How To Reset Ninja Coffee Bar The Easy Way!

How To Reset Ninja Coffee Bar The Easy Way!

Christina, shot us a message after hours of frustration of trying on her own, asking us how to reset Ninja coffee bar.

In this article we will show you how to reset a Ninja coffee bar the easy way without all the frustrations and stress.

Keep reading as we dig down and get you resetting your coffee machine.

How To Reset Ninja Coffee Bar – Is Your Ninja Set Up Correctly?

To work out what is up with your coffee maker it is a good idea to have a thought of the brewing process and where the break-down is happening.

  • Is the machine switching on?
  • Is the water getting pre-heated? 
  • Is the brewing process starting? 
  • Does the brewing process stop? 

The beginning point is to have a good read of the user manual and ensuring your automatic coffee maker is plugged in and power is going to your machine.

Fill your water reservoir to the maximum level and select the brew size that you wish. Double check what filter you are using. It should be a paper filter #4 size. The permanent filter on its own is fine. Focus on the size of your grounds and that they are medium-ground coffee.

Now check out the brew basket and ensure it is in the correct place. Put your carafe in its position and ensure the drip stop lever is in the correct position and to the right.

How To Reset Ninja Coffee Bar
The Ninja Coffee Bar

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Focus On The Indicators

Now focus on the indicators and the indicator lights that are on the coffee makers panel. Do you see any indicator lights on your Ninja Coffee Bar that is giving you any clues to what the error may be?

What about the drip stop indicator or the cleaning light are they telling you something? Be open to the indicators guiding you as they may well be telling you what the problem is.

How To Reset Ninja Coffee Bar
Be patient with your machine and follow the steps in this article.

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Run A Cleaning Cycle

A cleaning cycle is something that you should be doing on a regular basis. Cleaning all the basic parts after every use and a basic easy to do rinse cycle by having the coffee basket empty and running a full carafe brew cycle.

This simply keeps your machine in tip-top shape and maintains high quality coffee from your machine.

For this part of resetting your Ninja Coffee Bar run a good proper cleaning cycle by using distilled white vinegar and using a 50/50 water and vinegar solution. If you want, use an even higher 100% solution.

Your aim here is to completely rid your Ninja Coffee Bar of any limescale or mineral deposits. Whatever ratio you decide on, make sure your water reservoir is full. If you have not cleaned it in a while and the clean light has come on use at least a 80% vinegar and 20% water ratio.

Few coffee websites will suggest this. I am because I know the importance of it getting rid of any coffee mold that might be there and the very serious health complications that can occur.

When you are ready, select the full carafe brew size, have your coffee carafe in place and depress the cleaning button and allow the cleaning process to run for about an hour.

Note: You can use a specialist descaling solution if you so want. White vinegar will do the same job.

When you have ran the cleaning cycle, run at least 2 flushing cycles by filling the water reservoir with water. The goal here is to both clean your machine and flush it of white vinegar or descaling solution.

If there was any deposits blocking or clogging your Ninja Coffee bar this clean cycle should have removed any water deposits or coffee deposits.

This descaling process is very important to maintaining your coffee machine and coffee quality. A preventative technique is to use filtered water.

Unplug Your Ninja Coffee Bar

You can complete this reset process by unplugging your Ninja Coffee Bar and leave it unplugged for about 5 minutes. And then plug in back in as reset it as you would with a computer. Give it a few moments, typically 5 minutes and brew a cup of coffee.

The objective here is to restore your coffee maker back to the original manufacturers state. If this does not get the job done move to the next step.

Contact Ninja’s Customer Support Service

This is not the last line of defence. It is more like the first line of solving the problem if the above steps have not got the job done.

Check your warranty is still in order and contact them via their website or phone.

Contact Ninja's Customer Support Service
Final step, consult customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions How To Reset Ninja Coffee Bar

This section is focused on the most common and frequently asked questions related to learning how to rest ninja coffee bar.

How Often Should I Clean My Coffee Machine?

Without a doubt you should clean your coffee machine, regardless of which type and brand at least once per week. Ideally you should maintain it by running a flush cycle every day to keep the filter clean and the machine clear of any coffee, coffee mold and mineral build up.

Coffee is a food product and should be treated as such.

You should deep clean your machine at least every month, at least every 2nd week to keep it working perfectly well and your coffee at it peak flavor.

Can I Use White Vinegar To Decalcify My Coffee Machine?


I have strong preference for using white vinegar than decalcifying solution or bicarbonate of soda. White vinegar will decalcify and clean your machine perfectly well and is cheaper. Buy it in bulk.

Final Thoughts, Frappé-Ing It All Up, How To Reset Ninja Coffee Bar

Resetting your Ninja Coffee Bar is not difficult. Follow the steps in this article and you will probably solve the problem before you get to the 5th step of contacting customer service and getting a n engineer on the phone to help you. 

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