Dry Foam Vs Wet Foam Coffee - Both Beverages Detailed!

Dry Foam Vs Wet Foam Coffee – Both Beverages Detailed!

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When it comes down to dry foam vs wet foam coffee, it is a great idea to learn about both types of microfoam, how they are similar and how they are different and who they are better suited for to help you know which one to choose, why and for what type of drink.

Keep reading to find out about dry foam and white foam for coffee drinks.

Dry Foam Vs Wet Foam Coffee

Dry foam vs wet foam and which is best and what they are, are commonly asked questions (hang on, I’ll get to that in a moment).

The kind of foam that you have on your coffee will affect the texture and the taste of your coffee. The type of coffee drinker you are and the particular taste that you enjoy will have an influence on which of the two options that you prefer.

Dry Foam Vs Wet Foam Coffee
Which Do You Want ? Dry Foam Vs Wet Foam Coffee

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Dry Foam Vs Wet Foam: Who Will Prefer Dry Foam?

Dry foam is perfect for you if you love macchiato style type of coffee beverages that have a large dollop of foam, a good airy milk foam layer. Dry foam is for those that really enjoy the clear and strong rich espresso flavor in your coffee.

If you are watching your weight or on a diet, dry foam has fewer calories due to the reduced liquid volume and less creamy milk.

Who Will Prefer Wet Foam?

Wet foam is something you will be familiar with in traditional cappuccino and ideal for you if you enjoy a well-made latte. The taste and flavors of the espresso shots comes through and have a richer silkier texture and creates a cup of coffee that is sweeter than a dry foam.

The presence of the steamed milk creates a creamier texture and a sweeter taste when mixed with the espresso shot. It is common for latte art to be used with wet foam.

Wait…we have not yet spoken about what dry foam and wet foam is, which should now be a little clearer and obvious.

Let’s get into what dry foam and wet foam are to clear any doubts that you may have.

Wet Foam Coffee
Wet Foam Coffee

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There are two terms to know and memorize when it comes to coffee which are used more commonly for cappuccino beverages than other drinks. These two terms, which are “wet” and “dry” can be used for any coffee drink, with macchiato and latte being the next two most popular drinks to have the terms “wet” and “dry” used to describe them.

The term “dry” or “dry foam” means to use more foamed milk than steamed milk. A dry cappuccino, for example, has a larger layer of foam than steamed milk.

A bone dry cappuccino is as the name suggests is a cappuccino that is made with no steamed milk and a large layer of milk foam.

Dry Latte Meaning

A dry latte is a latte that has been made to have a more prominent and bold flavor of the espresso coming through. It is made with notably less creamy milk and more microfoam on top. 

If you enjoy a latte with a greater presence of the dark, bold flavors of the espresso cutting through the milk, then a dry latte is the best option for you. 


if you want to use medium roast and below for a latte, then consider this as a better choice of latte to get the coffee flavor to come through the milk

What Is Wet Foam In Coffee? What Does Wet Foam Mean? 

A wet foam in coffee follows on from the definition of a dry foam and is the polar opposite. The term is in reference to the use of steamed milk with your foam to produce a creamy texture and taste in your beverage.

A wet cappuccino, for example, is a traditional cappuccino with an equal portion of three ingredients: espresso, liquid milk and foam. 

A super wet or extra wet cappuccino is when you want the barista to make a cappuccino that has extra milk and no foam. The typical ratio of a wet cappuccino is 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk

Wet Foam Coffee
Wet Foam Coffee Art

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Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte

A wet cappuccino is a little smaller and is stronger in flavor with a more intense flavor from the espresso shot. It is made with less milk content and a greater portion of microfoam.

A latte, on the other hand, has a smaller layer or microfoam and a greater milk content. The result of this difference is a beverage that has a very different taste and texture.

A wet cappuccino does closely resemble a latte; it is closer to a flat white than a latte.

Both are served in different sizes with a latte typically being served in an 8 ounce (240 ml) cup while a cappuccino is served in a slightly smaller 6 ounce (180 ml) cup.

Wet Cappuccino Vs Latte Caffeine Content

Both these drinks have the same caffeine content regardless of being made with a single or double shot. When both the drinks are made with a single shot of espresso they have 75 mg of caffeine each and 150 mg of caffeine when made with a double shot.

Wet Cappuccino Vs Flat White

These two coffee drinks are incredibly similar with there being only a slight difference, which is the amount of dense microfoam on top of the drink, a wet cappuccino has slightly more with a flat white having only a small amount, typically only 1.5 millimeters of foam to ensure that it is nice and flat, hence the name, flat white.

Wet Cappuccino Vs Flat White Caffeine Content

Both of these beverages are made with a single or double shot of espresso and have the same caffeine content. Neither has a greater amount than the other. When they are made with a single shot or espresso they both have 75 milligrams of caffeine and 150 mg when made with a double shot.

Dry Cappuccino Vs Macchiato

These two beverages are incredibly similar with only a slight difference. A Macchiato is a single or double shot of espresso and topped with a steamed milk foam.

A dry cappuccino is made with one or two espresso shots and has a small amount of milk added, typically half that of a wet cappuccino and a greater amount of milk foam is added. The result is a coffee with a little consistency of milk and the sweetness mixed with the taste and texture of the espresso.

The difference between these two drinks is the presence of that small amount of milk and extra foam being used.

Much more similar to a macchiato is a bone dry cappuccino with the main difference between a bone dry cappuccino and a macchiato being that more microfoam is used.

Dry Cappuccino Vs Macchiato Caffeine Content

Due to both these drinks being made with the same type of coffee beverage and the same amount, one or two shots of espresso, the result is both have 75 mg and 150 mg of caffeine for a single and double shot respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Foam Vs Wet Foam Coffee

Extra dry milk foam, often called bone dry milk foam is in reference to an airy milk foam that is mostly made of air and does not at all taste like regular foam milk due to the excess air which makes it taste particularly dry and with none of the natural sweetness that you would expect from steamed milk foam.

Dry foam at Starbucks is the layer of foam that is made from steamed milk and forms part of a dry cappuccino and bone dry cappuccino. It is the hood of milk foam without the underlying milk. Use of the word dry is in reference to the lack of the liquid milk.

At Starbucks, a dry cappuccino is a rich tasty espresso with half as much milk added when compared to a wet cappuccino and topped up with more dry foam. A bone dry cappuccino is made only with the espresso shot and dry foam.

Which Has More Foam Cappuccino Or Latte?

Of course a cappuccino has more foam than a latte, to get more granular, a bone dry cappuccino has more foam than any other type of cappuccino.

What Is A Latte With No Foam?

A latte with no foam is super wet cappuccino, the beverage that is closest to this description. A super wet cappuccino is a shot of espresso and topped with steamed milk and no foam added.

What Coffee Has The Most Foam?

A cappuccino is the coffee beverage that has the most foam. If you love a good hood of milk foam on your coffee and the bold taste of the espresso, then a bone dry cappuccino is a drink that you will enjoy – it is the cappuccino that has the most foam; just don’t expect any latte art or coffee art of any kind as it is not possible due to no milk being added to this type of beverage.

Final Thoughts – Dry Foam Vs Wet Foam Coffee

There is a big difference in both texture and taste when comparing dry foam Vs wet foam coffee. That little difference of changing the type of foam you have completely changes how your beverage will taste.

What is it for you – Dry foam or wet foam?

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