Best Nespresso Capsules For Latte That Will Amaze Your Taste Buds!

Best Nespresso Capsules For Latte That Will Amaze Your Taste Buds!

Here at Latte Love Brew, we love lattes and love helping coffee lovers to make and brew lattes and never snobby in regard to anything related to coffee. A question that Simon, a regular reader and coffee fanatic, sent us was “What are the best nespresso capsules for latte?

Now that really got us thinking…

….and trying out many Nespresso capsules to authentically find out which is the best, the very best and with our taste buds tangling and tingling, we have created this article as a reference to help you decide on which capsule to use to make and brew the best possible latte with your Nespresso.

With nothing else on the agenda, grab a chair and keep reading!

The Best Nespresso Capsule For Latte (The Best Of The Best)

Starting what we thought to be the very best Nespresso capsule for latte, we have found this to be the Barista Scuro capsule.

The flavors of this capsule tilt more in the direction of the coffee flavor which is always a plus point for a latte as it gives the drink some spark and life. It blends beautifully with milk without being overpowered by the creaminess of the milk.

As a note, creamy lattes are not what I go for at all, but a slight creamy texture is a good thing.

This capsule is a light roast and has a good intensity that is at the right level for a latte.

Notably, it works better when making a latte than a cappuccino.

Cappuccino and latte are coffee drinks that are intended to be enjoyed in a manner where the coffee flavor cuts through the milk, which is something the Nespresso Barista Scuro capsule excels. This coffee pod cuts past the creaminess of the milk and brings out its amazing flavor and leaves the coffee itself as the main influence on how the latte tastes.

The Best Nespresso Capsule For Latte
Nespresso capsules can make great lattes

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Best Nespresso Capsule For An Intense Tasting Latte

Moving on to what we consider to be the most intense tasting Nespresso capsule for lattes. It is, in our opinion, the Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana Palermo Kazaar.

This capsule stands out for the dark, intense flavors that really cut through the creaminess of the milk without the complexity of the flavors from the coffee grounds being lost in the milk.

This capsule can be too intense for some, even on it own or as a latte or cappuccino. Me, This is my favorite coffee of all the capsules available as a Nespresso capsule.

If you love a deep, dark tasting, intense latte, this one is definitely for you. This is a dark roast with a very ample caffeine kick. Nespresso and latte lovers enjoy the boldness of coffee coming through over the milk with the milk simply adding an additional layer of flavor on top of the coffee.

Try the Kazaar coffee pod for making lattes and other milk based coffee drinks. The intensity level is an ample 12.

Best Nespresso Capsule For An Intense Tasting Latte
Nespresso machines can make amazing lattes

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The Best For Nespresso Capsule For A Light Latte

Now for the lover of light and ligero lattes who still want a rich flavor of coffee to pull through the milk. The best by a country mile, and absolutely fantastic on its own, is the Nespresso Ispirazione Italiana Ristretto.

For clarity, a ristretto is a short, sharp, intense espresso. When you use this capsule to make a latte, the quantity of coffee produced will be less than you would expect with an espresso – we have taken this into consideration. If you feel that it is so small that you need to use 2 capsules, you will end up with a notably more intense tasting latte.

This capsule gives a hint of coffee acidity and dances well with the milk. It’s a light roast and is, in my opinion one of the best coffee pods overall available from Nespresso and has an amazing coffee flavor and a great coffee experience on its own.

The downside is it can be a little to intense for some, but I’d be willing to be that few, very few people would come up with the idea of making a latte or even a cappuccino by using a ristretto as the base.

Latte drinkers and latte lovers out to think outside the box a little more. And when they do, they will be kissing goodbye to a milky latte and enjoying a perfect latte and not an ordinary boring traditional latte.

Yes, if you love intense lattes, consider a double shot, two capsules of the Nespresso Ristretto.

Best Nespresso Pods For Flavored Lattes

Flavored lattes, some will argue are the best and the very reason for enjoying a latte is the wide range of flavors that a latte can be made with.

In our opinion. The Nespresso Hazelino Muffin Coffee Pods are the best ones. The barista creations capsules have tasty outstanding coffees from Latin America and Africa. Although it is not known or revealed exactly which as it is a trade secret. I suspect that Kenyan coffee beans and Costa Rican coffee beans are used.

The beans have pastry tones and sugar-free  hazelnut flavoring added when they are roasted.

To make a flavored latte as an alternative you use syrups to get the taste that you want.

Best Nespresso Pods For Flavored Lattes
Nespresso coffee capsules taste great

Best Nespresso Decaffeinated Pods For Latte

Not everyone loves caffeine in the Cuppa Joe. Decaffeinated is good when you really want a coffee, and it is a little late at night, a decaffeinated coffee is a must.

