Baratza Encore Grinder Settings

Baratza Encore Grinder Settings For All Coffee Making Methods

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So, if you want the best Baratza Encore Grinder Settings for making a wide range of different coffees, from Aeropress to cold brew to French press to percolator, kalita wave, espresso and more, then you are in the right place.

This entire article is dedicated to detailing the Baratza settings and is meant as a reference to help you get the right grind settings for the coffee brewing methods that you are using.

Now let’s get right on with detailing this rather ultra fine grinder.

What Are The Settings For Baratza Encore?

The team at Baratza extensively tested their Encore grinder for a wide range of popular and common coffee brewing methods. They came up with and designed a chart for the settings that you should use for cold brew, Chemex, French Press and an automatic brewer.

The table below has a few grinding settings you can try to find the best for you.

When you are cleaning your Baratza encore coffee grinder, it is recommended that the setting you use is around the number 20 mark. This setting is in the middle of the grinding range, which allows for the cleaning pellets to be ground to a powder.

In all, the Baratza Encore conical burr coffee grinder has 40 grind settings that are more than enough to suit your needs, and due to which will help you to get a consistent grind. The range of grind size varies from 250 microns to 1200 microns, which is good for getting an espresso grind particle size right the way up to a cowboy coarse coffee grind.

Different sized coffee particles and grind size are needed for coffee experts, coffee professionals and coffee shops to make a wide range of coffees in a wide range of coffee machines and coffee filters.

Type Of Coffee Drink  Baratza Encore Grind Setting
Turkish Coffee 1-3
Espresso 4-9
AeroPress 4-23
Moka Pot 4-16
V60 11-16
Pour Over 11-29
Siphon 11-29
Flat Drip 17-23
Drip Machine 17-23
Chemex 24-29
French Press 31-36
Cupping 31-36
Percolator 31-36
Cold Brew 31-40
Cowboy 37-40

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How Fine Can The Baratza Encore Grind?

A Baratza Encore conical burr coffee grinder can achieve an extra fine powder of 250 microns. Which is just outside the range required for the Turkish Coffee brewing method but can still get you a reasonably good Turkish coffee and certainly good for an espresso.

Which Grind You Should Grind For Your Coffee Machine

As a coffee enthusiast and coffee lover, you know that you need a different grind for a different coffee drink.

Here is the grind to use, from extra coarse to extra fine and the coffee types for each.

  • Extra Coarse: Cowboy Coffee, Cold Brew.
  • Coarse: Cupping, percolator and French Press.
  • Medium-Coarse: Chemex.
  • Medium: Aeropress (3 mins or more brewing), Flat drip, Drip coffee makers, Kalita Wave, K-cup.
  • Medium-Fine:. Aeropress (2 to 3 mins brewing), Siphon, Pour Over.
  • Fine: Aeropress (1 Minute Brewing), Moka Pot, Espresso.
  • Extra Fine: Turkish Coffee.

Let’s now rock on and detail which grind settings you should use for each of the different brew methods with your Baratza Encore coffee grinder.

Which Grind You Should Grind For Your Coffee Machine
Grind Size Chart.

Baratza Encore Settings For Cold Brew Coffee And Cowboy Coffee

37 to 40 is the grind setting for cold brew method and cowboy coffee grind as both cold brew coffee and cowboy coffee require a coarse grind and the water is in contact with the grind for a long time. This is the same grind setting for a Japanese flash cold brew.

Baratza – Recommended Grinder Settings For French Press, Percolator, Plunger And Cupping

31 to 36 is the ideal setting for making coffee using the French press, Plunger and Cupping brewing techniques as these require a slightly less coarse setting than cold brew with a coffee grind that is similar to sea salt.

The hot water is in contact with your ground beans for longer while elaborating your brew. The greater surface area stops your coffee from being too strong.

Baratza Grinder Settings For Chemex

24 to 29 is the setting that you are looking for when using chemex filters. This type of filter slows down the extraction rate. Ideally, you are shooting for a medium size for your grounds. Too coarse grounds will result in a coffee that is too strong.

Best Settings For Drip Coffee Makers And Flat Drips

17 to 23 is a good setting for your machine for making drip coffee, flat drip and K-cup. This type and style of coffee requires a grind size that is spot in the middle for refillable K-cups and many types of drip coffee.

Baratza Encore Grind Settings For Kalita Wave

14-15 is the grind setting that you should use for a Kalita Wave with Baratza Grinders as you are looking to get a medium grind and a coarse table salt type of grind.

