Nespresso Vertuoline Refillable Capsules - A Great Reusable Pod

Nespresso Vertuoline Refillable Capsules – A Great Reusable Pod?

Last updated on March 3rd, 2024 at 11:44

One of the better ways of using your Nespresso vertuoline coffee machine is to ditch their original capsules and use your own coffee grounds in Nespresso Vertuoline refillable capsules.

Making the change not only helps you to enjoy your own coffee your way, it also helps you to reduce waste and help the environment, which are the huge plus points of reusable coffee pods.

By the time you have finished reading this article, you will know all about reusable coffee pods, how to use them and which type of body and lid is best.

Keep reading while we get on with this article.

Is There A Reusable Pod For Nespresso Vertuo Next?


there are reusable pods for your Nespresso Vertuo next that can allow you to make your own coffee. The machines are smart and can, and will detect what type of pod that you have inserted into it. With their own pods, it will detect if you have an espresso, a latte, or which ever coffee type and brew it to perfection.

It will also detect when a reusable pod is inserted and brew as a standard setting, as a non-espresso.

Is There A Reusable Pod For Nespresso Vertuo Next
There Are Reusable Pods For Your Nespresso Vertuo Next

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Do Nespresso Vertuo Pods Work In Vertuo Next?


this single-serve coffee maker and manufacturer allows for the use of all Vertuoline coffee capsules to be used in all Vertuoline machines. The Nespresso Original line capsules are incompatible. Unfortunately, that limits you to only their Vertuoline capsules only, and the corresponding refillable coffee pods that work for the vertuoline.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Nespresso Vertuo Refillable Capsule

You can jump in and just buy any set of reusable capsules, but a smart person will research them before deciding which one to buy, and what they need to consider before buying refillable capsules. It’s not a binary choice as there are situations when single use capsules are better.

The use of reusable capsules are time-consuming to prepare, and you need a grinder to get the best out of them. Using a coffee grinder will ensure that the grounds you use are as fresh as possible.

Better still is to also use a coffee canister to store your coffee beans. Ensure it has a one-way valve and is airtight and, as a bonus, store your coffee canister in your freezer for best effect. You can also store your premade refillable pods with coffee in them in a coffee canister by stacking them and storing your canister in the freezer until you use them.

Your coffee beans or grounds will not freeze nor will ice form. All that will happen is you will succeed in keeping your coffee fresher.

Circling back to the time drain.

If you are in a rush, the obvious choice is to use the commercially available pods for the matter of convenience. There is no way to hack or to get around the time you need to spend in preparing your reusable pods.

If you are a busy bee with little time to spare, you can prepare your pods two or three days in advance and store them in your freezer, as I suggested, stacked in your coffee canister. You will lose a little of the freshness factor due to not grinding your coffee beans immediately before you are brewing your coffee.

The major reasons for making your pods in advance is to negate and reduce some of this loss and still enjoy a fresh and delicious cup of coffee.

Also a little drawback is the learning curve and the amount of time it will take you to get it right and make a cup of coffee from your reusable capsule that is equal to or better than those made by Nespresso. You should be ready to experiment around with them and get it right within half a dozen to a dozen pods or so.

The variables to consider and adjust are the type of coffee, your grind size – don’t use an extra fine grind or a coarse grind – I’ll tell you why later. Your tamping skills are also a factor.

When you do put in the extra effort, you will get a great cup of coffee and your costs will start to go down as you save on the price of those expensive single use pods.

Also you will save the environment also, which is something that you can contribute to by taking advantage of Nespresso’s recycling program.

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Nespresso Vertuo Refillable Capsule
There Are A Few Things To Know Before Buying Reusable Capsules

What Type Of Coffee Should You Use In Your Refillable Capsules?

There is no limitation on the type of coffee that you should use with your refillable capsules. The only factor that you need to consider is your grind size.

Be careful not to use an extra fine grind as such a small grind can, and will choke and clog up your machine. Keep in mind that a medium and coarse grind may not brew so well due to short brew times and may result in a weak under brewed cup of coffee.

Nobody likes watery coffee!

Use a fine but not an extra fine grind, even for your espresso grind, and buy the best coffee grounds that you can find.

What Type Of Coffee Should You Use In Your Refillable Capsules
You Can Use Any Coffee That You Want

What Type Of Material Should My Reusable Nespresso Pod Be Made From?

The two most common materials are plastic and stainless steel. With the plastic ones, you need to be careful of the cheap plastic pods that contain BPA and have durability issues.

Most plastic pods are BPA free but that still does not mean they don’t have health issues as plastic contain xeno estrogens, which is why I go plastic free when possible.

Also, I’ll add you are literally, in most cases better saving your old pods if it is plastic that you want to use. Waste not, want not – right?

