pH Of Coffee With Cream - Does Creamer Make Coffee Less Acidic

pH Of Coffee With Cream – Does Creamer Make Coffee Less Acidic?

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This article talks about and details the pH of coffee with cream and answer that question does creamer make coffee less acidic?

Spoiler: It does make coffee less acidic!

But by how much?

Keep reading to find out!

What Does pH Level Mean?

The pH is a term that is borrowed from chemistry and means the potential of hydrogen on a logarithmic scale of 1 to 14 with the 7 being neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline. The lower numbers of 1 to 6.9 represent an acidic solution and the higher numbers from 7.1 to 14 meaning the solution is alkaline.

The scale and measurement assumes a temperature of 25C as the temperature can alter the hydrogen content of a liquid.

What Does pH Level Mean
The pH Scale

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What Is The pH Of Coffee With Cream?

The pH of coffee with cream is 6.7 to 6.8 which is significantly less acidic than a black coffee which has a pH of 5.

The pH level of coffee with cream is almost neutral.

When you add cream to your coffee, you are significantly reducing the acidity of your coffee. Naturally, it depends on how much cream you use. Half coffee and half cream has a greater effect at reducing the acidity of your brew than just putting a dash of cream into your coffee.

Cream and milk, of all types including non-dairy milk products like almond milk, soy milk, oat milk etc, all have an effect of reducing the acidity due to the calcium content.

Does Creamer Make Coffee Less Acidic?

Yes, while there are a couple of sites that claim that creamer doesn’t make coffee less acidic. These sites are unfortunately scientifically inaccurate.

What creamer won’t do is make your coffee pH neutral or alkaline due to the mere fact that that creamer, while still slightly acidic, it is of a lower acidity than coffee and thus adding creamer to coffee will reduce the acidity and tone it down a little.

It is the calcium content of milk and coffee creamer that has the effect of reducing the acidity. This means that the higher the calcium content of the creamer, the less acidic your coffee will be.

Does Creamer Make Coffee Less Acidic
Milk And Creamer Make Coffee Less Acidic

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Is Coffee Creamer Acidic?

Yes, coffee creamer is acidic but only slightly. Calcium-enriched coffee creamer can be 6.8 to 6.85 pH and regular coffee creamer is 6.7 to 6.75. It is still acidic but close to being neutral.

Adding a less acidic liquid to a more acidic liquid makes it less acidic is how creamer works to reduce the acidity of coffee.

pH Of Coffee With Almond Milk

Coffee with Almond milk has a pH of 6.4 and can unfortunately curdle when exposed to heat and acidity. When you are making coffee with almond milk it is best to use low acidity coffee and the barista brand of almond milk which has been processed to be used for steaming, frothing and adding to coffee.

The best coffee to use almond milk in are dark roasted arabica coffee beans as these are lower in acidity. Heat your almond milk a little to avoid the shock effect of adding to a hot liquid which may cause it to curdle.

Almond milk is unlike nut or plant based milk and cow’s milk as almonds are low in calories, adding 45 calories per cup to your coffee which can be as much as 3rd of whole fat milk.

The pH level of Almond milk, like other plant, nut and cow milk has the effect of reducing the acidity of your coffee to a pH of 6.4.

Instant Coffee Acidity

Instant coffee is acidic and has an acidity of pH 5. The acidity will vary slightly from brand to brand and lower when you add milk or creamer and other items like cinnamon and bicarbonate of soda.

Frequently Asked Questions About pH Of Coffee With Cream

Yes, if and when you add cream or milk to your coffee, you will change the pH level in the direction of making it more alkaline. Even coffee with coffee-mate creamer will have this effect. This method of lowering the acid content of your beverage is due to the fact that calcium in milk neutralizes the acidity.

Any dairy product that has calcium mineral content will have the same effect be it almond milk, soy milk, oat milk or any other plant based milk – even brewing your coffee with egg shells will work in reducing the acidity level due to the calcium content.

Yes, coffee with creamer is acidic. Adding milk or creamer to your coffee beverage reduces its acidity but doesn’t make it pH neutral or alkaline. Even if you have a dark roast coffee, which is the least acidic coffee. It still won’t stop it from being acidic.

When you add creamer or milk to your coffee beverage, you will enhance the texture and mouthfeel.

The fats and lipids from the dairy product changes the texture, making your coffee heavier and thicker and when steamed well you will get a rich velvet-like smoothness. The natural sugars, the lactose, have the effect of sweetening the drink and reducing the natural bitterness of coffee. 

Due to the calcium content, it also makes your drink less acidic. 

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The perfect pH for coffee is between 6.5 and 7.5 as suggested by the SCA the Speciality Association Of America. Which is only slightly acidic (6.5) to neutral (7) and leaning slightly to alkaline (7.5).

Coffee has a lot of compounds that can upset your stomach acid and lead to acid reflux symptoms. Coffee acids and caffeine are two of them. Caffeine has the effect of upsetting your stomach acid and causing it to produce more acid while the acids in coffee have the unfortunate effect of being acidic.

Milk, cream and sweeteners may also cause your stomach to have a heavier feeling, to feel bloated.

Does Coffee With Cream Cause Gas?

Yes, if you have cream or milk in your coffee, it can cause you to feel bloated and uncomfortably full. 

Final Thoughts – pH Of Coffee With Cream

If you have read this far, you know the pH of coffee with cream and how cream helps to reduce the acidity of your coffee. 

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