Starbucks Cold Brew Caffeine - Is it the Ultimate Energy Boost

Starbucks Cold Brew Caffeine – Is it the Ultimate Energy Boost?

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Starbucks cold brew caffeine content is a much discussed topic as there are many variations of the drink ranging from an ordinary cold with no milk, sugar or dairy to some very exotic and tantalizing flavors.

In this article I’ll detail the caffeine content for all the popular variations and all drink sizes. The quick answer?

The caffeine content ranges from 155 mg to 360 mg.

Keep reading for the details!

Starbucks Cold Brew Caffeine Content

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and talk about Starbucks cold brew coffee and the caffeine content that you can expect the drink to have.

Starbucks cold brew coffee is available in multiple variations from regular cold brew with no milk, sugar or any fancy topping or flavoring added to some very exotic, delicious and delightful coffees.

The table below shows you how much caffeine you can expect in the most popular Starbucks cold brew coffee beverages.

Drink Size Regular Cold Brew Coffee Vanilla Sweet Cream Col Brew Cold Brew Coffee With Milk Cold Foam Cold Brew Coffee Salted Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Coffee Irish Cream Cold Brew
Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 155 mg 140 mg 150 mg 155 mg 140 mg 140 mg 140 mg
Grande 16 Oz (480 ml) 205 mg 185 mg 200 mg 205 mg 185 mg 185 mg 185 mg
Venti 24 Oz (720 ml). 310 mg 275 mg 300 mg 310 mg 275 mg 275 mg 275 mg
Trenta 30 Oz (900 ml). 360 mg 320 mg 330 mg 360 mg 320 mg 315 mg 315 mg

Comparing cold brew coffee to Starbucks iced coffee, it is clear that for the four drink size options available, that cold brew coffee has more caffeine.

Here is how much caffeine is in Starbucks iced coffee:

  • Tall 12 Oz (360 ml): 120 mg.
  • Grande 16 Oz (480 ml): 165 mg.
  • Venti 24 Oz (720 ml): 235 mg.
  • Trenta 30 Oz (900 ml): 285 mg.

A quick word on caffeine and safety. It is suggested by the Food and Drug Administration that the maximum daily intake of caffeine is 200 mg for pregnant and nursing mothers and 400 mg per day for healthy adults.

Starbucks Cold Brew Caffeine Content
You’ll Love Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee

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How Much Caffeine In Starbucks Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream?

I wish to make it clear how much caffeine is in Starbucks cold brew vanilla sweet cream as this is a question I get asked a lot.

To make it stand out and draw the attention of coffee lovers that want to know, here is exactly how much caffeine is in this drink for all drink sizes:

  • Tall 12 Oz (360 ml): 140 mg
  • Grande 16 Oz (480 ml): 185 mg
  • Venti 24 Oz (720 ml): 275 mg
  • Trenta 30 Oz (900 ml): 320 mg.

The slight reduction in caffeine content as slightly less coffee is used to allow space for the vanilla sweet cream.

Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew Caffeine

Starbucks nitro cold brew is regular cold brew coffee that has been infused with nitrogen in a similar way that Guinness is infused with the gas.

Nitrogen makes the flavors pop and is naturally sweeter, creamy and a lot smoother than a regular cold brew without anything added to it.

The drink is only available in two sizes, Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) and Grande 16 Oz (480 ml), which have 215 mg and 280 mg of caffeine respectively.

Starbucks nitro cold brew, like their regular cold brew coffee, has a series of variations with varying amounts of caffeine as follows.

Drink Size Nitro Cold Brew Reserve Nitro Cold Brew Torched Vanilla Nitro Cold Brew Nitro Cold Brew With Sweet Cream Dark Mocha Nitro Cold Brew With Milk
Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) 215 mg 280 mg 210 mg 230 mg 225 mg
Grande 16 Oz (480 ml) 280 mg 400 mg 280 mg 325 mg 295 mg

Clearly it is a highly caffeinated coffee drink that, sadly, due to the limitations of healthy caffeine levels pregnant and nursing ladies are best to avoid all of these drinks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Starbucks Cold Brew Caffeine

Is Starbucks Cold Brew High In Caffeine?

Yes, the caffeine content of cold brew coffee at Starbucks ranges from 155 mg of caffeine in a Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) to 360 mg in a Trenta 30 Oz (900 ml) serving.

This high as at the smallest serving it is the equivalent of a double shot of espresso and almost 5 espresso shots at the largest drink size.

Is Cold Brew Coffee More Caffeinated?

Yes, cold brew coffee is always one of the caffeinated coffee beverages at a coffee shop. It is made with a very focused coffee to water ratio of between 1:6 and 1:8, meaning a lot of coffee is used to make cold-brewed coffee and thus has a lot of caffeine.

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Why Is Cold Brew Coffee So Strong?

Cold brew coffee gets its strength from the amount of coffee used to make it. The coffee to water ratio is very focused at typically 1:6 or 1:8, which compared to brewed coffee (drip coffee) which is typically 1:16 to 1:18 makes it more concentrated.

While hot coffee uses heat to extract the flavor and caffeine, cold brew uses time.

Why Is Cold Brew Healthier?

Cold brew is healthier than other coffee beverages for two main reasons. The concentration of coffee and the reduced acidity.

The high concentration of coffee used to make the coffee drink means that it has a greater amount of nutrients, antioxidants, phenolic compounds and flavonoids.

The reduced acidity means that it is easier on your stomach.

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Is Cold Brew The Strongest Coffee At Starbucks?

No, while cold brew coffee is one of the strongest drinks at Starbucks, there are other drinks that have a higher amount of caffeine. Their brewed coffee and clover brewed coffee drinks have more total caffeine than their cold brew coffee drinks.

How Do You Reduce Caffeine In Cold Brew?

If you are ordering cold brew at a coffee shop, ask for the smallest drink size. The volume of coffee consumed plays a large role in the total caffeine.

You can water down that drink to reduce the caffeine content. However, this will reduce the flavor.

The best way of reducing the caffeine content of your cold brew is to make it yourself at home and use decaffeinated coffee. I reduce the caffeine content by using 50% regular caffeinated coffee and 50% decaffeinated.

How Much Cold Brew Can I Drink In A Day?

The maximum suggested daily consumption of caffeine is 200 mg for pregnant and nursing ladies and 400 mg for healthy adults.

This means that if you are pregnant or nursing you can enjoy only a Tall 12 Oz (360 ml) cold brew coffee as this contains 155 mg of caffeine.

Healthy adults can enjoy a Trenta 30 Oz (900 ml) cold brew coffee as it contains 360 mg of caffeine.

How Long Does Cold Brew Caffeine Last?

The caffeine in cold brew coffee lasts as long as caffeine from any other coffee, tea or energy drink, which is 6 to 8 hours.

Final Thoughts – Starbucks Cold Brew Caffeine

If you have read this far (thanks, appreciated) you know the Starbucks cold brew caffeine content for the regular drinks and the most popular variations, nitro cold brew and all the popular variations of it.

If I have missed something, or you have any pertaining questions, ask away as I am all too happy to help.

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