their coffee cup – alcohol and coffee is quite a common thing in Spain and Italy.

The Moral Dillema Of Coffee.

8. Soup Of The Day

Well, when I said coffee memes can come in all formats, I never expected this…

Soup Of The Day

9. Where My People Skills Are Hiding…

Now all I need to do is drink this cup…and it better not be a regular coffee, and I’m good to go!

Where My People Skills Are Hiding.

10. The Meditating Monkey

A true coffee fan will know how this feels, especially on a cold morning when that awesome great tasting hot coffee from your favorite coffee shot hits you and hits the spot perfectly.

Meditating Monkey

11. My Brain Before Coffee In The Morning

This is how my hazy brain is as I wake up and zombie walk my way to finding a cup, then coffee, and then the coffee machine as I kick-start my day with a dash of caffeine.

As a true coffee lover, it is the essential element of my day.

My Brain Before Morning Coffee

12. How Coffee Works

There are a whole host of peer-reviewed studies that show us how caffeine works, regardless of the science – this is how most coffee lovers imagine that it works…

How Coffee Works

13. How To Add The Perfect Amount Of Sugar To Your Coffee

Probably the most accurate coffee meme you will ever see. Try it, and you will get that perfect amount in your cup in the morning.

What ever you add to your drink will alter its flavor for an awesome taste and great health kick. Try adding a drop of honey.

How To Add The Perfect Amount Of Sugar To Your Coffee

14. I Promised My Doctor

..That I would cut down to just one cup of coffee in the morning. This meme is so me, I love a mega pint…of coffee to kick-start my morning!

I Promised My Doctor

15. I’m Still Waiting…

I certainly hope that nobody gave this cool cat a decaf coffee – either way, it takes 60 to 120 min for caffeine to kick in.

I'm Still Waiting....

16. Why Dinosaurs Went Extinct

Well, this follows logic perfectly well…maybe it is true, just maybe…

Why Dinosaurs Went Extinct

17. When You Thought Drinking Coffee Would Help

But it let you down…or you are still waiting for the caffeine kick to hit you.

When You Thought Coffee Would Help

18. Apparently Coffee As A Complete Breakfast Is Not A Thing

But when it is…get out the coffee beans. You can eat roasted beans and cover them in chocolate. Each bean has around 2 mg of caffeine per coffee bean.

Just an idea!

Coffee Is Not Breakfast

19. Starbucks Always Get Names Wrong!

We’ve all been to the S’bucks and got handed a cup with the wrong name or a poorly spelling.

(Maybe the baristas need some strong coffee themselves).

Starbucks And Names

20. Funny Coffee Meme

This is more of a classic coffee pun and an old coffee joke.

Funny Coffee Meme

21. A Practical Joke With Coffee Never To Try

Try this on a Monday morning and the evil stares might just kill you… Never mess with the office coffee machine – productivity depends on it!

Practical Jokes With Coffee

22. This Is Why You Should Never Drink Decaf Coffee At Work

Coffee, decaf coffee at work when you need that energy boost is just not going to do it.

Decaf At Work

23. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning

It is certainly a good idea to pay attention to the message until a coffee enthusiast has finished their cup.

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

24. The Most Dangerous Drinking Game In The World

This is not even debatable; there is absolutely no doubt about it! It is dangerous. Don’t try it!

The Most Dangerous Drinking Game In The World

25. Warning: It Can Lead To Memory Loss

Sorry, what did you just say?

Warning It Can Cause Memory Loss...

Coffee Lovers Funny Coffee Memes – Top Hilarious Coffee Memes

You don’t need to be a coffee addict or even a serious coffee drinker to enjoy funny coffee memes.

Everyone loves to laugh, love and enjoy life – and laughing reduces stress, increases a whole host of brain chemicals and aids the immune system in the process.

What more reason to enjoy some great hilarious coffee memes?

26. When You Take Coffee Too Seriously! Meme Video

This video is funny, dead pan humour and I can certainly see myself there in some scenes.

27. When Someone Says They Don’t Drink Coffee

You know this is so true, to be fair it is so rare, so very rare.

When Someone says they don't drink coffee

28. Drinking Black Coffee At Home

Well, a black coffee by any other name is of course a Caffe Americano.

Drinking Black Coffee At Home

29. Coffee Is Perhaps Something That World Leaders Should Get Together And Enjoy More Often

I’m looking at you Mr Putin and Mr Zelensky! Take the hint – and go for coffee!

When Coffee Is The Only Thing That Brings Agreement

30. It Is Never Too Latte In The Day For Coffee

That is absolutely true; it is never too late in the day for a cup of coffee.

It Is Never Too Latte For A Coffee

31. Einstein’s Formula And Theory Of Relativity

Really about coffee, you know…honestly! It’s all relative…

Einsteins Formula

32. This Is When I Need Coffee

You know coffee is not just a wake me up in the morning sort of drink. It’s a perk me up in the afternoon and let me enjoy my evening kind of drink.