Personally, I prefer that you opt for a stainless steel capsule as they are better, healthier and longer lasting. The ones I have and use are the Cafilas stainless steel reusable capsules.

Now that we have mentioned the body, let’s get on with the type of lid that you should use with your coffee capsule.

What Type Of Material Should My Reusable Nespresso Pod Be Made From
Stainless Steel Is Better

 What Type Of Lid Is Best To Use?

The goal is obviously to make amazing coffee and surprisingly, the type of lid that you use has an influence on this. You should always use fresh covers when using the foil based ones. With an aluminum lid, ensure that it is screwed on as tightly as possible and is super-clean every time you make a new pod.

The decision of which to use is not a binary choice as there are times when you are better to use foil ones while on other occasions, you are better to use aluminum lids.

If your favorite coffee is an espresso, to get that superior crema you are best to use the foil lids as they produce a better quality of crema than the paper ones and the screw-on aluminum option.

It is ideal to have a mix and match of lids as I expect that even if an espresso is not your ideal or preferred coffee drink, it may well be your guest’s favorite coffee.

The paper and foil lids are typically single use while your aluminum ones can be used an infinite number of times. The plus point of the aluminum lids and body is the simple fact and convenience: they are dishwasher-safe.

 What Type Of Lid Is Best To Use
Which Lid Is Best Depends On Which Coffee You Are Making

 How To Use Vertuoline Refillable Capsules Step By Step

It is very easy to use and makes great and amazing coffee with your refillable capsules. You will need some reusable capsules and a capsule holder – highly advisable as they make filling them so much easier, mess free and save you from wasting coffee.

Step 1: Gather Your Gear

Get your gear together and ensure your equipment is clean. Put an empty vertuo capsule in your capsule holder. Fill your capsule with finely ground coffee.

Step 2: Brush It!

Brush the edges of your capsule to remove any loose grounds and then place your paper filter on top. Then carefully screw in your aluminum lid, or stick on the foil, paper or silicon lid.

Step 3: Use your Machine

Put your capsule into your machine, close the handle and get ready to brew.

Step 4: Brew Your Coffee

Brew your coffee and enjoy it. It is easy, 4 simple steps.

Do Reusable Nespresso Pods Damage The Machine?


there are reusable pods and capsules that you can use with every make and model of Nespresso’s machines. Just make sure that you buy the correct pod or capsule, and it will work perfectly well with your single serve coffee machine and will not cause any damage at all.

The reusable pods and capsules are ever so slightly smaller than the single-use ones manufactured by Nespresso and thus cause no damage at all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nespresso Vertuoline Refillable Capsules

Can You Use Refillable Pods With Nespresso Vertuo?

Yes, reusable, refillable pods are available for Nespresso Vertuo. I highly recommend their use for a few reasons:

  • 1. You can end up saving a lot of money.
  • 2. You can make your own tasty coffee pods and use your specialty coffee beans.
  • 3. You can cut down on waste and help the environment.

Can You Reuse Nespresso VertuoLine Pods?

Although it is technically possible, it is not recommended. It is highly likely that you will end up with a weak and watery cup of coffee.

If you try it and end up with a reasonably good cup of coffee, it is best that you check your machine and if you can make any adjustments as all that flavor that is making the second cup possible or taste okay should be getting into the first cup.

Is There A Nespresso Refillable Pod?

Yes, there are a wide range of refillable pods for all Nespresso single serve coffee makers. Some are plastic or silicon based. The stainless steel ones are better, longer lasting and more durable long term.

Can I Make My Own Vertuo Pods?

Yes, simply but a reusable pod and add your own coffee grounds. The main advantage of this is being able to use your own coffee beans from premium quality single origin beans to regular coffee beans to save money.

When you are finished with your vertuo pods you can use them for a number of arts and crafts projects or, like I do, for seedlings to grow for various vegetables and herbs.

You can also return them to any Nespresso outlet in a dedicated Nespresso recycling bag which can hold up to 200 used pods. They will recycle your used pods free of charge.

Can You Put Boiling Water In Nespresso Vertuo?

No, it is highly unadvised not to pour boiling water or hot water into your Nespresso Vertuo. If you add boiling water you risk tripping the thermostat, which is not easy to reset and will require a technician to open the cover. Opening the device yourself will void your warranty. 

Also, boiling water is over and beyond the ideal brewing temperature for coffee. In the event of your thermostat not tripping you would end up with a cup of coffee that is a little more bitter than it should be. 

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Nespresso Vertuoline Refillable Capsules

Nespresso vertuoline refillable capsules are great and advisable to use for the benefit of aiding the environment, saving on pods and making your own customized coffee to your own liking.

They are fidgety to use to begin with and take a little practice before you can make amazing coffee that you love. Be sure to use the right body material and the best type of lids.

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