White Coffee K Cups! Indulge In A Blissful Coffee

White Coffee K Cups! Indulge In A Blissful Coffee

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White Coffee K Cups are hard to find and as a matter of clarity, I’m talking about white roast coffee K Cups, not a flat white or a coffee with milk or dairy.

This article is dedicated to both the brand of coffee called White Coffee, who produce an excellent range of K Cups and White Roasted K Cups.

Keep reading for the details!

White Coffee K Cups

The most popular white coffee K Cups is from a brand called white coffee which causes a little confusion with coffee lovers and coffee enthusiasts, particularly coffee geeks like me as white coffee is a specific reference not to a beverage but a very rare and hard to find roast.

A white roast is a very special and unique coffee roast where the beans are roasted at a lower temperature of 325F (162C) and pulled before the first crack.

There are some legitimate white roast coffee K-Cups, I’ll talk about later.

First, let’s talk about the brand White coffee and their Keurig K Cups.

White Coffee K Cups
White Coffee K Cups

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White Coffee K Cups – The Brand

The white coffee brand has 6 different flavor collections of K cups which are:

  • Single Origin.
  • Color Blocks.
  • Chocolate Lover.
  • Leaf Organic.
  • Winter Wonderland.
  • Seasonal.

Leaf Organic By White Coffee

This collection has a wide range of tasty organic coffees that are packaged in biodegradable compostable material.

They have 11 different K Cups including a great French Roast, Breakfast blend, hazelnut K cup pods.

Here are some of their better coffee pods:

  • French Vanilla: Sweet and creamy, amazing as an afternoon relaxing coffee.
  • Colombian: Rich, nutty and aromatic with a caramel sweetness.
  • Full City Roast: Bold, rich and smokey without being too bitter.
Leaf Organic By White Coffee
Leaf Organic By White Coffee

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The Color Blocks Collection K Cup Coffee Pod Collection By White Coffee

This range of K Cup pods are regular coffees with punchy flavors:

  • Praline Chestnut: A medium roast that is spicy with notable nutty flavors and caramel notes.
  • French Roast: Strong bold intense coffee with rich flavors.
  • Breakfast Blend: A simple, but classic medium roast. A great everyday coffee.
  • Hazelnut: A great coffee with a classic hazelnut flavor.

It’s a collection of everyday enjoyable coffee drinks.

Chocolate Lover

Self-explanatory with a range of decadent and tasty coffees with chocolate. They are absolutely delicious.

Single Origin Collection

The single origin coffee are their finest coffees from various regions in the world with great coffees from Latin America, East Africa and Asia.


Self-explanatory and loaded with seasonal coffees to enjoy. Similar can be said of their winter wonderland collection.

White Roast Coffee K Cups

4 Seasons Coffee has a great white roast K cup that they call their Rylees White.

It’s known for its nutty flavor and light sweetness, and while being a white roast it is very easy for you to enjoy. Pop it in your Keurig coffee machine and brew it.

Dutch Bros White Coffee K Cups

Dutch Bros have a great white coffee K cup that is roasted at 162C (325F) and produces a great coffee that is often referred to as being half roasted due to being roasted to before the point before the first crack.

Quite literally it is half roasted.

It’s a healthier coffee with higher amounts of chlorogenic acid, nutrients, phenolic compounds and flavonoids.

The additional nutrients and especially the chlorogenic acid, which is a potent antioxidant that is only found in coffee. Is particularly good for lowering blood pressure, liver health and cardiovascular health and having more is better for you.

Due to the low roasting temperature, it’s earthy, light and nutty tasting.

Dutch Bros White Coffee K Cups
Dutch Bros Has White Coffee!

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White Coffee K Cups Walmart

White coffee in K Cups is available at Walmart and in many variations but only from the brand name and not actual white roast coffee.

It is such a specialty coffee roast that major stores like Walmart don’t stock it.

White Coffee K-Cup Caffeine Content

White coffee as a roast has more caffeine than other roasts but not the 50% more that many claim, it has only 5.4% more caffeine than regular blonde roast, which is the nearest roast to a blonde roast.

The coffee brand, white coffee, their coffees range from 75 mg to 120 mg per cup brewed.

Can You Make White Coffee In A Keurig?

Yes, you can make a white coffee in a Keurig as white roasted coffee exists in this format for you to enjoy.

Simply add your Keurig K Cup white roast into your Keurig single serve coffee maker and brew it as you would any other coffee in your machine.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Coffee K Cups

Does Keurig Make A White Coffee?

There are a few independent brands that have Keurig K Cups labeled as a white roast, these are not true white coffees, they are actually a dark roast, the lightest of dark roasts, a full city roast.

Why Is White Coffee Called White Coffee?

The name white coffee comes from the literal translation from the Chinese language, where this style of coffee roasting began in the 19th century. The beans are not actually white, but a very lighter shade of cinnamon color.

What’s The Difference Between White Coffee And Black Coffee?

The difference between white coffee and black coffee is the amount of time and temperature the coffee beans have been roasted for.

White coffee, also known as a half roast, is roasted at a lower temperature and to just before the first crack.

Other roasts are roasted beyond the first crack and beyond the second crack for dark roasts.

A black coffee is generally referred to as a coffee drink made with any roast of coffee and without the addition of dairy.

Do They Make White Coffee?

Yes, white coffee is made by roasting the beans at a lower temperature at around 325F (162C), which is significantly lower than the 450F to 480F (230C to 250C).

Just before the first crack, the beans are then pulled, and the roasting process is terminated.

Does White Coffee Taste Better?

Opinions vary as coffee is a very personal thing. White coffee is lighter, earthier and has nuttier flavors than other beans. A single origin white coffee will have more flavors of the origin than other roasts.

Is A White Coffee A Normal Coffee?

Yes, it is a normal, rare and very special coffee. The beans are very hard to find as not many roasters make coffee to this level.

It is very popular in certain parts of Asia, particularly Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and China.

Which Is Healthier Black Or White Coffee?

White roasted coffee is healthier due to the coffee bean being roasted at a lower temperature and for a shorter period of time. This helps to retain nutrients and the quality of the nutrients. White coffee has more chlorogenic acid than black coffee.

Is White Coffee Really White?

No, white coffee is not actually white. It is a very light brown color, lighter than the cinnamon color of a blonde roast.

Final Thoughts – White Coffee K Cups

White coffee K cups are great, tasty, and I encourage you to try white roasted K cup coffee pods and the White Coffee brand.

If you have never tried white roasted coffee, now is as good a time as any and your Keurig will brew it perfectly!

Join our fun and friendly coffee community and tell us about which white coffee that you have found and tried in your Keurig coffee maker. Find us on Facebook/Meta.

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