When I Need Coffee

33. Strong Coffee = Strong Opinions

Does that mean caffeine fuels opinions? Well, if we apply logic…

Strong Coffee, Stronger Opinions

34. There Is Only One Thing More Awesome Than This

And it’s coffee, obviously. T-rex riding jaws with a bazooka just does not replace that Friday coffee feeling.

There Is Only One Thing More Awesome Than This

35. The Power Of Coffee

I could almost swear that the simple aroma of a gourmet coffee reduces stress levels – well, for me at least.

The Power Of Coffee

36. The Magic Of Coffee

Not quite how coffee makes me feel, sorry Cinderella…that pumpkin was used for pumpkin spice latte.

The Magic Of Coffee

37. Coffee Makes You Do Things Faster

Coffee is not the best of drinks to make you smarter. It gets you moving and doing things faster, and that includes stupid things too.

Coffee Makes You Do Things Faster

38. Water Shortage Has Me Concerned

Seriously, this has me taking more care of our limited supply of water – no water = no coffee.

I believe that will mean the end of the world.

The Water Shortage Has Me Concerned

39. The Benefits Of Coffee

Coffee is very healthy and multiple research studies do indicate that it is very good for you other than that little get out of bed and get stuff done kind of thing.

Benefits Of Coffee

40. Immortality Assured

Literally, immortality is assured for coffee lovers and coffee addicts as well as serious coffee connoisseurs. Studies do indicate that coffee drinkers live longer.


all we need is that IV drip!

Immortality Assured

41. When You Take That First Sip Of Coffee In The Morning

That is the feeling. We are being of sound, light, love….and coffee. Ohh the sweet aroma of coffee in the morning!

When You Take That First Sip

42. Coffee Kicking In

When that liquid love known as coffee hits us, it can take its time to kick in – up to 2 hours.

Coffee Kicking In

43. Where Is The Coffee?

This is what I look like when drained of energy, the life force sucked out of me and in dire need of a caffeine boost. The pleasantries are hard to paste on…The cheeky chick literally personifies me!

I know I am not alone here.

Where Is The Coffee

44. Leave The Conversation For Later!

Seek the non-verbal cues from coffee fans, double check and confirm. Hold your silence confidently and respectfully until that first coffee is history!

Leave The Convo For Later

45. Coffee Can Do Many Things

Yep, it can even make you, well, “make a movement”.

Coffee Can Make You Do Many Things

46. Starbucks Name Goof Part 2

Well, poor Santa. I’m semi-convinced that the incorrect spelling of names is a marketing ploy – after all they go viral on social media giving the company free exposure and advertising.

Starbucks Name Goof...

47. Coffee Makes You Awesome

I blame how terrible I feel, how much of a lack of energy I have not on coffee itself but on the lack of it. Let’s face it, we all feel pretty perked up after it.

Coffee Make You Feel Awesome.

48. The Coffee Poem For Monday Mornings

Coffee has the amazing ability to make you poetic and creative. Even when your whole energy is drained, you probably end up with a poem like this.

Morning Coffee Poem

49. Coffee And Memory

Coffee helps us to be more functional, very functional.

Coffee And The Memory Effect

50. They Shall Never Take Away My….

Have you ever thought that William Wallace was powered by coffee?

It is possible – it was discovered a few hundred years prior to his time.

They Shall Never Take Away My....

Dirty Coffee Memes

51. I Like My Coffee The Same Way I Like My Women

Now that might be a little sexist, perhaps even chauvinist, don’t worry ladies, we know a good coffee is like good men – hot, rich and keep you up all night.


out later…

Like My Coffee Like I Love My Women

52 If Coffee Could Speak

I’m semi sure this is what it would be saying!

If Coffee Could Speak

53. Do You Have Grinder Vs Do You Have Grinder

Well, it is a cute way of asking a hot barista if she/he has Grinder…

Do You Grinder

54. Cheeky Parents – But Hey This Is Funny

Got to admit, her mother has a sense of humor.

Cheek Mother

55. 90 Days Without Sex (Male Version)

And you might end up making coffee art like this.

90 Days Without Sex Meme

56. 90 Days Without Sex (Female Version)

Be careful, focus, you might end up serving latte art like this

90 Days Without Sex

57. Coffee Is Like Men, Hot Men

Woah…risqué humor here – gotta I loved it and absolutely giggled at it!

Girls Should Be Careful Of Hot Coffee

Final Thoughts – Coffee Memes

Coffee memes are hilarious and everybody loves a funny coffee meme.

Let us know what your favorite coffee meme is – if it is not on this list I will delightfully add it – send it to us on our social media sites. Find Us on facebook/Meta!

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