Best Nespresso Flavors For All Coffee Drinks

Best Nespresso Flavors For All Coffee Drinks

Last updated on October 24th, 2023 at 17:35

If you are looking for the best Nespresso flavors for all coffee drinks, you will find them right here in this article as we discuss the best Nespresso capsules for Latte, the best Nespresso capsules for cappuccino, Americano, espresso and Iced coffee.

The goal of this article is to get you making delicious coffee and making your morning coffee simply amazing.

And when your cup of coffee in the morning is amazing, it really kicks off your day fantastically.

Keep reading as we rock on with this article and focus on the best Nespresso flavors.

Best Nespresso Capsules For Latte

When you are looking for a beloved coffee capsule to make an excellent latte, you need one that is a dark roast and has a flavor intensity to cut through the creamy flavor of the milk. This is a hard and solid rule for brewing a high quality latte.

Ignore it, and you will have an overtly milky coffee with very little coffee flavors coming through.

Not a lot of coffee lovers would think of or consider the Nespresso Ristretto Coffee Capsule as the base for a Latte.

It is strong, focused and punchy, use two, and it cuts right through the milk, bringing you a great full of coffee flavored latte. If you want a lighter taste, use just one.

The Ristretto Italiano has intense notes of dark chocolate and hints of brown sugar.

Best Nespresso Capsules For Latte
The Ristretto Is The Best Of Lattes

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Best Nespresso Capsules For Cappuccino

Like a latte, for a good cappuccino you need a dark roast coffee with a good degree of roasting to haul the flavor past the milky creamy taste of the milk. Failing to get a coffee that does this, you might as well just make a cup of hot milk and add some frothy milk on top!

For a regular cappuccino or a good double cappuccino, Bianco Leggero and Bianco Forte capsules are going to get the job done very well.

And I mean, very well in every sense of the word. Both of these capsules are very robust, dark and strong in flavor and are designed to cut through the thick creamy taste of full fat milk. Made with Kenyan Arabica coffee beans. Expect a sweet caramel aftertaste to pull through.

Best Nespresso Capsules For Cappuccino
The Bianco Leggero Capsule

Best Flavored Nespresso Capsule

This is a question often asked by those whose coffee routine is centered around lattes and what flavor of latte they can enjoy. It is rare to find or come across a flavored coffee that is milk free.

Heads and shoulders above all is Gourmesso, who are the best non-Nespresso third party Nespresso capsule producer.

The range of flavored and top – tasting capsules is incredible and, above all – a VIP factor for myself and many other coffee lovers is the fact that they are fair trade and purchased from self sustainable coffee producers.

Another plus point is their coffee is free from added sugars and preservatives and the capsules are BPA-free.

Their sample pack is the best way to get started, as they let you sample coconut, vanilla, caramel, chocolate hazelnut and chocolate.

The intensity rating is 5, and they are dark roasted.

Best Nespresso Capsule For Single Origin Coffee

There are many single origin coffees available in the form of Nespresso capsules. The single origin market for capsules is becoming more competitive as each day passes with Caffesso making a range of excellent options with their Sidamo single Origin and Colombia Single Origin capsules excellent choices.

Their Colombian Single origin capsule is a double-washed robusta bean, which is rare as the vast majority of Colombian beans are Arabica. What makes this extra special is this double washing process is usually reserved for Arabica beans.

Best Nespresso Capsules For Americano

I am not a great fan of the classic Caffe Americano and thus for accuracy I looked at the technicalities of the composition of an Americano and borrowed the taste buds of a friend that does.

An Americano is made with an espresso base with additional water added. Studying the Nespresso capsules and how they make their respective coffees, you are not going to get a great Caffe Americano by using an Espresso and adding water.

The Lungo capsules, a long double shot espresso, or more accurately described, an espresso made with double the amount of water.

My favorite and top choice is the Alflorazio, which has an intensity rating of 4 and is made with washed beans from East Africa. It’s bright, floral and an espresso with notes of jasmine and blueberry.

The gran lungo range of capsules are in the medium intensity range and produce an espresso that is much longer, hence the name “lungo” meaning long in Italian. Unlike the double espresso capsules and the regular espresso, there are many that have their original from Indonesia and Africa, some of which are Sumatran volcanic coffees.

The Alflorazio Capsule

Best Nespresso Espresso Capsules

To be clean and as straight as I can be. Without any coffee snobbery, a Nespresso does not make an espresso, it makes an espresso like shot.

Any regular espresso drinker will notice the difference between a shot of espresso made with an espresso machine and an espresso made with a Nespresso.


with that in mind we selected the capsule that makes the espresso, an espresso that is most similar in taste and texture to what you would get from a home espresso machine. The Volluto capsule, with an intensity rating of 4, makes the best espresso.

The Volluto is a light, sweet blend of beans from South America and Central America, has a light body, sweet finish and is a very balanced espresso capsule.

This capsule is on the low end of the intensity spectrum and produces an espresso of 1.35 ounces (40ml).

Best Nespresso Alternative Capsules

The best Nespresso Alternative, the best third party Nespresso capsules without a doubt is Gourmesso.

Gourmesso flavored espresso capsules variety pack is by far the best way to get started with this brand. Their range of capsules out strip what is available from Nespresso themselves and stands above all others in terms of quality and the availability of exotic coffees of all types.

They have gourmet espresso, ristretto, lungo and specialty coffees in their range of coffee capsules.

You just won’t find better capsules anywhere than what Gourmesso have.

