Which U.S. State Is The Only One That Grows Coffee

Which U.S. State Is The Only One That Grows Coffee?

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Only a week ago I published a series of articles about Kona coffee which sparked a question and comment on our social media – Which U.S. State is the only one that grows coffee?

While coffee is generally not grown in first world western nations due to the climate, I was surprised to find the answer goes beyond Hawaii.

If you are in a rush, the quick answer is that coffee is grown commercially only in the states of Hawaii and California with Puerto Rico, a US territory, also having a thriving, growing coffee industry.

For a more detailed answer, let’s talk about….

Coffee Production In The US

The United States Of America lacks the tropical climates required to have a significant and thriving coffee industry outside of Hawaii and California.

Sure there are major and well known and respected and absolutely delicious volcanic coffee producers in Kona coffee belt of Hawaii’s big island. All the coffee farms in the Kona districts, both north and south, are limited to a 30 miles wide by 1 mile long, meaning coffee production is fairly limited in the area.

Which is a good thing – it makes it a highly desirable and unique coffee to try.

California is very unknown in the coffee world due to having only 30 coffee farms who, between them, have 30,000 coffee plants. Thus, they do produce coffee, but only enough for a very small town for a whole year, not even enough for Santa Barbara!

Puerto Rico, stretching it a bit, while not a US state, is considered as a US territory, has a limited number of coffee farms and a thriving coffee industry, with Café Lareno, Alto Grande and café de Oro being their best known brands.

Both Hawaiian and Puerto Rican coffee are sold locally and on the International Market.

Coffee is grown in Georgia and southern Texas, but only in small experimental coffee projects that are studying the potential of growing coffee in the areas and overcoming the disease known as coffee leaf rust.

Coffee Production In The US
Coffee Production In America Is Limited To Two States

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Can You Grow Coffee In Texas?

es, by all means it is possible for you to grow coffee plants in Texas, particularly in the south due to the Subtropical climate of the Rio Grande Valley area.

Scientists have projects growing 40 varieties of Arabica coffee trees and some 200 in total which originate from South America and Central America respectively and a few varieties from Africa.

There are, at the time of writing, no commercial coffee plantations in Texas. That is not to say that you cannot grow and harvest your own raw coffee beans or start your own plantation.

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 Can You Grow Coffee In Florida?


by all means, it does have an ample climate for coffee trees to grow. Growing coffee requires a stable temperature of 24C (75F) but is missing that microclimate of mid-day shade and early morning sunshine.

The shade can, of course, be created artificially. By a retractable roof that shades the plants during siesta time.

If you want to grow coffee at home in Florida, keep that in mind.

Can You Grow Coffee In Georgia?


coffee cultivation in the state of Georgia is not possible due to having the required climate and temperature necessary for an amateur or home coffee farmer to yield results of any significance, even as home plants.

Unless you invest in climate control equipment. The running costs and the number of coffee plants you would need to make it worthwhile negates the point of home growing coffee in the state of Georgia.

However, if it is just a pet project and making a cup of coffee or two by growing your own beans, then try it.

Can You Grow Coffee In Ohio?

As per Georgia, growing coffee or coffee harvesting in Ohio is not possible due to the state not having the temperature for doing so.

Coffee growers in less than perfect conditions will need a lot of equipment to artificially grow coffee in a greenhouse to compensate for the lack of a natural environment outdoors.

Can You Grow Coffee In Ohio
Grow Coffee In Ohio Is Not Possible

Can You Grow Coffee In Vermont?

The state of Vermont, like Ohio and Georgia, is far too cold even for a small coffee orchard to produce or grow coffee.

The easiest way of knowing if you can grow coffee trees or to know where coffee is grown is to look at the world map. If you are between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, then you are in what is known as the coffee belt.

Advantageous and ideal is an elevated height in the mountains. Better, good quality soil, especially volcanic soil.

Can You Grow Coffee From Roasted Beans?


you cannot grow coffee from roasted beans. If you plant your coffee beans, nothing at all will happen as roasted coffee beans are able to germinate.

Proper coffee seeds, prior to drying and roasting and what you need to grow a coffee tree.

Can You Grow Coffee From Roasted Beans
You Can’t Grow Coffee From Roasted Beans

Can You Grow Coffee In A Greenhouse?


you can grow coffee in a greenhouse. Growing coffee in an artificial environment will require you to have a very tall greenhouse, as a coffee tree can grow to be as tall as 10M high.

It most certainly can be done. It is very challenging and rewarding!

Frequently Asked Questions About Which U.S. State Is The Only One That Grows Coffee

Which US State Grows The Most Coffee?

By far Hawaii is the US State that grows the most coffee. Famed for their Kona coffee and grown in perfect conditions regarding both the climate and the rich volcanic soil results in a high quality and highly desired coffee.

Is It True That Hawaii Is The Only State That Grows Coffee?

No, although Hawaii and their Kona coffee is very famous (and expensive), it is not the only state where coffee is grown in America. California also grows coffee in small quantities and there are research projects in south Texas regarding the potential of growing coffee.

Where Is Coffee Grown In America?

In America coffee is cultivated in Hawaii and California, although not a state, Puerto Rico coffee is also grown but not exported from the Island.

Why Dont They Grow Coffee In Florida?

Coffee plants are very delicate and need an exact, a specific climate and environment in which they thrive. The hot, sandy and low altitude of Florida is less than ideal for growing coffee.

What Two States Can Grow Coffee?

California and Hawaii both grow coffee and are the only two states to successfully grow coffee to date. Farmers and research studies are underway regarding the possibility of coffee production in Florida and Texas with experiments including the creation of a new subspecies of coffee plant for the climate and conditions of those states.

Where Is The Largest Coffee Farm In The US?

The largest coffee farm in America is the Kauai coffee estate in Hawaii.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Which U.S. State Is The Only One That Grows Coffee?

It is false and incorrect to say that only one US State is where coffee is grown. The correct answer is, of course, California and Hawaii, with some projects going on in Texas.

You can still try to grow a small coffee plant indoors, but you will find it challenging and rewarding.

If any of your friends are wondering which U.S State is the only one that grows coffee send them a link to this article and give them the facts.

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