White Espresso - A Must Try Game-Changing Coffee!

White Espresso – A Must Try Game-Changing Coffee!

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White espresso is simply a must-try coffee in your coffee journey. It has become one of my preferred coffee drinks while in Malaysia, where I first came across this rather unique and very, very light roast.

This article is dedicated to an espresso brewed with this coffee that is roasted to before the first crack.

Keep reading for the details!

White Espresso

White espresso are perhaps two words that, as a coffee lover, you would not expect to hear in the same sentence.

It’s not some weird concoction with white chocolate in a similar way that a white mocha is made, nor is it made with steamed milk. It is what it sounds like. An espresso made with white roast coffee beans.

White Espresso
White Espresso

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What Is A White Espresso?

A white espresso is simply a shot of concentrated coffee made with an espresso machine, finely ground white roasted coffee using a coffee to water ratio of 1:2.

It’s not a new drink or a new innovation as it is a very common drink in China, South East Asia’s Malay Peninsula and parts of the Middle East.

It is slowly gaining popularity in North America as a hipster favorite that you will see in your local gourmet coffee shop.

The beans are roasted at a lower temperature at 162C (325F) with the heat slowly increased to bring out the nutty flavors. The roast is terminated before the first crack.

It is the lightest known roast and the only roast that is terminated before the first crack; all other roasts are taken to the beyond the first or second crack.

The Origins Of White Coffee

White coffee and its origins are somewhat debated amongst coffee enthusiasts and coffee geeks where one half will claim that white coffee has its origins in China and the other half in Yemen.

Although both countries make and roast white coffee, they are slightly different. The white coffee enjoyed and created by the Chinese Tin Minors in Malaysia, which was brought to the Malay Peninsula from China, is roasted with palm oil margarine and a dash of salt.

While in Yemen it is roasted without the addition of any ingredients.

As a matter of clarity, white coffee is not in reference to a flat white or any coffee drink with milk, cream or any dairy added, it is purely in reference to the roast.

Despite the name and term white coffee beans being used often they are not actually white but a light beige color.

The coffee beverage produced, be it a white espresso or any other coffee drink, is a light brown color.

The Origins Of White Coffee
White Coffee

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White Espresso Flavor Profile

White roasted coffee when brewed and served as an espresso drink is often described as nutty, sweet with a low bitter note and pronounced acidity. A white espresso or any white coffee drink lacks caramelization as the beans are not taken to high enough a temperature to burn and caramelize the sugars inside the coffee beans.

This is also the reason why there is very little to no bitter aftertaste and the bright acidic flavor, the natural acids in the coffee beans.

Light roasts are well known for having more of the nuanced characteristics of the origin in the beans, which are more noticeable in what is an incredibly light roast, the lightest of all light roasts.

Thus, if you are home roasting your own beans to a white roast, the quality and origin of the bean used will have a large impact on the taste and flavor of the final coffee brewed.

The same can be said if you find a small family run roaster that will roast beans for you to this very light roasting profile.

In Yemen, they serve their white coffee and white espresso flavored with Hawaij, a mix of spices made of turmeric, cardamon, cumin and black pepper.

Is A White Espresso Healthier Than A Regular Espresso?

Yes, even though I have often seen white espresso and white coffee being touted as a healthy drink, and it absolutely is, simply switching your dark roast espresso from a white espresso is not going to solve all your health problems.

Small incremental changes in many areas may very well help you to better health.

The reason that white roasted coffee is touted for its health benefits is the greater amount of chlorogenic acid, a potent antioxidant that is good for liver health, inflammation, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

This is not a wild or random claim by a coffee blogger or series of coffee bloggers; it’s backed by thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies and well respected health sites like Healthline and WebMD.

However, if you don’t enjoy the taste, there is no point in switching your black coffee for white coffee.

If you do enjoy a white espresso and want some extra health benefits, consider making your morning coffee a white ristretto.

Since a ristretto is made with a coffee to water ratio of 1:1 it has a greater concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds and flavonoids.

Is A White Espresso Healthier Than A Regular Espresso
White Espresso May Aid High Blood Pressure

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Does A White Espresso Have More Caffeine?

Although it is rare coffee outside of China and the Malay Peninsula and is a difficult coffee to find in coffee shops.

I have seen some vendors claiming that the caffeine content is 50% greater than darker roasts. This is simply not true.

Not even close!

While it is true that there is more caffeine in white coffee beans than other regular coffee beans, there is only 5.4% more caffeine on average than darker roasts.

The average white espresso is 90 mg per shot compared to 85 mg of a blonde espresso and 75 mg of a dark roast espresso.

How To Drink White Espresso

This is going to sound very ironic, white espresso is enjoyed black.

By black, I mean with no steamed milk, creamer or dairy of any description.

