Which Keurig Makes Hot And Cold Drinks You Have 3 Options

Which Keurig Makes Hot And Cold Drinks? You Have 3 Options!

Last updated on October 26th, 2023 at 20:42

When summer comes around a question that we see often is Which Keurig makes hot and cold drinks?

There are three options available to you, but you should be aware of one very important thing: Iced coffee is brewed hot – always!

I’ll explain why in a moment.

It is important to know and will save you a lot of headache and frustration thinking the Iced button is not working.

Keep reading and find out what these three Keurig models are that make both hot and cold drinks.

Which Keurig Makes Hot And Cold Drinks?

The three Keurigs that make hot and cold drinks are:

  1. The Keurig K-Supreme.
  2. The Keurig K-Slim +Iced brewer.
  3. The Keurig K-Elite

All of these have an iced coffee function which, when you press it, will brew your iced coffee hot!

Which Keurig Makes Hot And Cold Drinks
The Keurig K-Slim +Iced brewer

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Why Does The Keurig Iced Button Brew Hot? Is My Keurig Iced Coffee Button Not Working!

Don’t worry, don’t call the support line or use their support email – your Keurig iced coffee button is working fine, perfectly. It is not broken. 

As odd as this might sound, iced coffee is supposed to be brewed hot. Every time you have been served or have enjoyed an iced coffee from a coffee shop it has been hot brewed over ice and cooled by your barista or left to cool, and then served to you.

This is how an iced coffee must be brewed. It is intentionally brewed to have a stronger flavor to compensate for the melting ice. 

The Keurig models that have an iced button or iced setting make your iced coffee stronger by serving a reduced quantity that is more focused to compensate for your melting ice. 

If it served you a regular amount, it would end up tasting watery and weak when the ice melts. 

Keurig Iced Coffee Button Not Working
Keurig Iced Coffee Button

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Why Is An Iced Coffee Brewed Hot?

Iced coffee is brewed hot due to a matter of extraction and getting the high temperature flavor compounds and oils from the coffee grounds which are extracted much faster which can vary from 25 seconds to 3 or 4 minutes depending on the grind size.

Cold brewing takes much longer, much, much, much longer – like 12 hours to 24 hours longer than hot brewing. 

Which in most cases is very impractical. Cold brew and iced coffee are two very different drinks and taste very different – cold brew has a more subdued mellow, less acidic taste.

If you ordered a cold brew coffee from Starbucks or your local coffee shop, know that it was not made that day and was left to brew overnight the previous night.

Frequently Asked Questions About Which Keurig Makes Hot And Cold Drinks

The Keurig single serve coffee maker that you can use to make great iced coffee and hot coffee is the K-Elite coffee maker which has an iced coffee option in addition to making a full-flavored hot coffee.

The iced coffee button is not designed for your coffee to come out cold, which is entirely normal and expected as iced coffee is brewed hot, no matter where you go – even Starbucks. The feature produced a focused shorter and stronger coffee to take into account the watering down by your slowly melting ice cubes. Expect it to make hot coffee – it should!

The Keurig K-Slim +Iced brewer and the Keurig K-Supreme are two more Keurig coffee makers that make both hot coffee and iced coffee. I wouldn’t say that any one of the three are better than the other at making iced coffee as both are an ideal coffee maker for making all kinds of iced coffee drinks.

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Yes, there are in fact, at this current moment in time, three models of Keurigs that have the function of specifically making iced coffee with zero effort on your part. The K-slim +Iced model, the K-Elite and the Keurig K-Supreme. The coffee does not “cold brew” your coffee or come out cold. This is not possible because if it did, it would be under-extracted.

Cold brew takes 12 to 24 hours to extract.

Keurig K-Supreme, K-Elite and the K-slim +Iced all have an iced coffee option. These are currently the only three models with an iced button that will tell your machine to make a slightly smaller and stronger coffee to compensate for the melting ice so that you can brew over ice.

Yes, and you should expect it to. All iced coffee is brewed hot. It is part and parcel of the coffee. An iced coffee is a coffee that has been brewed hot and then cooled with ice.

The reason for this is the high temperature compounds extracted produce a very different taste than the cold extraction with low temperature water. No matter where you order iced coffee, it is ALWAYS brewed hot.

No, you don’t need to use special K cups to make iced coffee. It is best that you use dark roasts as the results are much better, and more full of flavor. A medium roast or light roast doesn’t have the same punch, especially when your ice cubes melt.

Great options include a Colombian, Sumatra or Hazelnut dark roast K cup.

No, the Keurig duo does not have an iced coffee button or setting. You can still use it to make iced coffee if you use coffee ice cubes to ensure that the flavor does not dilute when your ice melts.

You can brew your coffee normally and then pour it into a cocktail with ice and shake it strongly for a minute to cool it down and then serve with regular ice or with coffee ice cubes.

Does The Keurig K-Iced Make Hot Coffee?

Yes, K-Iced coffee maker brews hot coffee. Despite the name, iced coffee is brewed hot. It is only after brewing it is chilled with ice. The Iced function of coffee makers signals to their electronics to brew a stronger cup of coffee to compensate for the melting ice.

Can All Keurigs Make Iced Coffee?

While not all Keurigs have an iced button, you can still brew an iced coffee by opting for a smaller cup size to brew a more concentrated cup of coffee. You can also use the strong button if your machine has one.

 Final Thoughts – Which Keurig Makes Hot And Cold Drinks

Now you know which Keurigs makes hot and cold drinks and why your iced coffee is brewed hot you can, consider getting your hands on one and making some great and tasty iced coffee of all types and varies.

When I am not a fan of fully automatic coffee machines since they do not allow you to control the variables associated with coffee brewing. I will admit they make good coffee and are very convenient.

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