French Coffee Recipe - The Best French Coffee Recipe

French Coffee Recipe – The Best French Coffee Recipe

Welcome to this French coffee recipe! Call me biased, but I consider this to be the best French coffee recipe as it makes a tasty beverage with two-tone layered drink with an amazing creamy texture and amazing coffee taste.

It’s luxurious, rich and simply delicious.

Keep reading for the details and instructions!

French Coffee Recipe – The Best French Coffee Recipe, Café Français

France, there is no denying it is a center for world and global culinary culture, and this rather elegant looking French coffee recipe is so easy to make and I have absolutely no doubt that you will love it!

The sweet cream will rise and float like a cloud on top of your brewed coffee for a luxurious feel and texture.

This French coffee recipe is the classic café Viennois.

French Coffee Recipe
French Coffee Recipe

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Ingredients Needed For Making This French Coffee Recipe

There are very few ingredients needed for this recipe and none of them a hard to find. Maybe you even have them in your pantry already!

  • 1/8 cup of powdered sugar, confectioners sugar.
  • 1/2 cup of chilled whipping cream (heavy cream is best).
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla.
  • 1 1/2 cups of hot coffee.

Instructions Step By Step

Step 1: Beat It!

Beat your heavy cream using a whisk, hand blender or handheld milk frother until it is cloud like fluffy with rich soft peaks.

Step 2: Sweeten It!

Mix in your powdered sugar, the confectioners sugar and continue to beat or blend your heavy cream until it is nice and thick.

How Is French Coffee Different
How Is French Coffee Different

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Step 3: Share It

Share your whipped cream equally between two coffee mugs.

Step 4: Brew Your Hot Coffee

Brew your hot coffee and add the vanilla and mix well.

Step 5: Pour It

Pour your hot coffee over your hot coffee over the cream. The cream will rise like a fluffy cloud.

Serve and enjoy. It is best not to stir the heavy cream into your coffee but to enjoy it as a two toned twin layered beverage with a great texture.

Frequently Asked Questions About French Coffee Recipe

What Is A Typical French Coffee?

A typical French coffee is a café au lait, which directly translates to coffee with milk. It’s a more accurate translation is brewed coffee with milk as it is more like a café misto than a café latte.

How Is French Coffee Different?

French coffee and why it is different is best started by what French coffee is not.

  • It’s not a specific or particular coffee bean.
  • It’s not a particular style, or brew of blend.
  • It’s not even a French roast coffee beans or even brewed using a French press.

French coffee, and its enjoyment is a culture, it’s more about how they are enjoying their coffee and not what is actually in their coffee cup. The French are not into flavored coffee loaded with flavored syrups. Mostly the beans used are average, or above average, with the taste being best described as slightly bitter.

French coffee culture is more about the whole coffee experience, the taste, where you are, who you are with, what you are wearing and sitting on the sidewalk café, people watching and relaxing as the world goes by as you are enjoying a great cup of coffee.

In France, the cafés rarely, and by rarely I mean never outside of Starbucks, display the blends, syrups or whipped cream on the drinks menu. Coffee served is a well brewed espresso which is enjoyed directly or as the base for another popular coffee beverage.

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When you combine alcohol and coffee, it is often referred to as and called the perfect storm. This is due to the combinations impact on your body.

French coffee often tastes different, particularly when referring to and tasting French roast coffee beans. They are roasted for longer than almost all other dark roast coffee beans. Due to this it is a coffee bean that is darker in color and has much richer flavor. Expect a bolder and more robust taste.

Why Do French Drink Coffee Out Of Bowls?

The French enjoy their coffee from a very wide brimmed coffee cup that resembles a bowl as it is easier for dipping pastries and croissants in. Many websites report that the French drink their coffee from a bowl, but this is not 100% true. It’s a very wide brimmed bowl like mug. Think of it like a bowl with a handle! 

Final Thoughts – French Coffee Recipe

I hope that you enjoy making this tasty French coffee recipe and make it the show piece of your at home coffee meet ups, an amazing after dinner coffee at your dinner parties and a dinner treat that you simply enjoy yourself, because you deserve it.

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