White Coffee Health Benefits - Is It Better Than Black Coffee

White Coffee Health Benefits – Is It Better Than Black Coffee?

Learning about white coffee health benefits will help you to better decide if it is a type of coffee that you want to have as your regular coffee.

Sure there are positive effects, which I’ll talk about in a second, a simple cup of coffee is not going to turn you into a picture of health – a holistic approach of a good balanced diet and exercise will.

There is one thing that is certain, this rather different cup of coffee is rather tasty!

Keep reading to find out the positive impact that white coffee may have on your health.

White Coffee Health Benefits

When considering the health benefits of white coffee one thing that stands out and comes to my attention is the elevated levels of chlorogenic acid when compared to other coffee roasts due to the minimal roasting since it is roasted at a reduced temperature and for half as long.

The benefits of chlorogenic acid are wide-ranging for your health, which include its anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic and anti-obesity properties. It also has a blood pressure reducing property and can help with mood, and infections.

There is also some research that points to it supporting healthy brain function and aiding with cognitive function due to an increased alertness, which with white coffee and the caffeine content.

It is a natural and potent anti-oxidant with powerful health benefits and may provide non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical approaches to treatment of some conditions.

White Coffee Health Benefits
White Coffee Has Many Health Benefits

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More Health Benefits Of White Coffee

There are more benefits that you get with white coffee that are gained out with the high levels of chlorogenic acid.

On average, there is 5.4% more caffeine in white roasted coffee beans when compared to regular coffee beans. Of course, besides the wake-up call associated with a dose of caffeine there are a number of positive effects on your health, which include a reduction in the likelihood of Parkinson’s disease, less likely to develop heart failure, stronger DNA, improved liver health and improved processing of glucose.

White Coffee can help your body to burn and process calories more efficiently than other coffee beverages. This is due to the slightly increased caffeine levels and a calorie count of 1 to 5 calories per cup depending on how you take your coffee.

One of the great benefits and reasons for the reduced calorie count is the simple fact that white coffee doesn’t need additional flavors, sugars or coffee syrups added as it is a very tasty coffee, naturally.

It is also high in antioxidants, besides the chlorogenic acid which I have already spoken about it has additional potent antioxidants like trigonelline, caffeine (which researchers also consider as an antioxidant), n-coumaric acid, ferulic acid and caffeic acid.

Antioxidants play an important role in human health aiding to fighting free radicals and have been linked to a reduction in cardiovascular disease. The concentration of antioxidants is higher than black coffee beans and other conventional coffees and thus there are health advantages of opting for white coffee.

Something that may be overlooked by many in terms of a health benefit is a very convenient fact that it is easier on your gastrointestinal system. Acid reflux, an upset stomach or heart burn as well as dental pain the cause might be the acidity of your coffee. Which thankfully is not an issue with white coffee as it is a reduced acidity coffee when cold brewed.

White Coffee Is Very Healthy
White Coffee Is So Healthy

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White coffee is coffee beans that have been roasted at a lower temperature and only for half as long. Due to the roasting at a notably lower temperature of 325F (162C) instead of 450F to 480F (232C to 248C) the result is a whitish colored coffee bean, that is very cream like in color, very similar to that of white chocolate.

Due to the reduced roasting profile, less caffeine is roasted out, and you end up with a bean that is slightly higher in caffeine and has a pronounced nutty sweet taste, which is very different from traditional coffee.

What Is The Difference Between Black Coffee And White Coffee?

The biggest difference between black coffee and white coffee is temperature at which the green coffee beans are roasted at. A quick note, all roasted coffees start off as green coffee beans and they take on the various colors and roast profiles based on how they were roasted.

Black coffee has been roasted at a higher temperature and for much longer than white coffee. The result is that with a white coffee, you get a lighter coffee when compared with a black coffee.

Due to the shorter roasting time, you end up with white coffee beans that have a color that is similar to white chocolate and beans that retain a lot more of the flavor compounds from the location due to less being lost due to the roasting process.

They are also higher in chlorogenic acid than other coffees.

Is White Coffee Less Acidic?

