How To Make Hazelnut Coffee Like A Boss

How To Make Hazelnut Coffee Like A Boss!

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More often than not, people are ditching Starbucks and the sugary sweet and very unhealthy syrups to make flavored coffee and looking for ways to make it at home. This article is focused on how to make hazelnut coffee in a clean, natural and delicious way without the sugar-laden excess calories that you simply do not need or want.

The absolute bonus is that it is much easier than you would think – you can do it almost effortlessly. So, stay tuned, keep reading as we dig down and get you making great tasting hazelnut coffee at home.

What Does Hazelnut Coffee Taste Like?

Hazelnut coffee is often the starting point and gateway for many coffee lovers and fans of flavored coffee due to the intense, nutty and sweet flavor that matches and brings out the natural nuttiness of coffee.

High quality hazelnut coffee can be creamy, light and with a very subtle sweet aftertaste. There is a certain very fresh taste to it.

What Does Hazelnut Coffee Taste Like
Hazelnut Coffee Tastes Great

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How To Make Hazelnut Coffee

The majority of coffee houses, even the big brand names, use natural or artificially flavored hazelnut syrup that is loaded with sugar and adds a lot of unnecessary calories to your coffee. This is not how you make an authentic hazelnut coffee.

Thankfully, the ingredient list is rather short!

Ingredients Needed

Coffee beans, light and medium roasts work well and are usually better than dark roasts.

Fresh unsalted hazelnuts. It is very important that they are both fresh and unsalted.

Optional: Milk of choice and sweetener of choice and as desired.

The Method

Making coffee shop quality and healthy, naturally flavored coffee is very easy. Chop your fresh hazelnuts and add them to your coffee beans.

Place both in a professional coffee canister that has an airtight lid and a one-way valve. Now all that is left is for you to leave your coffee beans with your hazelnuts for up to 24 hours.

While your coffee beans are in there with your hazelnuts, they will absorb the aroma and flavors of the nuts. I advise brewing a little taster coffee after 12 hours and 18 hours to find out if the beans have taken on the flavor to the strength that you enjoy.

If they have not, keep them in a little longer. Once you have the taste that you love and enjoy, remove the nuts from your coffee canister as your beans will continue to take on the flavor of the nuts until it is overpowering.

Then simply grind your beans and brew your coffee, using your milk of choice and sweetener of choice.

Hazelnut Coffee Beans
Hazelnut Coffee Beans

How To Make Healthy Hazelnut Coffee Grounds

While the above technique is my favorite method and literally is completely effortless and does flavor your coffee beans, what it does not do is give you the health benefits of the delicious hazelnuts.

This technique does, and it is just as effortless.

The ingredients are the same as above. Please use the best quality beans, the ones that you enjoy the most.

You will need a spice grinder for this technique. Please do not use your coffee grinder to grind your hazelnuts. You will only end up with hazelnut oil and particles in your grinder that will affect subsequent grinds.

Don’t complicate life and use a spice grinder.

The Method

This method and technique is very simple. Grind your coffee beans as you normally would for the brewing technique that you want to use.

Brewing methods that work well are drip coffee, pour over coffee, French press, moka pot and Chemex.

Now grind your hazelnuts and mix them in with your coffee grounds using a 2:1 Coffee to nuts ratio by weight. Make sure your coffee and nuts mixture is evenly distributed by shaking them well prior to putting them in your coffee basket, filter or the coffee area of your moka pot or French press.

Then simply brew your coffee as you normally would.

As your coffee is brewed, it extracts the flavor compounds from both the coffee grounds and the nuts. The health beneficial compounds will also be extracted using this method, which is what makes it the healthiest way of making a naturally flavored hazelnut coffee.

Making A Hazelnut Coffee Latte At Home

There are a number of ways of making a Starbucks copycat Hazelnut coffee latte at home. By far the best technique is to first make hazelnut-flavored coffee beans using the technique I spoke about earlier.

This method gives you naturally flavored beans that you can grind to a fine powder that you can use in your home espresso machine to make the shot of espresso to use as the base for your latte.

Entirely optional and advised is to use a lightly, and naturally flavored hazelnut milk or cream as the milk for your latte to bring that subtle hazelnut flavor in your milk as well as the coffee bringing a rich and creamy flavor to your latte.

Use this milk and use your milk steamer to heat it and then add the frothy milk into your espresso shot to make your Hazelnut Coffee Latte.

