How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup At Home

How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup At Home

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Learning how to make brown sugar simple syrup at home gives you the distinctive advantage of making it exactly how you love it, like it and want it to be, from the flavor to the density and addition of spices like cinnamon and vanilla.

Keep reading for a tasty and easy-to-make brown sugar syrup recipe.

How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup – An Overview

Making brown sugar simple syrup is easy and is great for specialty coffees, cocktails, tea, boba. You can make it with only two ingredients with the option of adding a third, a herb or spice of your choice like cinnamon.

Making your syrup is an easy and great way of adding brown sugar flavor to your beverages, particularly a latte, an oat milk shaken espresso and cold brew coffee.

How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup
How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

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What Is Simple Syrup?

Simple syrup of all types be it brown sugar simple syrup, vanilla syrup or regular simple syrups is a liquid sweetener that is usually made from equal parts of sugar and water. There are some thicker versions that use a higher ratio of sugar and water.

Other than their use in hot drinks and cold drinks, bakers use it to moisten cakes and baked goods prior to decorating them. It can also be drizzled over pancakes and desserts.

How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup At Home

Let’s get making your own tasty brown sugar syrup at home. In only a few moments you’ll see just how easy this is to make!

Ingredients You Will Need

This is very easy to make. At Latte Love Brew I encourage you to follow the barista’s principle of using the best ingredients to get the best results. Premium ingredients will get you a tastier syrup for putting in your coffee drinks.

Brown Sugar

Clearly the key ingredient in this recipe is brown sugar. It is different from white sugar in the way that is produced, the difference is much greater than the obvious color difference.

There are many different types of brown sugar options that you have. Let’s talk about those.

Muscovado Sugar

This type of brown sugar produces an earthy flavor and has a sand like texture.

Demerara Sugar

This is a bold amber colored sugar with subtle and light flavors of molasses. It’s a raw cane sugar that has minimal processing.

Dark Brown Sugar

Good old-fashioned brown sugar, it’s light brown sugar with more molasses. This is very popular and used by bakers.

Light Brown Sugar

This is a popular type of brown sugar which is made with a combination of white sugar with a small amount of molasses.

Turbinado Sugar

This is a type of raw cane sugar which is produced with minimal processing. Turbinado Sugar produces a tasty caramelized flavor.


The better the quality of your water, the better your syrup will be. I prefer to use mineral water, at the very least I recommend the use of filtered water. Water is 50% of this recipe, and thus it makes sense that the better your water is, the better the final product will be.

Brown Sugar Syrup In Coffee
Brown Sugar Syrup In Coffee Is Great

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Instructions For Making Brown Sugar Syrup Step By Step

Let’s get on with making this brown sugar syrup. It is so easy!

Step 1: Weigh Your Brown Sugar

Weigh your sugar using a scale 300 grams (10 Oz) is a good amount to weigh.

Step 2: Weigh Or Measure Your Water

Weigh 300 grams or measure 300 ml (10 Oz) of water. Water has a mass of 1 gram per ml.

Step 3: Add Your Ingredients To A Saucepan

Add your ingredients to a saucepan and heat your water and sugar over a medium-high heat. and stir well while your sugar dissolves into your hot water.

Use a thermometer and have it resting in your hot water and be careful not to let your hot water go over 60C (140F). 60C (140F) is the maximum temperature in which you should take your water too as above this temperature your sugar starts to caramelize, lose flavor, and you will start to get burnt flavors in your syrup.

Step 4: Let It Cool Down

Let your sugar and water mix cool down and then decant into an airtight container or a mason jar.

Viola, it is that easy to make this brown sugar syrup recipe.

Uses For Your Brown Sugar Syrup
Uses For Your Brown Sugar Syrup

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Uses For Your Brown Sugar Syrup

Add this to cold coffee drinks or hot coffee drinks and stir it well. Lattes, cappuccinos, cold brew coffee and a breve as well as shaken espresso and macchiato are great options.

