Does Cappuccino Have Sugar - Does Starbucks Cappuccino Have Sugar

Does Cappuccino Have Sugar? – Does Starbucks Cappuccino Have Sugar?

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I think it’s great that people are watching their diet, staying healthy and asking questions like does cappuccino have sugar? And does Starbucks cappuccino have sugar?

Caffeine is not the only thing that you need to keep an eye on when it comes to coffee beverages!

The quick answer, for those in a rush, is yes, a cappuccino has sugar in the beverage, regardless of where it is made, at home, at Starbucks, Costa or wherever.

The only question is how much sugar does a cappuccino have. For that answer, keep reading.

Does Cappuccino Have Sugar? Does Starbucks Cappuccino Have Sugar?

Yes and yes!

There is unavoidably sugar in cappuccino no matter where you get your cappuccino from be it Starbucks, McDonald’s, Costa or your local coffee shot. The sugar that is in the beverage is from the milk content and simply cannot be avoided.


a cappuccino that is served to you has no added sugar, to say, a barista does not add sugar to a cup of cappuccino.

Starbucks Cappuccino Beverage Size Sugar Content
Short 8 Oz (240 ml) 6 grams
Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 9 grams
Medium 16 Oz (480 ml) 12 grams
Venti 20 Oz (600 ml) 19 grams

The table above indicate only how much sugar is in a cappuccino from the milk content.

Does Cappuccino Have Sugar
A Tasty Cappuccino

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How Many Teaspoons Of Sugar In A Cappuccino?

Your cappuccino drink as it comes to you has no added sugar but only contains the sugar from the milk, which ranges from 6 grams to 19 grams depending on the size of your beverage. In Teaspoons this is:

  • Short 8 Oz (240 ml) – 1.2 teaspoons.
  • Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) – 1.8 teaspoons.
  • Medium 16 Oz (480 ml) – 2.4 teaspoons.
  • Venti 20 Oz (600 ml) – 3.8 teaspoons.

If you are a cappuccino lover and like to add sugar to your beverage, keep the above figures in mind. If you enjoy cappuccino variations like a caramel cappuccino or a French vanilla cappuccino, add 1 teaspoon (or 5 grams) per pump of simple syrup.

How Much Sugar Is In A French Vanilla Cappuccino?

This cappuccino version, assuming it is made with flavored syrup and not flavored coffee beans, has additional sugar from the simple syrup used. Each pump has 5 extra grams of sugar.

The size of the drink determines how much sugar is in a French Vanilla Cappuccino. See the table for details.

French Vanilla Cappuccino Beverage Size Sugar Content (Vanilla flavored coffee beans) Sugar Content One Pump Of French Vanilla Flavored Simple Syrup Sugar Content Two Pumps Of French Vanilla Flavored Simple Syrup
Short 8 Oz (240 ml) 6 grams 11 grams (2.2 teaspoons) 16 grams (3.2 teaspoons
Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 9 grams 14 grams (2.8 teaspoons) 19 grams (3.8 teaspoons)
Medium 16 Oz (480 ml) 12 grams 17 grams (3.4 teaspoons) 22 grams (4.4 teaspoons)
Venti 20 Oz (600 ml) 19 grams 24 grams (4.8 teaspoons) 29 grams (5.8 teaspoons)

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Does Cappuccino Have Chocolate In It?

In the strictest of terms, chocolate is not a cappuccino ingredient list, not for a classic original cappuccino recipe. It, chocolate power and/or chocolate shavings are commonly used to decorate a cappuccino, as in cinnamon.

There is no chocolate added to the liquid beverage, just as a decoration that aids and enhances the sweet flavor.

Does Cappuccino Have Caffeine?

Yes, a cappuccino has an ample amount of caffeine ranging from 75 mg to 150 mg.

  • Short 8 Oz (240 ml) – 75 mg of caffeine.
  • Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) – 75 mg of caffeine.
  • Medium 16 Oz (480 ml) – 150 mg of caffeine.
  • Venti 20 Oz (600 ml) – 150 mg of caffeine.
Does Cappuccino Have Caffeine
A Cappuccino Has Caffeine

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Does A Cappuccino Have Milk?

Yes, and obviously so. There are a few variations of cappuccino coffee, all of which have steamed milk and a shot of espresso and a layer of micro-foamed milk. The only question is the type of milk used as a cappuccino can be made with:

  • Non-dairy milk.
  • Non-fat milk.
  • Regular milk.
  • A variety of plant bases and nut-based milks like coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk and so on.

