How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Like A World Class Barista

How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Like A World Class Barista

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Learning how to make pumpkin cream cold foam at home allows you to enjoy this amazing and tasty coffee all year around instead of waiting for pumpkin spice season!

And you can make your own personal taste reference and delight your friends when they op round for an afternoon coffee.

Keep reading for the details and an amazing recipe!

How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam At Home

When you make this recipe you’ll know why this is a truly awesome recipe.

Once you try it, you will know why. It’s tasty, delicious and is made with 100% natural flavorings. Real pumpkin and high quality spices.

Another reason that makes this recipe awesome is the simple fact that you can enjoy it year round and have your friends flock to you when they want a tasty summer iced pumpkin spice latte.

Of course there is that great benefit of making your pumpkin cream cold foam at home and saving both money and time from visiting your nearest Starbucks.

How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam At Home
How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam At Home

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What Is Cold Foam?

Cold foam is that tasty topping on your cold brew coffee or iced coffee drinks at Starbucks and other gourmet coffee shops.

It’s tasty, thick, rich and creamy!

Unlike a sweet cream, it does not cascade into your drink but sits on top and creates a fabulous two-layered drink. Drinks with a cold foam topping are supposed to be enjoyed as a layered drink with a little coffee and the topping in your mouth at the same time.

Starbucks has even made a special strawless cup for the cold foam, so you get a little of the two components. into your mouth with each sip.

The cold foam is available in a few different flavors on the Starbucks menu, namely Vanilla sweet cream cold foam, vanilla cold foam, salted caramel cold foam and, seasonally, pumpkin cream cold foam.

You can make and request any flavor as long as they have the ingredients.

Some menu hacks at Starbucks include requesting you cold foam to be made with coconut milk and a pump or two of chocolate sauce, and you’ll get something that tastes like a bounty chocolate bar, and when mixed with a great iced latte or cold brew coffee it is amazing.

You can also request equal pumps of peppermint syrup and chocolate sauce for a minty chocolate.

At home, you can go wild, limited only by your culinary creativity.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is much more than just cold coffee or iced coffee. It’s a specific coffee brewing technique designed to extract the low temperature flavor compounds.

The result is a great tasting cup of coffee that is incredibly well-balanced and low in acidity.

If you have stomach issues such as GERD, and love coffee, a cold brew is your best option due to having 60% less acidity.

The water used to make cold brew is cold water at room temperature or is kept cold and brewed while in your fridge. Extraction time is typically 18 hours to 30 hours or more. Notably, a lower temperature results in a longer brewing time.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee
What Is Cold Brew Coffee

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How To Make The Best Cold Brew Coffee At Home

To make the best cold brew coffee you need to use the best coffee beans. Quality beans make quality coffee.

For a top quality cold brew coffee I suggest that you use a dark roast with a preference for leaning towards French roast or an Italian roast.

Use freshly roasted beans that were roasted no more than 7 days ago.

Weigh 8 ounces, 240 grams of whole coffee ground and grind them with your conical ceramic burr grinder to coarse grind size.

Add your ground coffee to an opaque glass or opaque container with an airtight lid. Do not use a plastic container. Coffee is acidic and will leech the unhealthy chemicals into your coffee.

Add 1.92 liters (64 ounces) of mineral water. Yes, for the meticulous coffee brewer among you, that’s a coffee to water ratio of 1:8.

Give your container a good shake. And store it in your fridge while it is extracting.

The reason you need an opaque container is to block light from getting in and damaging the prime quality of your coffee while it is brewing. An airtight lid is essential as it prevents scents from getting into your coffee and spoiling it.

Let your coffee brew overnight for 18 hours and run a taste test. If it is not ready, let it brew for a few hours more and run a second taste test.

When your coffee is ready, hitting the taste spot for you perfectly. Filter out your coffee grounds with a metal coffee filter or a sieve.

If you forget or fail to filter out your coffee grounds, your coffee will continue to extract.

What Is Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee With Sweet Cream

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Pumpkin Cream Recipe

This pumpkin cream recipe is easy to use and make. Please get the best quality ingredients that you can find and afford.


  • ½ cup of sweetened condensed milk.
  • 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.
  • 3 Tablespoons of pumpkin puree.
  • 2 Tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice.
  • 2 Teaspoons of vanilla extract

How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Like A Professional Barista

Add your ingredients to a mason jar, or a tall glass and stir them well to get a high quality even distribution of flavor, sweetness and creaminess.

Insert your handheld electric milk frother and froth evenly and slowly and move it through your milk cold foam solution from top bottom and back again for 35 to 45 seconds.

Ensure that your milk is well mixed together, and you have the desired consistency.

When it is ready, pour it over your cold brew coffee or iced coffee and enjoy. The best pouring technique is to pour over the back of a tablespoon.

You can add this to any coffee drink that you desire, be it Iced latte, iced cappuccino, cold brew coffee and even hot coffee drinks too.

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Cold Foam

Making a dairy-free pumpkin cold foam is just as easy. Use the same ingredients as above but replace the dairy with coconut milk, oat milk or almond milk. Soy milk is an option too.

Whisk for longer. If you need to thicken your topping, use gellan gum.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam

What Is Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Made Of?

Pumpkin cream cold foam is made with 2% milk, heavy cream, pumpkin spice sauce. The ingredients are well mixed and blended in a blender and frothed. A pump of pumpkin syrup is also used.

What Is Cream Cold Foam Made Of?

Starbucks cold foam can be made with any milk of your choice, be it almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, soy milk full fat milk, 2% milk or nonfat milk. A pump or two of vanilla syrup is used to sweeten the cold foam.

Many home recipes use vanilla extract instead.

Is Cold Foam Milk Or Cream?

Cold foam is frothed milk that is sweetened or flavored with a simple syrup of an extract and then blended and mixed well for an even distribution of flavor and sweetness. Some recipes at coffee shops use sweetened condensed milk.

Is Cold Foam Healthier Than Whipped Cream?

Sweet cream cold foam is healthier than whipped cream as it is made with non-fat milk and is lower in calories and has less sugar than whipped cream.

Is It Hard To Make Cold Foam?

No, making cold foam is easy, very easy. It doesn’t matter which type of cold foam you make it is still very easy to make. Vanilla sweet cream cold foam or pumpkin cream cold foam. It is a matter of using the right ingredients.

What Is The Point Of Cold Foam?

The point of cold foam is not to only to make a visual topping to a coffee drink but to create a beautiful layered drink with the creaminess of the cold foam and the flavor of the drink below.

Final Thoughts – How To Make Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam

Congratulations and thank you for reading this far and learning how to make pumpkin cream cold foam to perfection! Your taste buds and the taste buds of your friends will appreciate the fantastic delights of enjoying a pumpkin cream cold foam topping on your cold coffee drinks or mixed into your iced latte on a hot day!

Is there a better coffee for hot days? 

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