Can You Make Foam With Coffee Creamer Yes, But....

Can You Make Foam With Coffee Creamer? Yes, But….

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If you have ever asked that question, “Can you make foam with coffee creamer?” The correct and best answer is yes, but…..

The “but” is because you need to make sure that you are using the correct type of coffee creamer to get a high quality foam for your cup of coffee.

Regular coffee creamer foams perfectly, but when you use non-dairy coffee creamer, you must use the right type to get it to foam.

Keep reading to find out why and how to make foam with coffee creamer.

Can You Make Foam With Coffee Creamer?

Yes, you can make foam with coffee creamer. With kind thanks to improvements in food technology and equipment, we can make great quality foam with all kind of milk for coffee.

As a bonus it doesn’t matter what kind of foam we make be it cold foam, sweet cream or regular foam for hot coffee drinks.

Both regular coffee creamer and non-dairy coffee creamer can be used as long as it is either oat milk based or contains gellan gum to act as a stabilizer and emulsifier. Without one of these two components, the non-dairy milk or non-dairy creamer will not be able to be frothed.


you will be able to make foam and froth, but it will be of a low quality and when you steam it, it will curdle much easier. There are various brands that specialize in non-dairy milks and coffee creamers for baristas. The best brand is Barista, aptly named!

Can You Make Foam With Coffee Creamer
You Can Make Foam With Coffee Creamer

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Which Makes The Best Foam, Regular Or Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer?

Regular full fat coffee creamer makes the best quality foam much better than skimmed or half fat coffee creamer. The reason for this is the same reason alternative milks have problems frothing, a lack of milk fats.

While the low fat is good for your diet, it is doing no favors for your potential and ability to froth it. This is why non-dairy milks for use by baristas must either borrow fats from oat milk or use gellan gum.

When you create foam, it is caused by the expansion of the fats which create a protective bubble around the milk proteins. When that fat is not there or there is a lack of it….

You get the picture, a reduction in the amount of foam produced and one that is less stable.

I’m not at all dismissing non-dairy creamers or milks, naturally and depending on which one, you can have an ample amount of milk fats and proteins to create a high quality air bubbles in the foam naturally. Most need that little bit of help from an oat milk base or gellan gum.

Can You Make Foam With Flavored Coffee Creamer?

Yes, there are many different flavors of coffee creamer including some very exotic flavors, here are just some:

  • Hazelnut.
  • French Vanilla.
  • Southern Butter. Pecan.
  • Irish Crème.
  • Caramel Macchiato.
  • Amaretto.
  • White Chocolate.
  • White Chocolate.
  • Raspberry.
  • Mocha.

You can use flavored coffee creamer to make an exotic tasting cup of coffee. Flavored coffee creamer can still be frothed. The fact that they are flavored has no influence on its ability to be frothed. So, seek out your favorite coffee creamer and go for it!

Can You Make Foam With Flavored Coffee Creamer
Flavored Coffee Creamer

Can You Froth International Delight?

Yes, you can absolutely froth international delight and coffee mate too for that matter. It doesn’t matter what the brand of coffee creamer is, they can all be frothed.

There is no great difference when you are frothing one brand or another in terms of the quality of the froth and what you can use the creamer for. You can still make all types of froth and foam, including cold foam, sweet cream and regular foam for your coffee.

There is no limitation either on which technique or method of foaming that you use, be it the steam wand of an espresso machine, an electric milk frother like a Nespresso Aeroccino, a handheld frothing wand, a blender (both handheld and countertop), a mason jar, a French press and a manual handheld whisk are all very effective.

Liquid creamer is liquid creamer no matter who makes it, and it will froth no matter which method is used.

All methods used, for all brands, will create quality bubbles and great texture that you would expect in a latte or frothy coffee from your local coffee shop.

Using A Steam Wand To Make Coffee Creamer Foam

This is the coffee shop classic method that you see your local barista using. A steam wand is the best way of creating luxurious foam. Some coffee creamers frother better with a pump of simple syrup or a teaspoon of sugar to help stabilize the proteins.

Pour your coffee creamer into your metal milk jug and insert the tip of the wand just below the surface of the creamer. Tilt the milk jug towards you and keep the wand stable and start steaming. The steam will inject pressurized water vapor into your creamer and create microbubbles while heating the creamer.

Once you see a sufficient amount of froth from the bubbles, dip the tip a little lower to create a whirlpool. The whirlpool will turn the larger bubbles into your creamer and break them up. The process is called stretching and is what creates the silk-like texture.

When you finished stretching the creamer, put your milk jug on the counter and give it a good solid bang a couple of times. This is to free any trapped bubbles.

At this point, pull your shot of espresso or brew your coffee and let the milk rest. The resting is important. Before you are ready to pour the creamer, polish it, the easiest part of the process, simply swirl the creamer in your jug.

Steaming creamer helps to get cloud-like micro bubbles and a rich silky texture. If you have never steamed creamer before, it might need a little trial and error, but it is not a big deal as there is no great difference between steaming milk and steaming creamer.

Using A Steam Wand To Make Coffee Creamer Foam
UA Steam Wand Makes The Best Foam

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Making Foaming Coffee Creamer With An Immersion Blender

Heat your coffee creamer until you start to see steam coming from it. At the point in which steam starts to appear, you already have the perfect temperature. Hotter is not better; excess heat will destroy your creamer as the fats will separate, and you will end up with a very oily coffee.

Using your handheld immersion blender start to blend your warm creamer in an up and down motion – this is what makes using a tall glass better. Start at a low speed for about 30 seconds and the move to a high speed for the final 30 seconds.

An immersion blender is perfect for using to make frothy lattes in just a minute. They are great for making cold foam for your cold brew coffee as well. It is a must-have kitchen tool for all home baristas and is every bit as good as a handheld frothing wand and serves as either a primary tool or an emergency back up.

In my own opinion, they are slightly better for frothing heavy cream than a milk frother.

Frequently Asked Questions About Can You Make Foam With Coffee Creamer

Can You Whip Coffee Creamer Into Foam?

Absolutely! Any type of creamer or milk, dairy or non-dairy can be whipped into cold foam, sweet cream or even frothed. Just add your handheld frother!

Yes, you can make cold foam out of coffee creamer. You can even use coffee creamer to make sweet cream. Both dairy and non-dairy coffee creamers can be used to make cold foam.

Yes, you can froth coffee mate creamer. Using a milk frother, blender, mason jar and even an espresso steam wand can be used to create a luxurious taste and texture to your coffee drink.

Yes, liquid coffee creamer is great for making whipped cream. If you place your liquid coffee creamer into an ice-cold bowl and whip with an immersion blender. The blender and the ice-cold bowl helps to create a high-quality dense foam.

Yes, you can heat coffee creamer. If you are heating it for coffee, heat only to the point where it starts to steam. Any higher a temperature and for longer, and you risk the fats separating and ending up with an oily coffee.

There are many ways of frothing that don’t involve the use of a milk frother. Your French press is ideal, as is a mason jar and a handheld frothing whisk.

Add your milk or creamer to your mason jar, close the lid and shake with strength and energy for 45 seconds to a minute.

Add your milk or creamer to your French press and pump for a minute.

Ensure that your devices are no more than a third full as you need to allow room for your dairy to expand to twice its volume.

Final Thoughts – Can You Make Foam With Coffee Creamer?

If you are ever asked by a fellow coffee lover and coffee enthusiast, “Can you make foam with coffee creamer?” you can happily advise them on which type of milk is best for your friends that prefer a non-dairy coffee creamer. 

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