What Is A Pink Velvet Macchiato The Perfect Instagrammable Drink!

What Is A Pink Velvet Macchiato? The Perfect Instagrammable Drink!

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If you want to know what is a pink velvet macchiato and enjoy what is an eye catching and amazing for posting to Instagram.

And it is a pretty tasty and well-thought-out beverage with some ingredients that you would not expect to be used in a coffee beverage.

The quick answer, if you are in a rush, it’s a gourmet coffee with a flavor like red velvet cake.

Keep reading for the details and a tasty pink velvet latte recipe.

What Is A Pink Velvet Macchiato?

The iconic pink velvet macchiato is an eye-catching pink colored latte macchiato coffee beverage from Dunkin’s that is made with a bold espresso and a striking pink velvet steamed milk.

It has a flavor, a taste that reminds you of red velvet cake. The coffee and donuts outlet describes the drink as having a red velvet cake flavor with a dark rich espresso with hints and notes of cream cheese icing.

It’s layered and very photogenic.

Making it a home is the only way you will get this drink as it is a limited time temporary menu item, and thankfully it is a very easy to make with an ingredient of two that may raise an eyebrow for their use with coffee beverages.

I’ll give you the recipe details in a moment.

What Is A Pink Velvet Macchiato
A Pink Velvet Macchiato

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Pink Velvet Latte

A pink velvet latte is very similar to a pink velvet macchiato and is made with the same ingredients: A strong shot of espresso, hot chocolate powder, red velvet cake flavoring, whipped cream and a mocha drizzle.

Let’s get to the details of how a pink velvet latte and a pink velvet macchiato are different.

Pink Velvet Macchiato Vs Pink Velvet Latte

The difference between these two beverages is very slight and subtle and is the same as the difference between a regular latte macchiato and a latte.

  • Pink Velvet Macchiato: A signature flavored latte macchiato from Dunkin’ made with a bold strong espresso, steamed milk and milk foam using a ratio of 1:2:2.
  • Pink Velvet Latte: A signature flavored latte from Dunkin’ which is made with an intense, strong espresso with steamed milk using a ratio of 1:2 with only a fine layer of milk foam.

Due to the same ingredients being used, both drinks have a similar taste with the main difference being the texture. A pink velvet macchiato is lighter and has an airy mouthfeel due to the greater presence of milk foam. A pink velvet latte has creamier and richer texture.

Pink Velvet Macchiato Recipe

A pink velvet macchiato is very easy to make with the key to a great beverage being a perfect espresso.

Let’s detail the ingredients.

Pink Velvet Macchiato Ingredients

There are no difficult-to-find or hard-to-source ingredients for a pink velvet macchiato.

Here is what you will need per drink made:

  • A Doubleshot of espresso.
  • ½ cup of whole milk.
  • ½ teaspoon of beet powder.
  • ½ tablespoon of cocoa powder.
  • ½ tablespoon of powdered sugar.
  • 1 Oz (30 grams) cream cheese.
  • A drizzle of chocolate sauce.
  • Ice (optional).

Beet powder may seem to be an odd and obscure ingredient; it is flavorless and is what gives us the reddish color.

Milk, Dunkin’ use whole milk, but any milk can be used, be it 2% milk or nonfat milk. Even almond milk and oat milk work well if you are on a dairy-free diet.

Pink Velvet Macchiato Vs Pink Velvet Latte
A Pink Velvet Macchiato

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Making The Perfect Espresso Shot

The quality of your espresso shot will determine how good your pink velvet macchiato turns out. Use premium quality dark roasted coffee beans, ideally an Italian or French roast.

Since this drink requires a double espresso, weigh 40 grams of whole beans using your digital coffee scales.

Coffee beans and coffee grounds have the same mass. 40 grams of whole beans equals 40 grams of coffee grounds. If you use whole beans and delay their grinding, you will have the freshness benefit if you delay your grinding to the last possible moment.

Grind your coffee beans to a fine powder like grind size of 200 microns using a ceramic conical burr grinder.

It’s good practice to grind in bursts of 5 seconds with a 2 or 3-second rest. This technique helps to prevent your beans from being “cooked” by the heat produced and your grinder from clogging.

Notably, a ceramic burr has less of a problem with heat transfer than steel burrs.

When your coffee grounds are ready, tamp them well with an even 30 kg pressure. Too much pressure and too little is not good as is an uneven pressure.