White coffee has a less acidic taste due to the very light roasting process when compared to medium roast and other coffee roasts. As a coffee is roasted it gains in acidity as it goes up the roasting levels which means white roast and light roast coffees are lower in acidity than other with a white roast being the less acidic of all.

You can reduce the acidity further by making a cold brew coffee with your white coffee. This will be a highly caffeinated coffee as a bonus or side effect – depending on how you view it, as the reduced and very light roasting process results in a coffee that is more caffeinated and a cold brew coffee is highly caffeinated.

No matter how you brew it, you will enjoy the nutty flavor which is more pronounced than other brewing methods.

Is White Coffee Less Acidic
White Coffee Is Less Acidic

 Is White Coffee Bad For You?

No, white coffee is not bad for you. It is, as a matter of fact, healthier than dark roasts due to the nutrients not being lost during the roasting process, which, by the very definition, makes it a healthier option when compared to other types of coffee.


due to the lower roasting temperatures and the shorter time spent when roasting, white coffee beans are higher in antioxidants, which are beneficial for your health in a number of ways.

It is always good to pack your diet with antioxidants. Speaking of antioxidants, due to the very light roasting it has elevated levels of chlorogenic acid which is a powerful antioxidant.

White coffee is less acidic than darker roasts, which means it is much better for you if you suffer from stomach or dental issues. Which means if you made a cold brew with white coffee beans it would probably be the least acidic coffee that you can find, since cold brew coffee, even with dark roast coffee produces a low acid coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Coffee Health Benefits?

Yes, white coffee is 100% real coffee – it is a coffee that has been roasted to a notably lighter roast profile than regular coffee. Although you can use white coffee for a number of different brewing methods, it is more commonly used in a Moka pot, or espresso machine, as these methods and beverages produced concentrate the flavors very well.

White coffee is used for making many different types of coffee and is particularly good at making an espresso beverage or espresso based beverage.

Due to the reduced roasting time the natural sugars in the white coffee beans are not caramelized which gives the coffee a reduced bitterness. Many coffee lovers and coffee experts describe the flavor as nutty and with a greater acidity.

It is very common to buy white coffee as pre-ground and not as whole bean coffee due to the beans being much harder than regular coffee beans. The coffee beans are often too hard for even a commercial coffee grinder. I advise against buying the beans, as they may very well break your grinder.

White coffee often has a fast brew time when using an espresso machine due to the grind size. To get a good quality coffee, you may need to discard the first shot and use the second one, due to a smoother flavor and more caffeine as a bonus.

If you are using a moka pot, it may be a good idea to double brew by adding the coffee brewed during the first round of brewing to the water chamber and run it through for second brew for doubled brewed coffee.

Yes, white coffee has caffeine. Even though some caffeine content is lost due to the roasting process.

With that said, it still has a caffeine content of 5.4%, more than a regular cup of coffee. This means that white robusta coffee is the strongest coffee that you will find, since robusta coffee beans have on average 2.2x more caffeine than Arabica coffee beans.

No, I would not refer to white coffee as an unhealthy or regular coffee beans as un healthy either for that matter either due to the nutrient content. It is said by many well respected medical and health sites that white coffee is healthier than normal roasted coffee beans due to the roasting process and less nutrients being lost when compared to regular coffee beans.

The slightly higher caffeine content has its benefits too, increasing blood flow, and increased alertness.

Where Is White Coffee From?

White coffee and its brewing process originates from Yemen where it is traditionally served with a ground spice called hawaij. The spice is made from turmeric, cumin, cardamom, and black pepper. 

The addition of hawaij adds a dynamic dimension to the flavor and is still popular today. 

Final Thoughts – White Coffee Health Benefits

As you have seen and read, there are numerous white coffee health benefits that you may enjoy just by trying out this rather different and peculiar looking coffee. 

As a polite reminder, changing the type of coffee that you drink is not going to dramatically alter your health, good nutrition, a balanced diet and an overall healthy lifestyle will.

Have you tried white coffee? Did you try the famous Penang White or Ipoh white coffee from Malaysia?

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