Iced Breve - A Delightful Must Try Coffee!

Iced Breve – A Delightful Must Try Coffee!

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Knowing what an iced breve is only the first part of making this delightful, decadent and amazing coffee beverage.

In this article I’ll give you the full details for making an iced breve latte both naturally flavors and with vanilla and caramel. Beyond the recipe, I talk about the subtle adjustments to make to alter your iced breve latte to make it an iced caffe breve

Keep reading for the details!

What Is Iced Breve?

An iced breve is the chilled version of the delightful decadent coffee, breve coffee and is every bit as easy to make. I strongly advise you to follow the extra steps in my recipe to ensure the melting ice does not spoil your tasty treat!

Let’s be super clear and ensure that we are on the same wavelength, a cafe breve (also known as a breve coffee) is a double shot of espresso with an equal amount of steamed half-and-half cream.

An iced breve is that same drink with ice added to chill it.

Iced Breve
Iced Breve

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Iced Vanilla Breve Recipe – Make An Iced Vanilla Breve Latte With Heavy Cream At Home

Let’s take this recipe to another level. We will make an iced vanilla breve, and we will effectively need to make it twice, once for the enjoyable and delightful coffee and another for making the ice coffee cubes.

Iced Vanilla Breve Latte With Heavy Cream Ingredients

This recipe has no complicated or hard-to-find ingredients. You can source them all locally.

Per Iced Vanilla Breve Latte With Heavy Cream You Will Need

  • 2 Oz (60 ml) Heavy Cream.
  • 2 Oz (60 ml) Whole Milk.
  • 40 Grams Of Whole Coffee Beans. Dark roast is best.
  • 2 Pumps of Vanilla Simple Syrup

Use the best quality ingredients that you can find to get the best possible results.

Instructions For Making An Iced Vanilla Breve Latte With Heavy Cream

Remember, the first round of making this is to make the breve latte ice cubes, which are perfect for chilling your drink and ensuring it does not get spoiled by melting ice.

Step One: Make Your Half And Half Cream

For making your breve half and half cream for your ice cubes, use equal amounts of heavy cream and whole milk and mix them well together. 2 ounces (60 ml) of each is enough.

Add two pumps of vanilla simple syrup and mix well for a second time.

Step Two: Grind Your Coffee Beans

Dark roast coffee beans will work best for all kinds of breve based beverages, including breve latte, cafe breve, breve macchiato, mocha breve and breve cappuccino.

Weight and grind 40 grams of coffee beans per drink that you want to make. For your ice cubes, 40 grams is enough.

Step Three: Tamp Your Grounds

Tamp your coffee grounds using an even pressure of 30 kg.

Iced Vanilla Breve Latte With Heavy Cream
Iced Vanilla Breve Latte With Heavy Cream

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Step Four: Pull Your Double Shot

Pull your espresso double shot and pay attention to the extraction time. The extraction time should be 20 to 30 seconds with the perfect time being 25 seconds.

If your shot is pulled in 19 seconds or less, discard and adjust your grind size and make it slightly smaller. If your shot is brewed in 31 seconds or longer, discard and make your double shot slightly larger.

Step Five: Steam Your Half And Half Cream

Steam your half-and-half cream in the same way that you steam regular milk. Only stretch your half-and-half cream by 25%.

Step Six: Make Your Breve Ice Cubes!

Pour your steamed half-and-half into your double espresso shot and mix well. Use an espresso to steamed half-and-half cream ratio of 1:2. To say, use twice as much steamed half-and-half as there is espresso.

Pour your breve drink into your ice tray and put your ice tray into a ziplock bag to protect your coffee ice cubes from absorbing flavors from your freezer.

Freeze your breve latte ice cubes.

Step Seven: Follow Step One To Five

Follow step one to five to make your Vanilla iced breve latte with heavy cream.

This will make a perfect hot Vanilla breve latte.

Step Eight: Chill Your Drink

Add your freshly brewed breve latte to a cocktail shaker with regular ice cubes. Shake for a minute to chill your hot coffee.

Step Nine: Transfer Time

Transfer your drink from your cocktail shaker and into a tall glass with your breve latte ice cubes.

Your drink will already be chilled and will last you a long time before the ice melts and when it does, it’s not going to water down the flavor of your drink.

Iced Caramel Breve Latte Recipe

To make your iced vanilla breve into a caramel breve recipe, simply make only one change.

Instead of using vanilla simple syrup, use caramel simple syrup or salted caramel simple syrup.

It’s that easy!

Vanilla Breve Latte Recipe

To make a vanilla breve recipe, follow the instructions above but make a couple of adjustments.

Sine this is a hot drink, skip the use of ice and making of breve ice cubes. Alter your espresso to half-and-half ratio from 1:2 to 1:1.

 Iced Breve Recipe

This is just as easy as making a vanilla breve. Follow the step-by-step instruction as above but skip out on the use of any flavored syrup and make both your breve ice cubes and breve coffee using an espresso to steamed milk ratio of 1:1.

Frequently Asked Questions About Iced Breve

What Is In A Breve?

A breve, also known as a Breve coffee, Breve latte or cafe breve is made with steamed half-and-half cream and espresso in equal amounts. It’s richer than an Italian latte and much creamier than the whole milk version of a regular latte.

What Is Breve Milk In Iced Coffee?

Breve milk is half-and-half cream. The result of using breve milk, which is made with equal amounts of whole milk and heavy cream to make half-and-half cream, is a smooth, rich and very creamy beverage with greater texture and heavier mouth feel.

Is Breve Just A Latte?

No, it is not a regular latte. A breve is a made with a different dairy product, half-and-half cream and despite being called a breve latte it is made with a different ratio, instead of the espresso to dairy ratio of 1:2 it is made using an espresso to dairy ratio of 1:1. Breve has a creamier flavor, more calories and higher fat content.

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Is A Breve Like A Latte?

A caffè breve is what I personally call an American latte. A Caffè breve is fluffier, denser and a lot more decadent than a regular latte made with whole milk. It also has more foam due to the higher fat content.

Is Breve Coffee Good?

Even though Breve coffee has a lot more fat and calories compared to other coffee drinks, it is not inherently unhealthy as long as you remain within your daily intake limits. It is definitely not a coffee to have too often if you are on a diet and want to lose weight.

It is good in terms of taste, texture and overall enjoyment.

What Is The Taste Of A Breve?

A Breve latte is rich, creamy, smooth and sweet without the addition of sugar or simple syrup. It’s like a latte with a milky sweetness and heavier body and mouthfeel. It is a coffee that is frequently enjoyed as a tasty treat with caramel, chocolate or some other syrup used to add flavor.

Is Starbucks Breve Keto?

You can make your Starbucks Breve keto friendly by requesting the half-and-half is replaced with heavy cream. Heavy cream has 0.4 grams of sugar per tablespoon (15 ml, half an oz).

What Kind Of Milk Is Breve?

Breve is half whole milk and half heavy cream in equal amounts mixed together to make half-and-half.

Final Thoughts – Iced Breve

I sincerely hope that you have had fun making and enjoying an iced breve and using my “secret” tip for making sure your coffee is first chilled and secondly with the ice cubes that will melt and spoil your coffee drink.

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