Making A Hazelnut Coffee Latte At Home
Hazelnut Coffee Latte!

Iced Hazelnut Coffee

The best and easiest way to make an iced hazelnut coffee is to use one of the two methods above for making Hazelnut coffee. It is entirely your choice if you want to make flavored beans or add ground hazelnuts to your coffee grounds.

Following the general rules for making iced coffee.

Brew your coffee, using the brewing method of your choice – a French press is a good choice and brew your coffee as normal and hot brew your coffee. Add milk as desired.

Instead of adding ice and serving your coffee, put a couple of ice cubes in a cocktail shaker, add your coffee and vigorously shake your cocktail shaker for a minute or two.

The goal here is to cool down your coffee so that it is ice-cold before you serve your coffee with ice. This adds to the prolonged quality as the ice does not melt and leaves you with a watery coffee.

Hazelnut Coffee Benefits

Hazelnut coffee has health benefits which mainly come from its high content of manganese. Just 30 grams of them will give you 87% of your daily manganese, which will aid joint health and reduce your risk of joint pain, osteoporosis and strengthen your bones.

They are also good for weight loss and urinary tract infections and are linked to a reduction in cancer and help to prevent cellular death. There are studies that indicate hazelnuts are linked to reducing cholesterol meaning they are good for your heart health also.

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Make Hazelnut Coffee

How Do They Make Hazelnut Coffee?

Hazelnut coffee can be made in four main ways. The first and best way is to chop up fresh hazelnuts and mix them evenly with your coffee beans and leave them in your coffee canister for up to 24 hours. The whole beans will take on the flavor of the hazelnuts next to them.

The second way is to use a spice grinder and grind them down and brew with them using a drip coffee maker, pour over, Chemex, French press, Moka pot and a number of compatible brewing techniques.

The third way is to use coffee syrup and add a few squirts of the hazelnut flavored syrup.

The fourth and final way to make hazelnut coffee is to use artificial flavoring and flavoring the beans this way. You could, if you want, use hazelnut coffee creamer to flavor your coffee.

The vast majority of hazelnut coffee is made by adding synthetic or natural flavoring oils to coffee beans that are of sub par quality. More often than not these coffee beans are from the previous year’s harvest that is still yet to be sold.

Iced hazelnut coffee is easy to make. Simply make it in the same manner as you would a regular hot hazelnut coffee, carefully selecting your preferred method of brewing the coffee, be it using the nuts to flavor the coffee beans or grinding the nuts and brewing with them in a manner that filters out the coffee and nut particles.

Then use the Italian shakerato technique of adding two or three ice cubes to a cocktail shaker, add the hot coffee and shake for a minute or two and then pour into a tall glass with ice. The Italian shakerato technique cools down your hot coffee, making it nice, cool and frothy. It also helps you to enjoy ice coffee for longer without the ice watering down the flavor.

Yes, authentic hazelnut coffee tastes great and makes for a very good, rich, sweet and creamy coffee. It matches the nutty tones of coffee perfectly. Alongside vanilla, hazelnut is one of the best flavored coffees.

Is Hazelnut Coffee Made With Hazelnuts?

It is rare that hazelnut coffee is made with real hazelnuts. The vast majority of hazelnut coffee is flavored using an artificial flavored oil.

This is why I encourage you to make your own at home.

Is Coffee With Hazelnut Good For You?

Yes, hazelnut coffee has additional benefits for your heart health as it is packed with omega 9 fatty acids and magnesium.

Why Is Hazelnut Coffee So Good?

Hazenut and coffee is a particular fantastic combination in coffee due to the sweet nutty and earthy notes. It also brings out the chocolate and nutty tones of coffee.

What is Turkish Hazelnut Coffee?

Hazelnut Turkish coffee is absolutely delicious. Made with Brazilian Arabica coffee beans and roasted in a wood fir before being added to the coffee and brewed in the traditional ibrik results in an amazing coffee.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – How To Make Hazelnut Coffee

In this article you learned how to make hazelnut coffee in two easy and healthy ways and have no need now to overload your delicious coffee with excessive sugar by using a pump or two of hazelnut syrup.

Stick to making healthy flavored coffee. The great bonus is these two techniques that I mentioned above can be used to make any flavored coffee. All you need to do is change the herb, spice or food item used in the two methods above. It is that easy.

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