The one consistent part is that hot milk is used – even for an iced cappuccino, the reason for hot steamed milk is due to the improved and much better texture.

Do You Add Sugar To Cappuccino? Does A Cappuccino Need Sugar?

Cappuccino lovers naturally argue against the idea of adding sugar to a cappuccino as it is a beverage that gets a degree of sweetness from the milk content and, if added the cocoa powder or chocolate shavings on top.

Where I sit on the do you add sugar to cappuccino – does a cappuccino need sugar debate is simple, very simple…

If you need to sweeten your beverage, use a simple syrup. Regardless of which coffee beverage sugar does not have an even distribution of sweetness and leaves a residue at the bottom.

These two problems are overcome with simple syrup, which gives an even distribution of sweetness and no residue at the bottom of your cup of coffee.

The best time to add the simple syrup (or sugar) is at the bottom of the cup as the espresso shot is getting pulled. The barista has the opportunity to stir the sugar (or simple syrup) when the shot is added and again when the steamed milk is added and before the layer of foam.

This makes sure that you get the sweetness into your beverage without spoiling the foam. Having the sweetener added without spoiling the layer of microfoam means that you will enjoy the authentic cappuccino taste and experience without spoiling the texture of the microfoam in your mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Does Cappuccino Have Sugar

Is Cappuccino With Sugar?

Yes, there is no way of avoiding sugar in a cappuccino or any milk based coffee beverages – or any coffee beverages for that matter. As both the milk and coffee used contain sugar. The amount of sugar from the coffee is negligible, the milk has approximately 12 grams per cup.

There is no added sugar or sweetener unless you add it yourself.

Is Cappuccino Sweetened?

A cup of cappuccino is not sweetened when it is served to you. It is the drinker of the coffee beverage that adds the sweetener. At Starbucks, it is only sweetened with a simple syrup if you ask the barista to do so. If you taste a degree or level of sweetness, it will be from the sugar that is the milk.

Is Cappuccino Without Sugar Healthy?

Research indicates that a single cup of cappuccino (6 oz, 180 ml) per day may significantly reduce the oxidization of bad cholesterol which may help to prevent heart problems. A single 6 oz (180 ml) cappuccino per day may also help to prevent the probability of a stroke by 20%.

Without added sugar, it will also help to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

What’s Cappuccino Made Of?

A traditional cappuccino, be it a hot or iced is made of a dark roasted espresso shot, steamed whole fat milk and a layer of microfoam.

The steamed milk can be skimmed non-fat milk, almond milk, soy milk or any that is requested by the drinker. Whole fat milk is used over non-fat milk as standard due to it being much better for steaming and making the layer of milk foam.

It is common for coffee shops to use cold milk when making an iced cappuccino, but, it is much better to make it with steamed milk as cold milk does not have the same silky texture.


the barista needs to make a thick layer of foam and needs to steam the milk, at the very least to froth it.

What Is Sweeter Cappuccino Or Latte?

A latte is sweeter than a cappuccino without the addition of simple syrup, sugar or sweetener due to having more milk in the beverage than a cappuccino.

A cappuccino has a coffee to milk ratio of 1:1 in equal amounts, 30 ml (1 oz) espresso, 30 ml (1 oz) steamed milk. A latte has a coffee to milk ratio of 1:2, 30 ml (1 oz) coffee and 60 ml (2 oz) milk.

Due to the extra amount of milk used, a latte, with anything else added to the beverage will taste a little sweeter while a cappuccino will have a stronger flavor.

Do Cappuccinos Have More Caffeine Than Coffee?

A cappuccino, when made with a single shot of espresso has 75 mg, when made with a double shot, 150 mg of caffeine.

Brewed coffee has notably more. Check the table below for details of the caffeine content of a Starbucks Cappuccino Vs Brewed coffee.

Beverage Size Cappuccino Caffeine Content Brewed Coffee Caffeine Content
Short 8 Oz (240 ml) 75 mg 155 mg
Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 75 mg 235 mg
Grande 16 oz (480 ml) 150 mg 310 mg
Venti 20 Oz (600 ml) 150 mg 410 mg

Clearly brewed coffee from Starbucks has more caffeine than all sizes of cappuccino.

Final Thoughts – Does Cappuccino Have Sugar?

The answer to questions does cappuccino have sugar has been comprehensively answered in this article. There is unavoidably sugar in the beverage from the milk content. The amount of sugar varies depending on the size of your beverage and the amount of milk used.

If I have missed anything out or if you have any questions, send it to me!

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