How To Use A Mini Keurig To Make Amazing Coffee

How To Use A Mini Keurig To Make Amazing Coffee

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024 at 11:34

When you spend your hard-earned money on the coffee machine, it’s a good idea to learn how to use a mini Keurig to make great coffee drinks, teas and hot chocolates.

This article takes you through the process of how to use a Keurig Mini step by step.

Don’t miss or skip the VIP step 3! Keep reading to find out what that step is!

How To Use A Mini KeurigStep 1: How To Set Your Machine Up

Start off by setting up your Keurig K Mini or other mini Keurig coffee maker like the K-Mini Plus properly.

Unbox it and place it near to a power outlet. The cord storage is at the back, use it and plug your machine in.

The power button for your machine is on the top right.

Step 2: Set Up Your Water Reservoir

Obviously water needs to go somewhere, and that place is the water reservoir. On the mini versions the water tank is notably small, this is by design and how they save space and minimize the device.

The water tank is located at the back of the machine and only has a capacity of 10 oz (300 ml) max. Be careful not to overfill it.

I strongly advise that you use mineral water or filtered water. Unfiltered tap water is not good as it will lead to limescale building up inside your machine faster. Distilled water is not good either as this contains zero minerals and will attract meals from the metal pipes that are in your machines.

How To Use A Mini Keurig
Using A Mini Keurig

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Step 3: Run A Cleansing Brew

This is a step that you should take for all coffee makers be they automatic coffee makers or manual brewing devices like a French press or moka pot, a cleansing brew before that first cup of coffee is important.

Running a cleansing brew is easy! Just fill your water reservoir with 10 Oz of water (300 ml of water). Locate the power button on your Keurig mini machine and power it up.

When your coffee machine is ready, lift up the latch and then close it without inserting a coffee pod. Locate and press the brew button.

That is all there is to it.

Easy, so easy…and so important. The cleansing brew removes any dirt and dust that may be inside your machine from the manufacturing process.

Do not skip this step!

Step 4: Select A K-Cup

This is where the fun starts. There are 600+, at my last count different Keurig K Cups from 60+ different brands. All the major brands have Keurig K-cups this includes Peet’s, Starbucks and Green Mountain, who are owned by the same company that make Keurigs.

It is very easy to find your favorite coffee with the abundance of options that you have.

There is coffee for everyone and every taste. Even if you are not a coffee person, there is a wide range of teas, chocolates and fruit drinks.

You can even buy reusable coffee pods and put in your own coffee, tea or whatever you want to experiment with and make.

When you have selected your pod, don’t remove the foil cap. This is pierced by the internal needle. To make your cup of coffee perfectly, leave the foil lid intact.

Keurig K Cups
Keurig K Cups

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How To Use A Mini Keurig

So far you have unboxed and set up your coffee maker, proceeded to run a cleansing brew and picked out a K-Cup pod of your choice, and you are ready for your maiden cup of coffee.

Here is a brief guide to getting a great cup of coffee every time.

  • 1. Fill your coffee cup with water and pour the water into your water reservoir.
  • 2. Put your coffee cup on the drip tray and ready to catch the coffee that will flow out of the coffee spout above it.
  • 3. Open the area where you put your coffee pods and insert your coffee pod. Close the latch and ensure that it snaps into place.
  • 4. Locate the power button and press it. Your machine will now start to warm up.
  • 5. After about 2 minutes, your coffee will start to brew. When it is ready, remove the coffee pod and recycle.

Note: The K-Mini Plus models have a button marked strong. If you want a stronger cup of coffee you can press this button.

How To Use A Keurig Single Serve Machine – Basic Maintenance

The most basic maintenance of your Keurig machine and any other automatic or semi-automatic or manual coffee maker is to clean and descale regularly.

Start by using a damp cloth or sponge and cleaning the exterior of your machine. Remove all the removable parts, drip tray and water reservoir and clean well.

To descale, I encourage that you descale your machine every other week to maintain your machine clean and clear of any mineral build up and prevent tiny particles of coffee from clogging your machine.

To Descale, simply fill the water reservoir to the max fill mark with a 50% distilled white vinegar and fresh clean water solution. Run a brew cycle in the same matter in which you would brew a cup of coffee. The rinse well will 3-5 rinse cycles with clean water.

