Can You Steam Creamer Yes, And Here Is How!

Can You Steam Creamer? Yes, And Here Is How!

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The answer to the question can you steam creamer is clearly a positive one and while there are multiple ways to froth creamer, there is only one way to steam creamer and that is with a steam wand.

The very term “steam creamer” implies the use of water vapor. Steaming is unique and better because it creates a high quality luxury texture.

Keep reading to find out how to steam creamer and what creamer you can and can’t steam.

Can You Steam Creamer?

Yes, you can steam creamer and create microfoam and add it to your coffee. The process of steaming creamer with an espresso steam wand is exactly the same as steaming milk. You need to be more careful not to overheat your coffee creamer.

If you overheat your coffee creamer, the fats will separate and the result will be an oily coffee. Like steaming milk, it is not difficult to steam; it just takes a more watchful eye and a little more care not to overheat the creamer.

You can use it to make a very exotic and rich cappuccino, latte, breve and other espresso based beverages.

Can You Steam Creamer
You Can Steam Creamer

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Can You Steam Creamer For A Latte?

Yes, you can steam coffee creamer for a latte. Steaming creamer for a latte creates a richer, heavier beverage with a more luxurious mouthfeel. If you are on a diet and watching your figure, be careful as there is a lot more fat and calories than both whole fat milk and skim milk.

Steaming, for the record, refers to the use of steam vapor to heat and froth the creamer. Steaming adds a tiny amount of vapor to the coffee creamer, which in turn helps to create a rich velvet-like silky texture.

Using a mason jar, an immersion blender, an electric frother, a manual whisk, a blender or a French press coffee maker helps to froth your milk, or in this case creamer, and is good for using on your beverage but is not the same as a steam wand and technically not steaming your creamer.

The end result is a slightly lower quality of froth.

Let’s talk about how to steam creamer!

How To Steam Creamer With A Steam Wand

Steamed creamer is produced by forcing high pressure steam vapor from a steam wand of an espresso machine. Hot steam is introduced into the creamer slowly. The fats in the creamer start to expand and form a layer of bubbles and microbubbles which is known by baristas and coffee lovers as microfoam.

The process results in a very smooth silky velvet-like texture. The rich foam produced can be used to make a wide range of espresso drinks like a macchiato, latte, cappuccino, breve, cortado, flat white and a lot more.

Equipment Needed To Steam Creamer

  • A home or professional espresso machine with a steam wand.
  • A milk jug.
  • A milk thermometer, a digital thermometer, or a color-changing temperature tag.

A color-changing temperature tag is a very convenient option. Stick it on your milk jug. The color will tell you what the temperature is. No searching for or fiddling about with a thermometer.

Instructions Step By Step

Follow the instructions and make great steamed creamer for your cup of coffee.

Step 1: Fill Your Milk Jug

Fill your milk with your coffee creamer just below the spout. An inch below is enough. You must allow some space for your creamer to expand.

Step 2: Stretch Your Creamer

Stretching is the introduction of steam to your creamer. This is the process that creates the microfoam.

Dip the tip of your wand to approximately an inch below the milk’s surface and steam until you hear that familiar hissing sound that you have heard many times in your local coffee shop. Hold the tip of the wand below the surface for 5 to 6 seconds when you hear the hissing sound.

Step 3: Spin Your Creamer

If you have operated a steam wand, this is the part where you create a vortex, a whirlpool. Submerge the tip of your milk wand approximately half an inch deeper into your coffee creamer. This process turns the microfoam that you created into the creamer.

Step 4: Polish Your Creamer

Start by banging your milk jug a few times. This is not to attract attention or create noise. The banging helps to free trapped bubbles. Rest your creamer and brew your coffee.

Resting is an important part of the process. Polish your creamer by swirling your creamer around in your jug. The liquid creamer should have the same or a similar consistency to custard.

Step 5: Pour Your Creamer

Hold the foam back with a spoon and pour it into your coffee beverage slowly. Use a spoon to scoop the foam onto your coffee.

The process of steaming and frothing is the same as steaming and frothing milk, just a little more care and attention is needed.

How To Steam Creamer With A Steam Wand
Steaming Creamer Is Easy

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Can You Froth Creamer Instead Of Milk

Yes, you can froth creamer instead of milk. Any dairy product can be frothed and steamed be it regular cows milk to coffee creamer to all kinds of non-dairy milk like coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk, soy milk and a lot more.

To froth non-dairy milk, the brand Barista is the best to use as their products are purposely designed for frothing and steaming. They are slightly thicker than normal non-dairy milks and don’t curdle as easily and make a better and thicker quality of froth.

The fine art of milk frothing is not limited to regular milk. It is not limited to what equipment you use either. You can froth with an electronic milk frother, a manual handheld milk frother, a blender, a mason jar, a hand-pump-pressed milk frother like a French press, or a steam wand.

What Are The Creamers That You Can Froth?

You can froth a wide range of creamers and a wide range of them, but not all creamers can be frothed.

Let’s talk about the different types of creamers for frothing.

Plant-Milk Creamers

Plant-based milk has varying amounts of proteins and fats which means that plant-based milks and creamers can either be good, great or absolutely terrible for frothing.

Plant milk creamers that use oat milk as a base are the easiest to froth. Some other plant-based milks and creamers have gellan gel added as an emulsifier and stabilizer.

This is what makes specially made plant and nut based milk by Barista a great option.

Dairy Creamers

Dairy creamers and milk are made with natural milk cream or sweetened condensed milk. Dairy creamers will froth in a very similar way to other milk products like heavy cream, half-and-half cream and whole fat milk.

Dairy creamers are easy to find and very popular with coffee mate being the most well known brand.

Non-Dairy Creamers

Non-Dairy creamer is also known as coffee whitener and is more commonly available in powder form. The list of ingredients is very long and includes vegetable oils and fats, sodium caseinate, which is a milk-based protein, and corn syrup.

Frequently Asked Questions About Can You Steam Creamer?

Yes, frothing and steaming liquid creamer is easy and uses the same technique as frothing regular cold milk. With creamer, you need to be more careful with your technique and steam to a lower temperature to get that coffee shop quality in lattes and cappuccino.

Yes, you can heat up coffee creamer of any type both with an espresso steam wand and by using a saucepan (or microwave). You need to be careful how high you heat your creamer if you want to use it for making coffee as the fats separate at a lower temperature than a regular dairy milk.

If you accidentally heat your coffee creamer to a temperature that is too hot, you will end up with a coffee that is very oily.

Yes, coffee creamer can be used in the same way as milk. You can simply add it to your coffee as it is, steam it or froth it with an electric milk frother or use a number of other techniques to make it frothy.

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Will A Frother Froth Creamer?

Yes a handheld frother, manual frother and blenders will all froth creamer just as they will milk. A steam wand will also work too. You can make any specialty drink using creamer instead of milk. 

If you boil creamer, the oil emulsions will separate at the creamer’s boiling point which is 85C (185F) which will make your creamer not worth using and result in an oily coffee. For a specialty drink, heat your milk to a temperature lower than 85C (185F).

No, creamer froths in a different way to milk. It can still be frothed and steamed, but you get a lower volume of foam. The foam is also less textured and thus the mouthfeel is different.

Final Thoughts – Can You Steam Creamer?

If you have read this far you know the answer to this question, can you steam creamer and hat creamer you can steam and which ones you can’t and how to get great quality steamed creamer using a steam wand. 

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