Where Can I Find Coconut Coffee - Coconut Coffee Starbucks Menu!

Where Can I Find Coconut Coffee – Coconut Coffee Starbucks Menu!

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Many coffee lovers are asking themselves “where can I find coconut coffee?” in their quest to find a rather delightful and tropical coffee.

Lucky as we are as coffee enthusiasts, it is just as easy to make at home with the recipe in this article.

Thankfully, coconut coffee is easy to find at major coffee shops like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and similar outlets. At gourmet coffee shops it is a matter of knowing the menu and what ingredients they have available.

Keep reading to find out where you can find coconut coffee without putting in too much effort.

Where Can I Find Coconut Coffee? Coconut Coffee Starbucks Menu Is A Good Place To Look!

The great news here is that Starbucks has some great options that you can try if and when you want to try a rather tasty coconut coffee.

They have a toasted coconut cold brew which starts its coffee life off as a cup of Colombian Nariño 70 Cold Brew coffee which is then sweetened with toasted coconut syrup to add a taste of coconut to the coffee. When your coffee is ready, it has coconut milk added, which drizzles down in a beautiful cascading effect. 

The multinational coffee conglomerate also has a tasty Sumatran coconut milk mocha-macchiato made with white chocolate with a caramel drizzle. It is nice, but for me, it is too much of a liquid cake type of coffee with too many flavors added to truly enjoy the simplicity of a well-made coconut coffee.

Their caramel coconut crème pie frappuccino is a much better drink. The coconut milk is blended with ice, honey malt, white chocolate mocha sauce and layers of whipped cream and a dash of dark caramel also form part of the ingredients for this drink. Despite the many ingredients used, this drink has a tasty and prominent coconut taste.

At Starbucks, the best coconut coffee that you can try is their flavor-rich iced coconut latte. It is made with coconut milk, ice and real vanilla bean powder. It is shaken and topped with a shot of espresso.

Where Can I Find Coconut Coffee
Coconut Coffee

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How To Make Coconut Coffee At Home

It is not hard to find a coffee shop in Vietnam that has Ca Phe Dua (Coconut Coffee). You just don’t need to go far at all, especially in Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Mu Ne, And of course Hanoi.

It is a Vietnamese classic that can be enjoyed hot, but you will more commonly see it as a cold drink. Unless you ask specifically for a hot coconut coffee, you will be served the cold version.

The rich fragrance of the coconut milk, which is always exclusively made from Vietnamese coconuts, compliments Vietnamese coffee and the intensity, the aroma and  the chocolate notes.

Notably, Vietnamese coffee is strong and high in caffeine.


There are very few ingredients that you need to make this rather delightful coffee drink.

  • Coconut milk.
  • Sweetened condensed milk.
  • Vietnamese coffee.

It is of course entirely optional that you use Vietnamese coffee; what you do want is a good medium-dark to dark roast to get a great rich aroma of coffee with the lovely taste and scent of coconut.

Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk, A Key Ingredient

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First prepare your milk, as it is much easier this way, and you get a better result when you pour your coffee on top of your prepared milk. Usually we do this the opposite way, not this time.

Use 2 ounces (60 ml) of coconut milk and add 2 to 3 tablespoon (30 ml to 45 ml) of sweetened condensed milk as per your own personal taste and consistency that you like.

Place them in a saucepan and heat slowly and mix well. The purpose of heating is to aid the condensed milk and coconut milk to mix well together.

Under no circumstances should you let your coconut milk and condensed milk to simmer. Keep it below simmering point.

The objective here is to make this coconut milk coffee a tasty, delicious velvety coffee in texture. The extra step of heating the milk is worth it and will help you to replicate the hot cup of coconut coffee that is sold in coffee shops in Vietnam.

Pour your milk into a coffee mug.

Brew your coffee, ideally adding a double shot of a good strong espresso. The result is the coffee will brew into the coconut milk with a blend of the flavors from the coconut milk and the coffee.

Optional, you can add your final coconut coffee to a cocktail shaker and shake strongly for a minute to aerate the coffee and achieve a frothy coffee. If you wish to cool your coffee and enjoy it cold, simply add a few ice cubes to your cocktail shaker.

Other options that you have is using your blender, both with and without ice. Ensure that your blender is capable of handling ice cubes first, if not, crush your ice first.