Your flushing cycle is only finished when the scent and taste of vinegar has gone.

Keurig K-Cup Soup
Keurig K-Cup Even Have Soup Options

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What Can You Make In A Mini Keurig?

A Keurig K-mini just like any other Keurig can be used to make hot chocolate, tea, coffee and sparkling fruit beverages.

  • Coffee: All roasts and all types of the main gourmet coffees are covered inc lattes, macchiatos, iced coffee,  etc., and by leading brands like Peet’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’s and more.
  • Tea: Chai Tea, iced tea, tea lattes and various specialty tea’s.
  • Hot ChocolateIf you are a chocolate lover you will find a good range of quality chocolate from Belgian chocolate to Swiss chocolate and more.
  • Soup: You can even made a quick and tasty cup of Campbells soup!

There is no shortage of options as there 600+ K-Cups from 60+ different brands.

Why Is My Keurig Mini Not Brewing?

If your Keurig mini is not brewing, your first step should be to reset the machine. The settings for your Keurig mini might be incorrect, the water reservoir might be incorrectly attached.

If your settings are fine and your water reservoir is correctly attached to your coffee machine, the pipe and tubes inside your machine may be blocked due to mineral build up and limescale.

Run a good deep cleaning process to remove the mineral build up. If you suspect that this may be the problem, and you have not cleaned your coffee maker in a long time, use a 75% distilled white vinegar and 25% water solution to descale and give your machine a deep clean.

Run a second cleaning cycle with a 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water and run a second cleaning cycle. Flush with an abundance of water by running 3-5 or more rinsing cycles by filling the water reservoir to the max fill line 3 to 5 times.

If this does not work and gets your machine there may be a problem with the pump or heating element or both. Contact the customer service and consult with a service technician.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Use A Mini Keurig

What Is The Difference Between A Mini Keurig And A Regular Keurig?

The only difference between a Mini Keurig and a regular Keurig is the capacity of the water reservoir. A Keurig mini is much smaller due to the reduced size of the water reservoir. For a the mini you need to fill it every time that you use it as it brews only one cup of coffee at a time.

Can Keurig Mini Make Regular Coffee?

Yes, a Keurig mini can make regular coffee as well as fancy gourmet coffee. You can brew your own coffee using your own coffee ground when you use reusable K-cup coffee pods.

Do You Need Special K Cups For Keurig Mini?

No, a Keurig Mini uses the same Keurig K-cup pods as other Keurig single serve coffee makers. The term Keurig mini is in reference to the size of the coffee maker not the coffee pods.

You can use any brand of K cup that you want be they from Starbucks, Keurig Green Mountain, Peet’s or whatever. You can even use your own reusable pods and use your own coffee.

Can I Use Bottled Water In My Keurig Mini?

Yes! I encourage you to use bottled water for your Keurig Mini and other coffee makers. For all brewing methods, I strongly suggest that you use bottled mineral water as 98% of your coffee is water. It is easy to understand that the better the quality of your water, the better your coffee will be.

Why Does My Keurig Mini Take So Long To Brew?

When your Keurig Mini is taking too long to brew run a cleaning cycle with a 75% distilled vinegar and 25% water. Then run a second cleaning cycle using 50% distilled white vinegar and 50% water to descale your machine and remove any mineral deposits that may be blocking your machine.

Also, check your needles and give both of them a good clean with the cleaning tool. If this doesn’t fix your Keurig Mini, it may be the water pump. Thankfully it is easy and inexpensive to replace. Consult with customer service support.

How Long Does A Keurig Mini Last?

Your Keurig coffee maker, regardless of which model, should last you 3 to 5 years before you need to replace it. I like to say 3 years if you don’t take care of it and 5 years or more if you do.

There are very few moving parts to your single serve coffee maker. If you are happy to replace the needles, pump and heating element your Keurig coffee maker should last you much longer, bordering 10 years and more.

Final Thoughts – How To Use A Mini Keurig

Knowing how to use a Mini Keurig properly will set you up to use your machine properly and get it to brew great coffee every single time for you without any effort. 

Just remember to keep your machine clean on both the outside and the internal workings by cleaning the needles regularly and running a descaling cycle every other week. This will keep your coffee maker serving perfect coffee and help it to last that little longer.

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