If you must add milk I suggest almond milk as it matches the nutty sweet flavor perfectly.

If you suffer from GERD, heartburn and have a legitimate need to add milk, try almond milk first. You can also add a dash of bicarbonate of soda.

A White Espresso
A White Espresso

Best White Espresso Beans

White espresso beans and white coffee beans are difficult to find, unless of course you live in Yemen, China and the Malay Peninsula.

Here are some that I have tried, enjoyed and recommend that you try. You will be able to find them online easily.

Abbey Roast – Ground And Whole Bean

Abbey roast is a coffee roaster based in the southwest of New Mexico and is run out of a Monastery.

Their white coffee is available in 12 Oz (360 gram) and 5 pound (2.26 Kg) bags.

The beans are Brazilian Arabica beans that are slowly roasted at the low temperature of 162C (325F) and pulled before the first crack.

The beans are available as whole beans, fine ground (perfect for espresso), medium grind and coarse grind sizes.

I advise against the whole beans unless you own an industrial grinder as white coffee beans are difficult to grind and will likely break a commercial and home grind, even if you have a steel burr.

Wired Willey’s

Wired Willey’s is a gourmet premium roast coffee and is available in 16 Oz (480 grams) 32 Oz (960 grams) and 4 pounds (1.81 kg) bags. It comes pre-ground as standard.

As soon as the coffee is roasted and has cooled, it is bagged and shipped directly to you.

In other words, you will get freshly roasted coffee well within the peak flavor window of 3 days post roasting and 7 days after this 3-day period.

Poverty Bay Coffee Company White Tornado

White Tornado by Poverty Bay Coffee Company is a very popular white roast coffee and is roasted to 325F (162C) and said to keep you stimulated for up to 5 hours.

This coffee has a very light and mellow nutty taste with a lingering sweetness.

This is only available as a preground coffee which is ground to a special grind size that is said to release their full flavor.

Alaska Artisan Coffee – Pre-ground Only

This white coffee comes from a coffee company that has been roasting white coffee for over twenty years.

Available in what is a small, slightly larger than a sample size of 5 Oz (150 grams) to a rather large 4 pound (3.62 kg) which will last you a long, long time!

Frequently Asked Questions About White Espresso

Is There White Coffee Espresso?

Yes, you can make a white espresso using white roast coffee beans as long as they have been ground to the correct grind size. You must buy pre-ground coffee, and ask the vendor if it is ideal for your espresso machine. You can’t buy whole bean white coffee and grind at home unless you have an industrial grinder as they are too hard for regular grinders.

Is White Espresso Stronger?

Yes, a white espresso has 5.4% more caffeine content than a blonde espresso, which is the most caffeinated shot of espresso with 85 mg per shot. The actual caffeine difference is minor with an average of 89.59 mg of caffeine per espresso shot.

Is White Espresso White?

No, despite the name, a white espresso is not white. The coffee beans are not white prior to roasting and are not white after the roasting process.

The beverage is not white either. They are a very light beige color, as is the beverage.

Is White Coffee Blonde Espresso?

No, there is a distinction between white coffee and blonde espresso.

White coffee, in terms of white roasted coffee beans are roasted just before the first crack and is usually brewed as a regular coffee, French press, pour over or whatever it may be. A blonde espresso in terms of an espresso brewed with blonde roasted coffee beans are roasted to just past the first crack and brewed using the espresso brewing process.

As a matter of clarity, Starbucks blonde espresso is not actually roasted with a blonde roasted coffee bean. The roast used is a unique roast that is lighter than an espresso roast, but darker than a medium-dark roast.

What Is The Strongest Espresso?

The strongest espresso is a Ristretto. A Ristretto, as I like to call it, is the baby brother of an espresso. It’s smaller and made with a more focused coffee to water ratio using a 1:1 ratio.

Is Espresso Actually Stronger Than Coffee?

An espresso is stronger, more potent and intense tasting coffee with a greater amount of caffeine per fluid ounce. The total caffeine content in regular coffee is greater due to being a greater amount.

The quantity of beverage is a large factor in the total caffeine amount. The average 8 Oz brewed coffee has 120 mg of caffeine while a shot of espresso has 75 mg of caffeine.

How Much Caffeine Is In White Espresso?

The average caffeine content of a one ounce single shot of white espresso is almost 90 mg of caffeine.

Can You Make Espresso With White Coffee?

Yes, the process of making an espresso with white coffee is the same process as making a regular espresso, but you must request beforehand to have an espresso grind size of 200 microns.

Final Thoughts – White Espresso

White espresso is a very unique coffee and loaded with nutrients and potent antioxidants which is why I like to have a shot of it as my morning espresso and save the grounds for making a nutrient rich face mask and facial scrub for my girlfriend.

Have you tried a white espresso?

How was it?

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