How Many Ounces In A 10 Cup Coffee Pot - 60, 80 or 120

How Many Ounces In A 10 Cup Coffee Pot – 60, 80 or 120?

Searching for the answer to how many ounces in a 10 cup coffee pot and getting a definitive or exact answer is not easy.

Currently, the featured item in position zero of Google reads 80, and below it in the “people also ask” the answer is 60. That is quite a difference!

In this article I dig down and help to clarify the confusion and why we have various numbers and which one you should pay attention to.

Let’s dig down and let’s clarify.

How Many Ounces Are In A Cup? Is A Coffee Cup 6 Oz Or 8oz Or What?

Most of the world uses a metric system of millilitres, litres, grams, kilograms, and centimeters and meters and so on. Globally most places in the world declare a cup to be 250ml which is 8.45 ounces.

In American ounces this is rounded down to 8 ounces.

More commonly in Europe at least, the standard size for a cup is more commonly 360ml, which is a 12.17 Ounces.


Most coffee machine manufacturers use a standard 6 ounces (177ml). There is a strong probability that your coffee maker uses 6 ounces as a standard measurement for your coffee machine.

Hence, the large confusion as to how many ounces are in a 10 cup coffee pot.  And note, I have seen some manufacturers using as little as 4 ounces.

There really ought to be a set standard of measurement to avoid confusion. Let’s talk a little about why 6 ounces is the most commonly used measurement.

How Many Ounces Are In A Cup
The number of ounces in a coffee pot varies

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Why Is A Cup Of Coffee 6 Oz?

The reason why 6 Oz is the commonly used is the convenient size and to inflate the number of cups that a coffee pot can hold without being too deceptive.

4 ounces is just too small. Literally, nobody serves a full cup of coffee in a 4 ounce cup, that is only a double double espresso shot.

Using an 8 ounce would reduce the number on their pot to a number that makes it appear much smaller while the physical size would be more or less the same.

It is in short, a marketing ploy.

If a more reasonable coffee cup size of 12 ounces was used, a 10 cup coffee pot, based on a 6 ounce measurement per cup, would be the same as a 5 cup coffee pot based on a 12 ounce measurement per cup.


the larger number is more appealing. This is why a 6 ounce measurement is used.

Why Is A Cup Of Coffee 6 Oz
6 ounces was chosen for marketing reasons

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What Size Is A Standard Coffee Cup?

There is no standard set by any organisation, government or non-government that sets the standard size for a coffee cup.

This is the main reason behind the confusion of how many ounces are in an 8, 10 or 12 cup coffee pot. The same problem occurs for coffee urns.

Generally speaking most manufacturers take 6 ounces to be the size of a coffee cup.

How Many Oz Of Coffee Should You Drink A Day?

There is no limitation on how many ounces of coffee you should drink per day. There is, however, a limit set regarding the amount of caffeine which is 400 milligrams as a daily recommended amount not to be exceeded.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – How Many Ounces In A 10 Cup Coffee Pot?

To answer the question, how many ounces in a 10 cup coffee pot, I would safely take 60 ounces as the amount and not 80 ounces.

Based on this, adjust your Water to Coffee ratio accordingly.

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