Can You Froth Coffee Creamer Yes, Here Are 7 Ways!

Can You Froth Coffee Creamer? Yes, Here Are 7 Ways!

Last updated on May 28th, 2024 at 10:39

It is not a question of can you froth coffee creamer, it’s a question of which method to use to froth your coffee creamer.

In this article I talk about 7 methods that you can use to froth coffee cream both with and without any special equipment and a few “take away” techniques that you can “take away” with you on a camping trip or use in your hotel.

Keep reading and find out how to froth coffee creamer!

Can You Froth Coffee Creamer?

Yes, frothing creamer is very easy! You can froth your coffee creamer in a number of ways both with and without a frother. It is not an absolute essential that you have an electric frother, a steam wand, or a handheld frother.

You can froth coffee creamer with a mason jar (or cocktail shaker), French press, and an immersion blender can, and will get you great results.

Frothed creamer is a great addition to specialty drinks like a latte, cappuccino, flat white, macchiato and more. They have the benefit of improving a watery coffee’s taste, flavor and mouthfeel as well as the texture.

Can You Froth Coffee Creamer
You Can Froth Coffee Creamer

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Can You Froth Oat Milk Creamer?

Yes, you can froth oat milk creamer by hand in a manual way or by using the steam wand on an espresso machine, a frothing wand, a French press, a cocktail shaker (or mason jar), a handheld manual whisk or a high speed blender.

By far it is much better that you use the Barista brand of oat milk creamer. Barista are a specialty company that focuses on non-dairy milk for the purpose of frothing and steaming for the use in specialty drinks. Their milks are designed not to coagulate so easily, making them better to use for baristas.

Can You Froth Coffee Creamer In A Nespresso Aeroccino?

Yes, a Nespresso Aeroccino is designed to froth much more than just regular dairy milk. They can be used to froth coffee creamer, oat milk, coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk and other non-dairy plant based milks and nut bases milks.

If you check on Nespresso’s website, they clearly state that their Aeroccino can be used to froth multiple types of milk and cream.

This is great as you can use it to make any number of gourmet coffee drinks, no matter what type of coffee maker you have.

Can You Froth Coffee Creamer In A Nespresso Aeroccino
You Can Froth Coffee Creamer In A Nespresso Aeroccino

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Can You Put Creamer In A Keurig Frother

Yes, you can put creamer in a Keurig frother. A Keurig frother can be used for frothing multiple different types of milk be it dairy or non-dairy milk. This includes creamer.

Although this is not particularly stated on their website for the different models available. I have, over the years owned 3 or 4 different models. I have never had any trouble frothing creamer and a variety of different milks.

Can You Steam Creamer For A Latte?

Yes, when you steam creamer for making a latte, you create a richer texture and heavier body and mouthfeel to your latte overall.

A little more care is needed when steaming creamer as to not take it to above 60C (140F) as this will unfortunately boil your creamer and cause the fats to separate and will result in your latte being very oily.

A color-changing temperature tag on your milk jug will help you monitor the temperature of your milk.

How To Froth Creamer With A Mason Jar

Making frothy creamer with a mason jar only takes a minute. You can easily use a cocktail shaker instead.

Pour your coffee creamer into your mason jar or cocktail shaker to no more than one third full. You need to leave plenty of space for your dairy creamer to expand and froth and room to shake it.

Close it and give your jar a real good strong shake for 45 seconds to a minute. This is the perfect time for bubbles to form.

Use a tablespoon to hold back the bubbles while you are pouring your creamer into your cup of coffee. Then use a tablespoon to scoop all the bubbly goodness onto your coffee beverage.

This is one of the easiest methods that you can use.

Pro Tip: Using an ice-cold mason jar or cocktail shaker helps the creamer to emulsify better.

How To Froth Creamer With A Mason Jar
Frothing Creamer With A Mason Jar Is Easy

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How To Froth Creamer With A Frothing Whisk

This is proper old school and cool! Like the mason jar method above, using an ice cold mixing bowl and an ice-cold wire whisk your creamer will emulsify better and quicker.

Add your creamer to an ice-cold bowl and whisk with your handheld manual whisk as fast as you can. Your creamer will start to froth. Once you get the consistency that you desire, slowly move your whisk to just below the surface and keep whisking.

Keep whisking until you have a good even consistency through your creamer and the perfect foam. Frothing can take around three minutes to get that same quality that you see in coffee shops.

A wire whisk is great as it is portable and requires no electricity or batteries. You can even use it to make gourmet coffee while camping. It is literally the perfect pocket tool for coffee enthusiasts that love the great outdoors.

If you want hot foam, simply heat your creamer beforehand and heat on a low to medium heat. As your creamer starts to steam, take it off the heat.

When ready, simply pour your creamer into your beverage and scoop the froth on top to make a frothy coffee.

How To Froth Creamer With A French Press

Your French press coffee maker is not just a great tool for brewing coffee and tea. As per the above two techniques, an ice cold French press will help your creamer to emulsify much better.

Your French press functions in the same way as a pump frother.

Fill your French press to no more than a third full. With the plunger raised, push down and repeat in a pumping action to create your froth. Keep pumping until your creamer has doubled in volume. This should only take a minute.

