Is French Roast Coffee Low Acid Yes, But Here Is What You Must Know!

Is French Roast Coffee Low Acid? Yes, But Here Is What You Must Know!

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It common for coffee lovers to have the question Is French roast coffee low acid, buzz around their mind while on their coffee journey.

The answers is, that a French roast coffee has less acid than other roasts in most cases but there are multiple factors at play and not just simply the roasting profile.

Keep reading for the details!

Is French Roast Coffee Low Acid?

A French Roast coffee is delicious, earthy without being burnt. It’s roasty and low acid coffee, lower than other coffee roasts without any further processing involved to make it a low acid, when compared to a light roast coffee.

This alone suggests that a French roast that is marked as a low acid coffee may have a further reduced acidity as the acidity is naturally lower than other roasts with the exception of an Italian roast.

The reduced acidity is due to the roast level and the higher temperature of 240C (464F) burning off more of the chlorogenic acid, which is a potent antioxidant found only in coffee.

The fact that there is a reduced amount of chlorogenic acid means that a French roast, while still being healthy, doesn’t have the same potential health benefits of a light roasted coffee like a blonde roast or a white roast coffee.

Is French Roast Coffee Low Acid
A French Roast Coffee Can Be Low Acid

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What Affects The Acidity Of A Coffee Bean?

The actual effect the roasting process has on the acidity of a coffee bean is, at best, minimal.

It does reduce the acidity of both French and Italian roast but not a lot.

The origin, type of coffee bean, the soil quality and altitude they were grown at play a larger role in the acidity of coffee than the roast profile.

That is why you can also have a French and Italian roast that is high in acidity.

The brewing method can play a large role too and reduce both the acidity and bitterness of coffee.

A fine example of this is cold brew coffee which produces a smooth, well-rounded balanced low acid coffee.

In fact, cold brewing produces a coffee with up to 60% less acid than hot brewing.

A cool low acid French roast and Italian roast coffee fact is studies indicate the dark roast coffee reduces the production of stomach acid and aids your body in the production of oxygen.

French Roast Coffee Taste

A French roast has a very different taste from light roast coffee. It has a charred, charcoal-like, sweet and smoky flavor with hints of caramel and bitter notes.

It’s not a burnt and or overtly bitter coffee.

The deep dark roast of this roasting profile takes most, almost all of the flavors from the roasting process with very little flavor from the beans and their origins.

Is French Roast Coffee Bitter?

I’ve seen some coffee blogs and coffee bloggers stating that French roast coffee is not bitter, I disagree with those claims as I have tried, love and enjoy French roast coffee.

I’ve tried many different beans from different coffee roasters and of different levels of quality and origins.

I always notice a certain level of bitterness to the beans while it is not a dominant bitterness like an Italian roast, those notes, however, are there.

Perhaps I have more trained taste buds due to enjoying different coffee and different brewing methods and frequently changing the beans roast that I drink.

The reason the bitter notes are not dominant is due to the caramel notes from the caramelization of the sugars.

Is French Roast Coffee Bitter
French Roast Coffee Is Bitter


French Roast Coffee Caffeine

This is a polemic topic as some coffee related websites, and some very respectable coffee lovers claim that a French roast has more caffeine.

I’ve also read the claims by other sites stating that a French roast has less caffeine due to the roasting process damaging and destroying some of the caffeine content.

Caffeine is a very stable molecule at high temperatures, temperatures that are far beyond those used for coffee roasting. It is not damaged, destroyed or affected in any way due to the roasting process.

The science is clear on that fact.

Here is the definitive answer to what my fellow coffee lovers and coffee bloggers are missing.

They are both correct.

It depends on how your coffee is measured. If you measure using a coffee scoop, due to smaller size physically as a dark roasted coffee beans are slightly larger than light roasted coffee beans, a light roast will be more caffeinated because each scoop light roasted coffee grounds will contain more coffee.

And more coffee means more caffeine.