Nespresso Decaffeinato Intenso Pods have an intense flavor and are even better with a splash of milk. The intensity level is a 7, due to which I advise you use less milk than you normally would. These coffee have a great fruity aromatic notes and tones of cocoa too. A touch of milk, half as much as you normally would and you’ll a creamy texture and sweet taste with the blend of coffee beans from South America and Asia coming through.

Best Nespresso Decaffeinated Pods For Latte
The decaffeinated coffee is full of taste

Best Nespresso Pods For Iced Latte

An iced latte is the choice for a hot summer. There is no specific Nespresso pod or capsule that is better as an iced latte. You can simply select any of the capsules we have mentioned in this article.

To get the best out of your Nespresso Vertuo and make a better iced latte, I suggest and encourage you to use a cocktail shaker and add your hot, freshly brewed coffee to your shaker with two cubes of ice.

Shake vigorously for a minute or two. The shaking technique will instantly cool your coffee. You can do the same with your milk too. When it is ready, simply add ice.

When you do this, you are preventing your ice from melting quickly and making your coffee watery.

One pod that you can try as an iced latte is the Iced Leggero which is a double espresso that has delicate cereal and fruit.

Best Starbucks Nespresso Pods For Latte

There are many brands that make coffee pods for Nespresso and none and better known than Starbucks.

Here are my top, best of the best Starbucks Nespresso Pods For latte.

  • Best Starbucks Nespresso Pod For Latte Overall: Best Seller Variety Pack.
  • Best Starbucks Nespresso Pod For Latte Dark Roast: Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast.
  • Best Starbucks Nespresso Pod For Latte Light Roast Coffee: Starbucks Blonde Roast.
  • Best Starbucks Nespresso Pod For Latte (Vertuo): Starbucks Single Origin Sumatra.
  • Best Starbucks Nespresso Pod For Nespresso (Original): Starbucks Colombia.

Best Starbucks Nespresso Pods For Latte

Best Nespresso Capsules For Cappuccino

Cappuccino since I have mentioned them a lot in this article, and they are broadly similar to a latte in the way they are an espresso based drink and use milk. We will talk about this.

Best Nespresso Capsule For An Intense Cappuccino

The Starbucks Espresso dark roast is by far the best choice for a strong, intense espresso.

This coffee capsule gives you an intense cappuccino with slight compliments of creaminess and the sweetness that you would expect of a quality cappuccino that is of coffee shop standard.

Good tasting coffee beans are used in this capsule, which is what you would expect in the leader of the coffee shop industry. One drawback is the flavor from the capsule is more intense that you would expect.

It is a dark coffee roast and perfect for brewing a cappuccino with the lovely sweet notes from the caramelized sugar notes. It makes a great choice on its own as an espresso or as a morning cup of coffee of any type.

Best Nespresso Capsule For An Intense Cappuccino
Starbucks Espresso Pod Is Intense.

Best Nespresso Capsule For A Light Cappuccino

The Nespresso Chiaro is by far the best capsule to try and use for a light cappuccino as it is very smooth when it is mixed with milk. The coffee beans have a high level of natural sweetness. On the downside it is too light to be enjoyed in the mornings as it is too light in taste and lacks caffeine.

It is specifically designed for those that like lighter tasting coffee and yet still enjoy the full range of flavor that you would expect from a top quality coffee. It is on the sweet side and one of the naturally sweeter coffees that you will find which bring around an amazing taste underneath the layer of milk froth when you use it to make a cappuccino.

Due to the light caffeine content it does make for a good late afternoon and early evening coffee.

What Milk Should You Use With A Nespresso Latte?

Technically speaking, and being strict to the word, you can use any milk for making a latte. While some coffee experts and enthusiasts will tell you that X or Y milk is best for a latte or cappuccino, the hard fact of the matter and truth is that milk can and will alter the flavor of your coffee every bit as much as the coffee itself.

Dairy milk, whole fat dairy does make a creamier foam that hold better and is the best due to the protein and lactic sugar levels it is perfect for frothing and steaming.

It is important that you use high quality foam for latte art.

You can use coconut milk, cashew milk, almond milk, soy milk and a number or other dairy milk alternatives. Just be aware that some won’t make frothy milk as well as dairy milk or will be weaker and less dense.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Popular Nespresso Capsule?

The most popular Nespresso capsule by sales is Ristretto. The Ristretto has a very bold flavor, as we have mentioned already, it is great for lattes and cappuccinos. It is made with South American and African Coffee beans.

How Many Shots Of Espresso Are In A Latte?

A latte can have 1 or 2 shots of espresso. It depends on the individual. If you are making a large mug of latte, then you certainly should use a double shot of espresso in your latte.

 Final Thoughts, Frappé-Ing It All Up, Best Nespresso Capsules For Latte

If you have read this far, and I hope that you have not skipped and skimmed. If you have, you missed out on finding out what the best Nespresso capsules for latte are. Which is best is going to depend on what kind of latte you want to make, a intense or light latte.

Have you made a latte with a Nespresso capsule? If you have how was it and which one did you use?

Let us know on our social media channels.

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