Serve and enjoy.

Coconut Coffee
An Iced Coconut Coffee

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Where Can I Find Coconut Coffee? – Some Suggestions 

It is not all difficult to find coconut coffee at the well known and well established coffee chains that are known around the world.

You can get it in various forms at Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have it too. One of the secrets is to know the menu. If you see coconut on it, ask the barista how the coconut drink is made.

If it is made by using coconut milk – bullseye! Bang on target, they have the best ingredient for making any number of coffee drinks using coconut milk to turn them a taste and more natural coconut coffee beverage be that a latte, a macchiato, a frappé, cappuccino, a flat white or any drink that you wish.

Get to know the flavors of coffee syrups that are available as you can request that these can be used to add a coconut flavor to any coffee drink that you want to order.

Buying pre-made flavored coconut coffee from retail outlets is very easy as all the major outlets such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target all sell coconut coffee.

Best Coconut Coffee

There are a number of different brands that have coconut coffee available for you to buy. Here is what I consider to be the best coconut coffee.

  • Tropical Coconut Blend By Copper Moon.
  • Coconut Caramel Crunch, Whole Bean By Kaui.
  • Toasted Coconut Flavor By Lion Coffee.
  • Coconut Crème Flavored Coffee By Coffee Masters.
  • Hawaiian Grog Whole Bean Coffee, Infused With Coconut Flakes By Lola Savannah.
  • Coconut Flavored Coffee By Aroma Ridge.

These are all great-flavored coffee beans, Personally, I find it much better to make the real deal with coconut milk. There is nothing difficult in making it and the ingredients are readily available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where Can I Find Coconut Coffee?

Yes! Coconut coffee is a delightfully popular coffee that is almost exclusively enjoyed as a cold coffee in Vietnam and is somewhat of a tasty, very tasty frappé style coffee drink.

While popular in Vietnam it is not exclusively a Vietnamese drink, you can find it all over the world, it is a satisfying, delicious, and rich coffee drink that is very enjoyable.

The stand-out coconut coffee recipe is the outstanding Vietnamese coconut coffee, it is amazing! (Trust me, I lived in Vietnam for 3 years!)

Does Dunkin Donuts Have Coconut Coffee?

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts has a very nice coconut flavored coffee, their coconut crème pie which uses authentic natural coconut flavor that goes very well with the sweet flavor of the roasted coffee.

Is Coconut Coffee Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, research and peer reviewed studies indicate that caffeine and coconut oil are beneficial for weight loss and the prevention of obesity. Go right ahead and enjoy a cup of coconut coffee and take a great step to losing weight.

Does Starbucks Have Coconut Flavor?

Yes, but it is seasonal and only available during the summer and in select participating stores in the US and Canada. It is a toasted coconut cold brew coffee. Let’s hope it is a drink that takes off and is available across all stores and globally and not subject to seasonal availability – it is a tasty drink. 

Starbucks also has a chilled Sumatran coconut milk which can be used to make an amazing coconut mocha or, better, a coconut latte macchiato.

What Does Coconut Coffee Taste Like?

Coconut coffee tastes nutty with a touch of saltiness mixed with coffee in a tall glass. It’s like a dash of summer in your glass. It’s best made with coconut milk or coconut cream rather than artificial flavors or syrups. 

Is CAcafe Coconut Coffee Healthy?

Yes, CAcafe coconut coffee is healthy due to the Medium Chian Triglycerides, the healthy fats that are great for your heart, metabolism and immune health. 

Is Coconut Milk Coffee Healthy?

Yes, coconut milk coffee is healthy and is healthier when you add a dash of honey as it will give you a great nutritional boost. The MCTs and lauric acid will boost your energy and immune health. The healthy fats are good for various bodily functions, including your metabolism and heart health. 

Final Thoughts – Where Can I Find Coconut Coffee?

It is no longer a question of “where can I find coconut coffee?” as you know exactly where you can find it at Starbucks and how to order it for a specific drink of your choice and, with the recipe above, you can make it at home anytime you want!

Did you make your own coconut coffee or did you hack the menu? Join our online coffee community on Facebook / Meta and let us know, better still, share your own awesome photos of the coffee that you made, or how you “hacked the menu” at Starbucks and got an amazing coffee. 

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