Gourmesso Capsules
Gourmesso Capsules

Best Nespresso Capsule For Iced Coffee

By far the best capsule for making Nespresso is undoubtedly the Freddo Intenso. This capsule was made specifically for iced coffee and gives an intense flavor and bold taste.

The biggest downside is they are difficult to find.

Personally, I do not make my iced coffee straight. I like to take the Freddo, put it in a cocktail shaker with two ice cubes.

Shaking vigorously for a minute or two will instantly cool the coffee and make it perfect for pouring over crushed ice or with ice cubes and mitigate partially the watery effect that you will experience.

Best Nespresso Light Roast

I’m breaking with Nespresso here as there are much better light roasts than those that are made by Nespresso. Gourmesso and their light roast Brasile Blend Dolce which is a blend of Asian, Brazilian and Peruvian coffee beans with light citrus hints. A truly world-class coffee.

Best Nespresso Dark Roast

The best Nespresso compatible capsule for a great dark roast is by HiLine Coffee and their stand-out Grand Central capsule. It is expertly roasted washed Colombian beans with caramel and cherry notes that will leave you wanting more.

It is one of the best dark roasted coffee I have tried period, capsule and non-capsule based.

Best Nespresso Variety Pack

The best Nespresso variety pack by Nespresso is their VertuoLine variety pack. In the pack you get 3 different styles of coffee: Strong Stormio, Medium Strong Odacio and Medium Roast Melozio). All the capsules provide an 8-ouncee (240 ml) serving.

Outwith the Nespresso brand there are some outstanding variety packs available from:

  • 1. Gourmesso.
  • 2. HiLine.
  • 3. Bestpresso.
  • 4. Jones Brothers.
  • 5. Café Joe USA.

Best Nespresso Decaffeinated Capsule

The best Nespresso decaffeinated capsule is their ristretto, decaffeinato Italiano. It has all the coffee taste and none of the caffeine punch.

The intensity rating is 10 and is dark roasted with strong hints of chocolate and a lovely mix of Robusta and Arabica beans.

It is made from a beautiful blend of East African and Latin American coffee beans that are slowly roasted and bring out the acidic and fruity notes. The result is a short, sharp and rich Italian coffee.

Nespresso Decaffeinated
Nespresso Decaffeinated Capsules

Taste Profile Notes

Identifying the roast that you like, be it dark, medium or light, is a perfect starting point when you are tasting and trying out a new coffee.

What gets a little more difficult is when you start to keep an eye open for the tasting notes. These are often vague and missing a lot of information.

The Intensity

The intensity scale is on a 1 to 13 scale. The higher the number, the darker and deeper the taste will be. Also, the lower the number, the lighter the taste will be.

The higher numbers are better for milk based drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites and so on.

Original Or Vertuo

There are two different kinds of Nespresso machines, OriginalLine and VertuoLine. The latter makes larger drinks, typically 8 ounces (240 ml), while the former makes smaller 6 ounce (180 ml) drinks. Each has their own capsule or pod design and are not compatible with each other.

You must use a Vertuo capsule for a Vertuo machine, like wise with OriginalLine.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Nespresso Flavors

Which Nespresso Capsule Is The Sweetest?

The sweetest Nespresso capsule is the Volluto, which has a low intensity rating of 4. It is sweet, light and a 100% blend of Latin American Arabica coffee beans. It’s an espresso capsule that produces a sweet finish and toasted notes and a light body.

How Can I Make My Nespresso Taste Better?

There are a few things that you can do to make your Nespresso coffee capsules taste better starting with:

  • 1. Readjust and reprogram your Nespresso machine.
  • 2. Run a rinse cycle before you make your coffee.
  • 3. Clean your Nespresso capsule machine on a regular basis.
  • 4. Descale your machine on a regular basis.
  • 5. Use hot water in your water reservoir.
  • 6. Change your water – use bottled water or filtered water.

What Is The Strongest Nespresso Capsule?

The strongest Nespresso capsule is the Kazaar capsule and the Podista double shot pod, which is a double espresso shot.

What Is The Sweetest Nespresso?

The sweetest tasting Nespresso is the honey sweetness of the Melozio capsule. You will immediately notice the smooth cereal notes of the blend’s tasty Brazilian bourbon arabica coffee beans.

Which Nespresso Pod Tastes Like Chocolate?

The Barista Creations Cocoa Truffle by Nespresso. It’s tasty, smooth and has a rich luxurious dark chocolate truffle taste that is easily noted.

What Is The Least Bitter Nespresso Coffee?

The best and least bitter Nespresso coffee is from their light roast range of coffees and the Ethiopia Master Origin. It has very little, if any, bitterness.

What Flavor Is Stormio?

Stormio is from the Nespresso VertuoLine and is made with a blend of Arabic beans from all over the world. It has a spicy tang with light cereal notes.

How Often Should You Clean Nespresso Machine?

It has been suggested that you clean your machine every 6 months or 600 coffees made. Since there can be old coffee stuck in the pipes and tubing I suggest a rinsing cycle before you make every coffee and cleaning it every week giving it a good proper clean.

You should descale every month at least.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Best Nespresso Flavors

Thank you for reading this far and finding out what the best Nespresso flavors are. I hope this article has served you well and has helped you pick the best tasting capsules that meet your taste requirements.

Do you have a particular special Nespresso flavor? Share it and your own thoughts with our cool coffee community and help your fellow coffee lovers enjoy great coffee. Find us on Facebook/Meta!

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