Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Bad For You

Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Bad For You?

Last updated on January 22nd, 2024 at 13:15

A curious question that popped up in the comments of our online coffee community was “Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy bad for you?

Which is a great question! While it is not the healthiest drink, it is not at all that bad either. The caffeine content is not the focus of health experts concern as I discovered, but what was it that concerned the experts?

Keep reading to find out!

Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Bad For You?

According to a survey by YouGov 33% of all teenagers and young adults regularly consume energy drinks. The energy boost is enjoyed and often felt necessary after mixing work and study, and particularly around exam time.

Unfortunately too much caffeine has a detrimental effect on sleep patterns, mental health, heart health and the health of your central nervous system.

Excess caffeine can lead to digestive problems, irritability, stress and dehydration. The excess sugar does not help much either.

While this may sound doom and gloom. Starbucks Doubleshot Energy is not bad for you as long as you monitor and regulate your caffeine and sugar intake. This is a general guidance for all energy drinks and of course coffee beverages too – enjoy them in moderation and be careful of the amount of sugar or flavored syrup added.

Starbucks Doubleshot Energy
Starbucks Doubleshot Energy

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Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Drinks May Have Too Much Sugar

With the recommended daily amount of sugar for women being 29 grams per day and 36 for men, a quick glance at a Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Coffee Beverage has 26 grams of sugar.

While this is on the safe side of both sexes, it is a lot for a single drink or meal. 26 grams leaves a woman only 3 grams for the rest of the day and men just 10 grams. A Single can could easily send you over that RDA limit for your sugar intake.

The risks associated with high daily sugar intake include diabetes, an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, fatty liver disease, increased blood pressure, inflammation and more.

The caffeine content which ranges from 115 mg to 135 mg is acceptable, very acceptable and is less than 2 shots of espresso and less than half the Food and Drug Administration’s 400 milligrams of caffeine per day.

Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy An Energy Drink?

Yes, Starbucks Doubleshot Energy is one of the many energy drinks on the market. It stands out due to being from a recognized brand and a hybrid coffee-energy drink with the energy stimulation being provided by caffeine, guarana, panax ginseng and the B group of vitamins which are responsible for energy production.

It provides a very holistic approach to energy stimulation.

Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy An Energy Drink
Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Is An Energy Drink

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How Long Does It Take for Starbucks Doubleshot Energy To Kick In?

For the energy stimulating and enhancing effects of a Starbucks Doubleshot energy to take effect and kick in is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll get an initial sugar rush; the caffeine kick is very steady and gradual.

It is a very neat and smooth energy boost where you won’t feel the boost in a serious way, more you will feel gradual vanishing of your lethargy and fatigue.

How Long Does Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Last?

The energy-stimulating effects of a Starbucks Doubleshot Energy will last approximately 3 to 4 hours. The half life of caffeine is 6 hours and by this point you are only experiencing the effect of half a can of the coffee energy beverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Bad For You?

Is 2 Energy Drinks A Day Bad?

There are studies that indicate that consuming two or more energy drinks daily can have adverse effects on your cardio health as long term they may lead to heart palpitations, a faster heart beat and other adverse reactions.

Is Double Shot Coffee Bad?

No, consuming two coffee drinks or two double shot coffee daily is not bad. Drinking two back to back can give you a little bit of the jitters and may put you in the danger zone of having excess caffeine in a single day.

How Strong Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy?

The amount of caffeine in a Starbucks Doubleshot Energy can varies depending on which flavor you opt for. They vary from 115 mg to 130 milligrams of caffeine.

Do Energy Drinks Have Long Term Effects?

All energy drinks will have long-term effects on your health – not because of the elevated caffeine content but because of the high amount of sugar.

One can per day has a similar amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee but more than a whole day’s amount of sugar for a woman and almost an entire day’s amount for a man. For that amount in a single beverage will send your sugar levels sky rocketing, over a prolonged period of time is not going to be good for your health.

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Will 2 Shots Of Espresso Wake You Up?

Yes, I have absolutely no doubt, no matter how lethargic that you may feel, two shots of espresso or a double espresso with 150 mg total caffeine will wake you up.

Is It OK To Drink Espresso Everyday?

Yes, it is okay to drink espresso or any other coffee beverage every day. There are thousands of studied and peer reviewed research that indicate that coffee has beneficial properties for your health due to the nutritional profile and abundance of antioxidants.

Final Thoughts – Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy Bad For You? 

If that question Is Starbucks Doubleshot Energy bad for you starting to creep into your thought I can tell you the answer is no, but be careful and keep an eye on your sugar intake and enjoy in moderation as the sugar content is high.

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