The Settings For Siphon Coffee And Pour Over Coffee

11 to 29 is a good setting for making Siphon coffee and pour over coffee.

Siphon coffee and pour overs vary in their brew time. If your brew is weak, you will need to use a finer grind. Likewise, if your brew is too strong, use a more coarse grind. It is all about increasing or decreasing the contact surface area.

Which Settings Should You Use For An Aeropress With A Baratza Encore?

4 to 23 is the setting range. The wide range of sizes varies due to the grind size and amount of time that you will be brewing for. A shorter brew time needs a smaller grind and vice versa a longer brew time needs a larger grind.

This is something that if you are an inexperienced barista or new in your coffee journey will naturally pick up with practice. You will get the knack of it with experience.

  • Fine Grind: 1 Minute brew time
  • Medium Fine Grind: 2 to 3 minutes brew time
  • Medium Grind: 3 or more minutes brew time

Baratza Encore Grinder Settings For A Stovetop Espresso Maker (Moka Pot)

4 to 16 is the ideal setting range for a stovetop espresso makers, also known as a Moka Pot. This device needs finely ground but not too finely-ground coffee powder due to the way in which they function.

Depending on your device type and preference, you will need to TAFO – Test And Find Out which setting is best for you as you don’t want any fine coffee particles ending up in your coffee or too weak a flavor.

Baratza Encore Grind Settings For The Hario V60

14 to 15 is an ideal setting for this grinder for using the Hario V60.

Your grind should be coarse and similar to table salt. To get a great quality brew you will be looking for a coffee to water ratio of 1:15

The Best Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder For An Espresso Machine

4 to 9 is the ideal setting for making a fine espresso powder. You need a very fine setting due to the hot water passing through coffee powder quickly. The fine setting allows the water to be in contact with as much of the coffee as possible to extract the flavor and aroma.

What Baratza Encore Settings Should I Use For Turkish Coffee?

1 to 3 is a good setting on this grinder to make Turkish coffee. The grind size of 250 microns is still a little too big, but only sightly, ever so slightly so. Turkish coffee grinders have a grind range from 200-100 microns powder with rare hard-to-find ones getting a grind size as low as 50 microns.

250 micros will still get you a good Turkish coffee.

Grind coffee to medium-coarse fineness.

Using the Baratza Encore, the setting should be around 18 to 20. The coffee should be between the coarseness of table salt and kosher salt and look similar to the pictured coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baratza Encore Grinder Settings

Is Higher Number Coarse Or Fine?

With a Baratza Encore and other Baratza grinders, the higher the number, the larger and coarser the grind size. Although there is no set standard to be followed, many manufacturers of coffee grinders follow this unwritten rule.

What Baratza Setting For Chemex?

For a good quality Chemex pour over coffee, a medium-coarse grind size is required. On the Baratza Encore, a setting of 24 to 29 will brew a good quality Chemex coffee.

What Do Coffee Grinder Numbers Mean?

The numbers on a coffee grinder indicate the distance between the burrs or blades, depending on what type of grinder you have. Some grinders have + and – signs to tell you if your grind is smaller or larger.

Does The Baratza Encore Grind Fine Enough For Espresso?

Yes, A Baratza Encore grinder will grind fine enough for both an Espresso and Turkish coffee and right the way up to a coarse grind size for French press, percolator coffee and cold brew coffee.

Does A Finer Grind Make Stronger Coffee?

Yes, a finer grind makes a stronger tasting coffee and one that is higher in caffeine content. The smaller grind size, the greater the surface area the water has to be in contact with. This is also the reason why small grind sizes like an espresso have short brewing times. 

Is Baratza Encore Loud?

While some people describe a Baratza Encore grinder as loud or noisy, it is, in my opinion, no louder than any other type of coffee grinder.

What Is The Coarse Setting On The Encore Grinder?

The coarse setting on your Baratza Encore coffee grinder is the highest grind setting which is number 40.

What Is The Best Grind Size For V60 Baratza Encore?

The best grind setting for making V60 pour over coffee is number 15 on your Baratza Encore coffee grinder.

Frappé-ing It All Up! – The Baratza Encore Grinder Settings

The Baratza Encore Grinder Settings, explained above, are listed as a guide to help you get the very best out of your grinder and to get the right settings for the right coffee that you are brewing. You might need to dial in your grind and note it down based on your own personal taste and preference.

Do you have your own Baratza Encore Grinder Settings for a particular coffee?

Share them with our online coffee community on Facebook/Meta – we’d love to hear your tips, tricks and grinder settings.

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