Poor tamping can lead to imperfect espresso and channeling. Please pay attention to your tamping.

Pull your shot, while pulling your shot weigh your shot using your coffee scales. Be sure to tare (zero out) the scales to consider the weight of your cup.

Time your extraction time too.

Your double shot should weigh 60 grams (2 Oz) and take 25 seconds to pull with a variance of 5 seconds.

If your shot is lighter or heavier than 60 grams (2 Oz), you will need to adjust your setting on your espresso machine.

If your extraction time is less than 20 seconds, your shot is likely to taste sour and under-extracted. To fix this you will need to adjust your grind size and make it slightly smaller to encourage greater contact with your hot water.

If your extraction time is more than 30 seconds, you will need to alter your coffee grind size to encourage the flow of your hot water.

Prepare Your Pink Velvet Macchiato

Add the rest of your ingredients: your cream cheese, milk, beet powder, powered sugar and cocoa powder and mix well, mix very well.

Use your milk jug and your steam wand to steam and froth your milk mixture.

Pour your steamed milk over your espresso and scoop the milk foam on top using a ratio of 1:2:2. Drizzle on mocha sauce.

Serve and enjoy.

If you want to make an iced version, let your milk cool down and add ice to your drink and top with whipped cream to compensate for the lack of milk froth.

Pink Velvet Macchiato Recipe
A Pink Velvet Macchiato

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Pink Velvet Macchiato Calories

It is always good to know the calorie count of gourmet coffee drinks like these from outlets like Dunkin’, Starbucks and Costa coffee as many are, as I like to call them, are often liquid cakes.

A medium-sized drink has:

  • Calories: 280.
  • Protein: 9 Grams.
  • Sugar: 44 Grams.
  • Carbs: 46 Grams.
  • Fat: 6 Grams.
  • Caffeine: 284 mg.

Due to the sugar content, which is more than the maximum daily maximum as suggested by the American Heart Association of 27 grams for women and 36 grams for men, this drink is best enjoyed as a once in a while treat.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Is A Pink Velvet Macchiato?

Is The Pink Velvet Macchiato Good?

Opinions vary, and it depends on what kind of coffee you like and enjoy. Many coffee lovers do enjoy the Pink Velvet Macchiato as it is a unique combination of flavors, many of which on their own coffee enthusiasts are familiar with.

What Is In The Pink Velvet Latte?

The pink velvet signature latte is similar to the pink velvet macchiato, but it is a latte instead of macchiato. It’s made with a shot or two of espresso, hot chocolate powder, red velvet cake flavor and whipped cream with mocha drizzle.

How Much Is Pink Velvet Macchiato?

A Medium pink velvet macchiato has a retail price of US$3.69. An iced pink velvet macchiato is US$4.19. There are slight variations in price based on your location.

What Flavour Is Velvet?

The red velvet latte and macchiato is designed to have a flavor like the red velvet cake with mild flavors of cocoa and tart edges to the flavor and notes of vanilla and coffee.

What Does Velvet Coffee Taste Like?

The peculiar velvet coffee is creamy with hints of beetroot, cocoa and vanilla. It’s similar to red velvet cake.

What Flavor Is The Pink Velvet Macchiato At Dunkin?

Imagine the combination of a rich espresso and red velvet flavor hint light notes of cream cheese, and you have a good indication of what a pink velvet macchiato tastes like.

What Is The Difference Between A Latte And A Macchiato?

The difference between a latte and a macchiato is as follows:

  • Café Latte: An espresso-based coffee drink with steamed milk made using an espresso to steamed milk ratio of 1:2.
  • Espresso Macchiato: An espresso-based coffee beverage that is made with a shot of espresso and a small splash of steamed milk, typically only a teaspoon and a dollop of milk foam.
  • Latte Macchiato: An espresso based drink made with two or more shots of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam using a ratio of 1:2:2

Is The Pink Velvet Macchiato Still Available 2023?

Unfortunately Dunkin’s has no plans to bring back Pink Velvet. I suspect that it may become a seasonal drink in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Final Thoughts – What Is A Pink Velvet Macchiato?

If you have read this far, you know exactly what is a pink velvet macchiato and how to make it at home, which is kind of important as it is only a temporary drink on the menu at Dunkin’.

Did you make a pink velvet macchiato? How did it turn out? Send us your own amazing images!

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