How Much Caffeine Is In White Coffee - Is 50% More Really True

How Much Caffeine Is In White Coffee? – Is 50% More Really True?

Last updated on October 22nd, 2023 at 14:14

There is a degree of controversy over how much caffeine is in white coffee, and thus, I’m setting the record straight with this article.

There is a particular site, which I’ll not name, that sells a high quality white coffee in the perfect grind for making a white espresso, who claim that there is up to 50% more caffeine in white coffee when compared to another roasting method.

Does white coffee have 50% more caffeine?

Keep reading to find out!

How Much Caffeine Is In White Coffee?

White coffee beans have more caffeine than other coffee beans of any other roast type, including other light-roast coffee beans like a blonde roast and of course fully-roasted coffee.

It is of course the roasting process that has a direct effect on the amount of caffeine that is in coffee with lighter roast coffee such as a blonde roast and of course the lightest of them all, a white coffee beans contain more caffeine than other roast profile.

This is of course a direct comparison of the same beans being roasted to different roast levels.

Different beans from different locations and processed in different ways all have slightly different levels of caffeine as does a different species of bean like Arabica and Robusta.

Assuming all the variables are the same with the only variable being the different level in which they are roasted to, a white roast will have on average 5.4% more caffeine.

Type Of Coffee Drink Regular Coffee Caffeine Content White Coffee Caffeine Content
Ristretto 65 mg 65.5 mg
Espresso 75 mg 79 mg
Doppio (Espresso Double Shot) 150 mg 158 mg
Lungo 81 mg 85 mg
Caffe Americano 120 mg 126 mg
Latte 150 mg 158 mg
Flat White 130 mg 137 mg
Cappuccino 150 mg 158 mg
Mocha 150 mg 158 mg
Macchiato 150 mg 158 mg
Cortado 75 mg 79 mg
Drip Coffee 120 mg. 126 mg
Percolator 200 mg 210 mg
Moka Pot 150 mg 158 mg
Cold Brew 200 mg 210 mg
French Press Coffee 150 mg. 158 mg

As you can see from the popular coffee beverages and brewing methods that there is more caffeine in a white coffee than regular coffee beans roasted to another level, regardless of what type of coffee beverage or brewing methods.

As you can see, there is more, but not a lot more. It is an insignificant amount more. It’s certainly not something to be concerned about unless you have a particular sensitivity or hypersensitivity to caffeine.

The biggest reason for drinking an espresso is the flavor, the prominent nutty taste.

How Much Caffeine Is In White Coffee
There Is Slightly More Caffeine In White Coffee

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White Coffee Vs Espresso Caffeine

There is not a notable or discernible difference when using a dark roast coffee bean when making an espresso in terms of the caffeine content – its 75 mg Vs 79 mg, that extra 4 milligrams is not going to have you running around with your hair on fire…

The reason why many coffee lovers enjoy a white coffee (white espresso shot) is for the flavor.

A regular traditional espresso when made with medium roasted coffee beans and above has a traditional strong coffee taste, rich notes of caramel and a sweet tone with a thick rich crema on top.

The flavor is a result of the baristas skill to extract the best flavors and notes from the coffee beans with a keen eye on the grind size, water temperature, brew time and pressure as well as the freshness of the beans.

A perfectly extracted shot of espresso should never be bitter nor sour.

A white espresso, for the purpose of clarification, is an espresso made with white coffee beans. The result is a coffee that absolutely does not taste at all like a traditional espresso. It has a very prominent and pronounced nutty taste and is sweeter than a regular espresso. There is no bitter aftertaste of a hint of one.

The color is also very different – it is not the deep, dark color that you will be expecting at all.  It is not white either; the color is, to help you to picture it in your mind, it is more like a very milky flat white.

White Coffee Vs Espresso Caffeine
A White Espresso

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White Coffee Vs Regular Coffee Caffeine

Even when comparing a white coffee with a regular coffee, like an espresso above, it is not for the caffeine content that you are selecting a white coffee as the additional caffeine content is simply unnoticeable.

  • French Press: + 8mg caffeine.
  • Percolator Coffee: +10 mg caffeine.
  • Moka Pot Coffee: +8mg caffeine.
  • Latte: +8 mg caffeine

Most coffee drinks only have from 8 milligrams to 10 milligrams more caffeine. This amount is negligible, nothing at all.

The reason for enjoying such a light roast is the unique taste and coffee experience. If you have a local roaster near you, talk to them about roasting single origin specialty grade coffee beans to a white roast and enjoy more of the flavors from the origin.

Frequently Asked Questions About How Much Caffeine Is In White Coffee?

Yes, white coffee has more caffeine than regular coffee but it is not a lot more, it certainly does not have 50% more like it is claimed by one site in particular.

White coffee has only 5.4% more caffeine than regular coffee or black coffee. The reason for the slight addition is die to the light roasting process.

White coffee, to be more specific white roasted coffee is healthier than other types of coffee roasts as it has more antioxidants and nutrients than other roasts. If you drink your white coffee without adding milk or sugar you will get the maximum health benefits due to reduced calories and sugar content.

The name is thought to originate from an original translation from the Chinese language. The name is also due to being the lightest of the light roast category and with blonde being a roast name that was already taken the off white, pasty, chalky white color of the coffee beans is also another reason as to why the name white coffee came around.

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It is said that white coffee is very easy on your stomach due to white beans having less acid. By the very definition with a cold brew coffee you would get a coffee with an even lower acidity than others due to cold brewing not extracting the acids.

You will also enjoy a good caffeine kick as the caffeine content in white beans is slightly (5.4%) more than others.

 Final Thoughts – How Much Caffeine Is In White Coffee?

How much caffeine is in white coffee beans is not the first thought that should be in your mind when you are considering buying or even trying a white coffee as the difference is not something that you will notice at all.

5.4% more caffeine or 8 milligrams to 10 milligrams more caffeine on an average drink is not going to give you any noticeable extra stimulation.

Did you try a white coffee?

Which one? How did you make it?

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