London fog tea can have a nice flavor dynamic as can an Earl Grey, Rooibos, and black tea. Sweeten lemonade or a pitcher or iced tea.

Use brown sugar syrup to a refreshing cocktail like a mojito or a margarita. Bring out a butterscotch flavor by adding a dash to bourbon whiskey.

You can pour a drizzle over your ice cream and pancakes.

Variations To Consider

Naturally you make some very interesting variations of this simple syrup that you can try. The most obvious is to vary the type of brown sugar that you are using as there are different types from light brown to dark brown sugar to turbinado, Demerara and moscovado and more.

You can also experiment with various different types of herbs and spices to add, like cinnamon and vanilla, which both work very well.

How To Make Thick Brown Sugar Syrup

Making your brown sugar syrup recipe thicker has a few advantages with the main advantage being that it lasts longer. A greater shelf life is good for getting more milk for your moo when considering your efforts expended in making it.

The other advantage that I love is that you can make cool tiger stripes along the side of your glass. I love adding cheeky tiger stripes along the inside of my iced coffee drinks.

Even though a simple syrup recipe usually uses equal parts of water and sugar, you can make it thicker by changing this ratio to a 2:1 ratio, using twice as much sugar as water.

Make it using the same process and stirring well until all your sugar has completely dissolved.

Can You Make Simple Syrup With Brown Sugar For Cocktails?

Yes, brown sugar syrup is great for using in cocktails. You can use all your coffee syrups in cocktails. These syrups are not exclusively for coffee drinks and can be used for teas, pancakes, ice cream, making flavored milk drinks, tasty refreshing soft drinks and of course both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Frequently Asked About How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

What Is Brown Sugar Syrup Made Of?

Brown sugar syrup is made with granulated sugar with molasses, which you will know as brown sugar with equal amounts of water. It’s a liquid sugar that gets the distinctive brown color from the molasses.

That is all there is in the recipe – brown sugar and water in equal ratios.

How Long Does Brown Sugar Simple Syrup Last?

Your brown sugar syrup will last about a month when made using a 1:1 ratio of sugar to water.

Can You Use Brown Sugar Instead Of White Sugar For Syrup?

Yes, when you switch your white sugar for brown sugar you will get a simple syrup that is rich, almost caramel-like syrup which is great in coffee drinks. You can make any simple syrup using any type of sugar, including coconut sugar.

Why Is My Brown Sugar Syrup Watery?

If your brown sugar syrup is watery if you have used more water than sugar. You need to use a ratio of 1:1 if you are making it for coffee and a 2:1 sugar to water if you are making it for bubble tea or boba as you need to make a slightly thicker syrup.

How Do You Keep Brown Sugar Syrup From Hardening?

To prevent your brown sugar from hardening, you must use an airtight lid to prevent air from entering.

Does Simple Syrup Need To Boil?

 It is not absolutely necessary that you heat or boil your simple syrup when you are making it; using warm or hot water helps you to get a better quality and more even mix of water and sugar.

Does Brown Sugar Syrup Harden?

Yes, unfortunately brown sugar syrup does harden when it is exposed to air. The hardening is due to the molasses losing moisture and the sugar crystal hardening and sticking together. When you store it in a sealed bag or an airtight container, it is less likely to become rock hard.

Is Brown Sugar Syrup Better Than Sugar?

It depends on your taste preference; I personally prefer the rich caramel flavors from brown sugar syrup to a regular simple syrup. It has a slightly lower glycemic index and is slightly better for you than white sugar.

Final Thoughts – How To Make Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

Learning how to make brown sugar syrup at home is easy and incredibly, well simple. The simple syrups at Starbucks are all made with a 1:1 ratio of sugar to syrup, which is why this recipe I use that ratio.

However, you can use any ratio that suits you, be it a 2:1 and help you to make it last longer and, as I pointed out, some cool tiger striped on the inside of your glass.

Join our cool coffee community and tell us your own experience with making this recipe. Did you make a cool alteration that was simply amazing? Let our community of coffee lovers know! Find us on Facebook/Meta.

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