This is a nice and easy option for frothing creamer without a frother. Like a whisk, and mason jar you can make frothy lattes easily and is a cool frothing tool that you can take with you for that weekend away camping or use it in your hotel room.

Let’s look at some more convenient frothing solutions.

How To Froth Creamer With A French Press
You Can Froth Creamer With A French Press

How To Froth Creamer With An Electronic Milk Frother

Electronic milk frothers like Starbucks Verismo and Nespresso Aeroccino are the easiest of all ways to froth creamer. It’s a set it and forget it method. All you need to do is press a button!

Simply just install the frothing whisk onto the bottom of your electronic milk frother’s pitcher. Add your creamer to no more than the max frothing level.

All that is left for you to do is press a button! Press the power button once for hot dense foam and press it twice for hot fluffy foam. Press the power button four times for cold foam.

When it is time to pour, detach the frothing basin and pour your frothy creamer on to your latte for a nice hot latte.

This is a cool and easy way, undoubtedly the most effortless method.

How To Froth Creamer With An Immersion Blender

This method is very similar to using a handheld frothing wand and works better with warm creamer than cold creamer.

Start by heating your creamer in a saucepan at a low to medium heat. Immediately stop when you see steam, your creamer is hot enough, and you don’t want to boil it.

Remember the golden rule: If you boil it, you spoil it.

Once your creamer is warm and ready, pour it into a tall glass or container and blend by starting at a low speed and moving your immersion blender up and down through the creamer. As you froth switch to a high speed blending.

Be careful not to make a mess!

I love this technique because they make great cappuccinos, breve, macchiatos and a lovely frothy latte with little effort.

How To Froth Creamer With An Immersion Blender
You Can Froth Creamer With An Immersion Blender

How To Froth Creamer With A Handheld Frothing Wand

This method of frothing creamer is almost identical to using an immersion blender. These are handy little devices and very portable, like a manual whisk and French press, they can be taken with you on holiday or that weekend break.

Heat your creamer gently and pour your creamer into a tall glass and froth by starting at a low speed. Froth your creamer starting at the bottom and moving through it slowly to the top, continue in the manner to create a good quality foam with an even consistency.

Switch to frothing at a high speed to get a better quality of froth and move your wand through the creamer from top to bottom until it is ready.

Handheld frothing wands are cheap and produce a slightly better quality of froth than a handheld blender.

How To Froth Creamer With A Steam Wand

A steam wand will help you to get luxurious foam in the exact same way that coffee shops do. The addition of steam into your creamer helps to produce a rich silky texture with a velvet like feel to it.

Fill your milk jug to more than an inch below the start of the spout. Insert your steam wand an inch below the surface of your creamer and start to steam. Have your jug slightly tilted towards you and keep the wand stable. You should start to see a whirlpool, which is created by the injection of air and steam vapor into the creamer. After about 5 seconds, move your steaming wand deeper into your creamer; this should submerge the bubbles.

Give your milk jug a few strong taps. The tapping helps to free any trapped bubbles. Brew your coffee. When your coffee is ready, you can steam the creamer by only submerging the tip of the wand just below the surface, around half an inch is enough. This creates the foam that you need.

This method is simply the best way to froth creamer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Can You Froth Coffee Creamer?

Yes, you can use coffee creamer in a frother. Simply pour your coffee creamer into your electric milk frother. It works better when you use cold liquid creamer. Froth and stop when your creamer increases in volume.

Mix it well into your coffee or pour it on to and enjoy a frothy coffee!

How Do I Make My Coffee Creamer Frothy?

The easiest way to make your coffee creamer frothy is to use electric frothers or handheld frothers. You can also add your coffee creamer to an ice-cold mason jar and fill to no more than 1/3rd full and shake with strength and vigor for a minute or two. 

You can also pour your coffee creamer into your French press coffee maker. Like a mason jar, you will get a much better quality and denser foam if your French press is ice-cold. Fill to no more than 1/3rd full and pump the plunger until your creamer doubles in size, and you get uniform bubbles. 

Can You Whip Coffee Creamer Into Foam?

Yes, can whip coffee creamer into a foam, be it a regular foam or cold foam, using a number of techniques, including a using a manual frothing whisk, electric whisks, and high speed electric blenders as well as using your French press and a mason jar or cocktail shaker. 

Yes, any creamer can be frothed. It doesn’t matter if the creamer is full cream, half-and-half or even a plant-based or nut-based milk: frothing is possible. I strongly advise using the barista brand for non-dairy milk as they are specifically made for frothing and steaming non-dairy milk and produced to prevent them from curdling.

If you are all out of liquid creamer, don’t worry – even powdered creamer can be frothed.

Yes, electric milk frothers will work for frothing creamer for making regular foam and cold foam. An immersion blender, though, is not ideal or suitable for using with creamer.

Yes, Starbucks creamer is specifically designed for coffee drinks and can be frothed with an immersion blender, a frothing wand and their Verismo blender.

Final Thoughts – Can You Froth Coffee Creamer? 

If any of your coffee enthusiast friends ask you that question, can you froth coffee creamer you can show off your coffee know how and teach them several techniques that they can use to get great frothy creamer at home. 

Join our cool coffee community and join in by sharing your own great ways of frothing creamer. Find us on Facebook/Meta.

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