Due to the roasting process more water is lost from dark roasted coffee beans like a French roast and an Italian roast they are physically lighter than a light roast and thus when you measure by weight more dark roast coffee grounds are needed than a light roast for the same weight.

Thus meaning a dark roast when you measure by weight has more caffeine.

The actual difference between a light roast and a French roast in terms of caffeine content is minimal and is not something that you will notice at all. The type of coffee bean, robusta or arabica, and the brewing method make a bigger difference in how much caffeine is in your coffee than the roast profile.

French Roast Coffee Benefits

There are plenty of benefits that you will enjoy from a French roast coffee and one of the best ones in my opinion is the deep, dark and intense flavor.

The more interesting benefits are related to health and how French roast (and coffee in general) is great for your body in many ways and many aspects ranging from your metal health due to the dopamine boost.

The studies pointed to drinking 3 cups of coffee per day, so bottoms up!

Other important benefits for your health include coffee being great for your cardiovascular health, aiding with weight loss and being great for your liver health and reducing your risk of diabetes, Alzheimer and Parkinson disease.

French Roast Coffee Benefits
French Roast Coffee Is Good For Your Heart Health

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Best French Roast Coffee

The following is what I consider 5 must-try French roast coffees that you will love and enjoy:

  • Midnight Roast By Lifeboost.
  • French Roast Coffee By Volcanica.
  • French Roast By San Francisco Bay.
  • French Roast By Starbucks.
  • French Roast By Lion.

Each of those coffees are deep, dark and intense. They are also very enjoyable.

French Roast Instant Coffee

There are some great French roast instant coffee that you can try or take with you on your weekend away or to the great outdoors as a matter of convenience if you are one that loves French roast coffee:

  • Illy Classico French Roast.
  • Nescafe Tasters Choice French Roast.
  • Starbucks French Roast.
  • Lavazza French Roast.
  • Mount Hagen Organic French Roast Coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is French Roast Coffee Low Acid

Is French Roast Coffee High In Acid?

No, French roast coffee has a lower acidity than light roasts and medium roasted coffee beans.

It is low acid as more of the potent antioxidant chlorogenic acid has been roasted out of the coffee beans during roasting. An Italian roast, which is a darker roast than a French roast, has a lower acidity.

What Roast Of Coffee Has The Least Acid?

Dark roast coffee beans have a lower acidity than both a medium and a light roast coffee bean. The highest, deepest and darkest of all coffee roasts is an Italian roast coffee bean, which makes it the roast that has the least acid.

What Is Special About French Roast Coffee?

A French roast coffee is special for its deep, dark smokey dark notes that linger around your taste buds. It’s an intense and rich coffee with a bold flavor that is lower in acidity and with a light body.

What Is The pH Of French Roast Coffee?

The average pH of a French roast coffee bean is 6.64.

Why Is It Called French Roast?

The name French roast is so called as this style of roasting coffee to a deep, dark and almost charred taste originates from France, this was how they enjoyed their coffee.

It was only when this roast was brought to America, New Orleans to be exact, that the name French roast was given to this style of roasting.

Which Is Stronger French Roast Or Dark Roast?

A French roast is a dark roast coffee bean. There are three other roasts that make up this category, each with slightly different roasting temperatures, which are Full city roast, Vienna roast, and Italian roast.

It, is a French roast, the second-darkest dark roast behind an Italian roast.

Is French Roast Arabica Or Robusta?

The coffee bean or variety doesn’t determine the roast as any coffee beans of any variety can be taken to a French roast.

Most French roast coffees that you will find will be Arabica; the most common blend is 100% Arabica.

Does French Roast Coffee Have Carbs?

Yes, all coffee roasts have carbs which are due to the natural sugars in the coffee beans. The amount is minimal, typically 0.5 grams for 2 teaspoons (10 grams).

Final Thoughts – Is French Roast Coffee Low Acid?

By reading this far you have and know the answer to the question, Is French roast coffee low acid, and know that it is a low acid coffee generally speaking but there are many more factors that have a larger impact on a coffees acidity.

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