The Benefits Of Black Coffee With Honey For Weight Loss

The Benefits Of Black Coffee With Honey For Weight Loss

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Many men and women dieting consider using black coffee with honey for weight loss to help them achieve their goals.

Black coffee with honey helps with more than just weight loss and losing some excess pounds, honey can help you with a variety of health conditions. This has been known since ancient times and is much more than a delicious natural substitute for sugar.

Keep reading as I dig down and talk about the benefits of black coffee with honey for weight loss.

Black Coffee With Honey For Weight Loss

Black coffee with honey helps you to lose weight due to activating the stored fat in your body, which results in your body fat levels gradually reducing.


Honey, like coffee, aids your body’s metabolism when combined, you get an additional boost that helps in weight loss.

Coffee is a well known appetite suppressant and thus with a feeling of being full there is the benefit of eating less and a reduced appetite.

Certainly worthy of knowing is the ability that honey has for reducing the number of  triglycerides that you have. Triglycerides prevent fat from being removed.

Black Coffee With Honey For Weight Loss
Honey And Black Coffee Is Good For Weight Loss.

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More Benefits Of Black Coffee With Honey

Since we have already mentioned the benefits of black coffee with honey for weight loss, let’s dig down and talk about some other health benefits of coffee.

  1. Coffee can dramatically enhance your physical performance.
  2. It may reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  3. It can enhance your energy level and make you more mentally alert.
  4. It can aid in weight loss and help you burn fat.
  5. It may protect and improve liver health.
  6. It could reduce your risk of dementia.
  7. It could reduce your risk of Parkinson’s disease.
  8. It may have the effect of reducing certain types of cancer, such as liver cancer.
  9. Coffee can help you to fight depression.
  10. It could help you in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia.
  11. Coffee is rich in essential nutrients like pantothenic acid and riboflavin.
Benefits Of Black Coffee With Honey
It’s Good In White And Black Coffee

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Benefits Of Honey 

There are many benefits of honey, and like coffee, it is rich in nutrients and can act as an antibacterial agent – even when you drink it. Being a cinch carbohydrate and full of simple sugars, it is an excellent way for getting an energy boost. And having a low glycemic index you will not get a sugar crash.

Let’s list some of the benefits of honey:

  1. Honey can improve your cholesterol levels.
  2. Honey is good for wound healing.
  3. It can lower Triglycerides.
  4. It can help with coughs.
  5. It can help to treat burns.
  6. It can help with a sore throat.
  7. The vitamins and minerals can help with overall wellbeing.
  8. The antioxidants could help to reduce blood pressure.
  9. Honey may have beneficial effects for your heart.
  10. It can help with weight loss.
Benefits Of Honey
There Are Many Benefits Of Honey

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How To Make Black Coffee With Honey For Weight Loss

This is without a doubt one of the best and most popular coffee recipes that you will find on the internet, black coffee with honey!

Black coffee lovers adore the flavor of a high quality fresh specialty coffee bean and add to that the health benefits of coffee and of course honey and there is a whole bunch of reasons to add honey to even plain coffee, one of such is averting the negative health impacts of processed and artificial sweeteners.

Obviously, making black coffee with honey is straight forward and super easy. It is all about the ratio of coffee and honey used. If you use too much honey, you will spoil the coffee bean taste and the rich aromas.


if you add your honey when the temperature is too hot, you will not get the optimal benefit from the honey. It is best to wait until your coffee has reached drinkable temperature.

Brew two cups of strong coffee using your preferred brewing method. Pour over, drip coffee or even brew up a Caffe Americano using a home espresso coffee maker.

When your coffee is ready and at a drinkable temperature, add a tablespoon of natural organic honey to one 8-ounce cup of coffee. If it’s not sweet enough for you, try adding half a teaspoon of finely powdered cinnamon per 8oz of coffee.

The cinnamon will not only sweeten your honey and coffee, you will get the health benefits, which include weight loss, of it in addition to the benefits of the coffee and honey.

Cinnamon is a popular and very tasty spice that goes very well with the flavors of honey and coffee. Research indicates that it can reduce blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. It also helps your body to burn fat at a faster rate and aids your body to convert sugar to energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Coffee With Honey For Weight Loss

Yes, both coffee and honey are a great source for boosting your metabolism. Honey has antioxidants that are good for your heart health and your metabolism. And with a better and healthier metabolism your body functions with greater efficiency when it comes to the task of burning fat and therefore, by definition, aids weight loss.

Yes, black coffee with honey not only adds a great taste to your cup of coffee it has health advantages that sugar cannot provide. Honey contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. It is also a great way for sweetening your coffee, yoghurt or tea. In my opinion, coffee with honey is better than coffee with sugar.

Yes, it is more than ok to add honey to your coffee to sweeten it. Purist black coffee lovers may disagree, but I would still encourage them to try honey for the great taste that it brings. Honey is a great natural sweetener and better than sugar since it is made up of basic simple sugars and much easier for your body to break down and digest.

Honey is not the only thing you can add to black coffee for weight loss. There are a number of other ingredients that can be added to achieve similar effects, including cinnamon, lemon, dark chocolate, butter and oil, all of which are known to help aid weight loss.

You can add honey to hot coffee, but it is best that you wait until your hot coffee is at drinkable temperature before you add honey of any type to get the most from the health benefits and the delicious taste. The simple sugars in honey rather than the refined sugars in white sugar is a much better way to kick-start your morning.

Is It Good To Add Honey In Black Coffee?

Yes, honey is a very healthy substance that has a great nutritional profile (as is coffee!) and improves the nutritional profile of coffee further.

Also, honey has antibacterial and anti-viral properties and aids your metabolism and shifts belly fat.

Can We Add Honey In Black Coffee Instead Of Sugar?

Yes, honey is a natural sweetener and is healthier and better for you than sugar.

What Is The Best Time To Drink Black Coffee For Weight Loss?

The best time to drink black coffee for weight loss is mid-morning or late in the morning.

Final Thoughts – Black Coffee With Honey For Weight Loss 

If you are thinking about black coffee with honey for weight loss, then go right ahead and try it and make it in the right proportions and don’t add your honey until your coffee has cooled down to at least the drinking temperature, or you may spoil some health benefits. 

If it is not sweet enough, add cinnamon for an additional boost in sweetness – don’t add more honey as you will go past that point where it becomes beneficial. 

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