How To Make Cold Drinks With Keurig That Taste Fantastic

How To Make Cold Drinks With Keurig Brewers!

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When you learn how to make cold drinks with Keurig brewers, you can make great iced coffee and of different flavors including coconut iced coffee, caramel iced coffee, and an infinite number of tasty iced drinks like an iced mocha, and iced latte or even an iced cappuccino.

This is why it is important to master the basic cold drinks with your Keurig first and then move on to the more complicated ones.

Keep reading as I dig down and into the topic of making cold drinks with a Keurig, why?

Why Make Cold Drinks With Your Keurig?

Coffee is an awkward drink to enjoy in the summer when you want it hot. A steaming hot cup of coffee on a hot summer day and sweating away is not the nicest of thoughts or experiences.

As a true coffee lover says, “ice makes it nice”.

It makes it more than nice; it is refreshing, enjoyable and can even cool you down.

Making cold drinks with your Keurig simply involves making iced coffee. All that an iced coffee recipe is, is coffee that is poured over ice. It is simple, perfect and easy to make.

There are a few techniques that you can use to make your Keurig iced coffee taste better.

Why Make Cold Drinks With Your Keurig
A Beautiful Iced Coffee

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Where And How Did The Iced Coffee Trend Start?

If you are wondering how iced coffee got its beginning or who first discovered it, you are not the first or the last to ask that question.

Iced coffee was apparently created by the French colonial troops in the African colonial outpost of Algeria in the mid 1800s.

The military men would mix their coffee syrup and cold water, some would even add ice. In modern coffee times and the 3rd wave of coffee, the recipes have expanded to include an incredible range of iced coffee drinks ranging from a wide range of flavors to incredibly tasty cold brew coffee with a variety of cold foam toppings in various flavors.

Where And How Did The Iced Coffee Trend Start
Iced Coffee has Interesting Beginnings

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How To Make Iced Coffee With Pods With Your Keurig Coffee Machine

If you want a great and very simple iced coffee recipe, make a great start by seeking out your favorite coffee K-Cup. Darker, bolder roasts work much better since the ice can dilute your coffee and thus its taste.

Try the Colombian dark coffee K-cup or a Hazelnut coffee K-cup that is a dark roast.

From this point onwards, making your iced coffee is so easy. If you have the Keurig K-Elite coffee maker, press the iced button.

Your single-serve coffee maker will make a shorter, more focused coffee to compensate for the melting ice. It is very well-thought-out.

When brewing, use a large mug filled with ice and have your coffee maker make the coffee over ice. When your coffee has cooled down, transfer the contents into a tall glass.

If you make your iced coffee from your Keurig machine directly into a glass with ice, your glass will be too hot to touch.

How To Make Iced Coffee With Pods
Use A Coffee Mug

Make Coffee Ice Cubes

A great option for fabulous cups of coffee in the summer is to enhance your iced coffee recipe by making coffee ice cubes. I have yet to find a coffee shop that does this.

If you make coffee cubes, they will melt slowly into your coffee, all but guaranteeing that will not dilute your coffee. When you make coffee cubes, just use your favorite K-cup coffee pod, brew it and fill the content into an ice cube tray and freeze.

When you are making iced coffee using coffee ice cubes don’t press the iced button as there is no need for shorter, more concentrated coffee as you don’t need to worry about or compensate for ice cubes diluting your coffee.

Make An Iced Coffee Latte

Making an iced coffee latte is easy with your Keurig K-Elite TM Coffee Maker is easy.  Fill a large coffee mug with iced coffee cubes, press the iced button (optional) on your machine and with steamed milk that you have cooled down in your fridge, add milk and stir it in with your iced coffee.

Transfer the contents to a tall glass and add some milk froth. The pressing of the iced button is optional; press it if you want a strong coffee flavor to cut through your milk. It is not a big deal if you do or don’t. You won’t end up with a weak coffee if you don’t or an overtly strong one if you do due to the dilution with milk.

Frequently Asked Questions – How To Make Cold Drinks With Keurig

Yes, you can use any Keurig machine to make iced coffee. Keep it in mind that if you brew your iced coffee directly over ice you should use a mug and not a glass. You should later transfer your cup of coffee into a glass with ice.

Due to brewing it over ice, you can expect your brew to be a little watery. Brew it normally and then add ice.

To make your cold coffee using a Keurig fill a cup with ice and put it below your Keurig Brewer. It is best that you use a mug and not a glass. Brew your coffee directly over ice. Once it has cooled down, transfer from a mug to a glass.

The “iced” button on the Keurig Elite model coffee maker is for brewing a stronger and slightly smaller hot coffee. It is intentionally stronger and shorter so that you can brew it over ice and while your ice melts, your coffee does not lose its flavor.

A dark roast K-cup is the best roast to use for making an iced coffee with your Keurig. The medium and light roasts are not strong enough in flavor to come through with the addition of ice.

Use a medium or light roast, and you end up with a weak-tasting iced coffee.

Why Do You Put Cold Water In A Keurig?

Cold water is used for brewing coffee, including in your Keurig coffee maker because cold water is rich in oxygen which aids the coffee flavor.

Warm water is more prone to bacteria. Hot water is not put in your Keurig as it may trip the thermal switch, which means you may need to open your machine to reset it.

What Is The Iced Option On Keurig?

The iced button option on your Keurig machine signals to your machine that you are making an iced coffee and need a stronger coffee to compensate for the melting ice. Your Keurig achieves the stronger coffee by increasing the brewing time.

Can You Make Cold Coffee With Keurig K Cafe?

Yes, you can use your Keurig K Cafe and brew your coffee into a large mug with ice and press the iced coffee button for the machine to brew a stronger coffee to compensate for the melting ice.

What Can You Not Do With A Keurig?

What you can’t do with a Keurig, or any other coffee maker for that matter, is to put anything other than water in the water reservoir. Putting milk in the water reservoir results in a mess inside your machine and a high probability of bacteria growing and a horrid scent.

Final Thoughts – How To Make Cold Drinks With Keurig

You have learned how to make cold drinks with Keurig coffee makers, master the basic drinks and then step by step try making more exotic drinks and recipes. Even though I am not a fan of Keurig coffee makers or Nespresso for that matter I am not going to deny that they make great coffee. 

Bottoms up and enjoy your iced coffee drinks. 

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